An ending at Hogwarts part 6

All characters (except Annalise and Kyle), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version.

Recap: Annalise talked to Seamus a little, we realize how much anger Annalise harbors for Kyle. Ate dinner with Lewis, and had a little stand off with Draco.

Created by: bananabread
  1. "So I was just thinking about last night, and I came to the conclusion that if you were a pure-blood, you would definitely have been chosen for Slytherine," Said Lewis as he sat down next to me. "Well that just ruined my mood," I said sarcastically. Not that I saw it a compliment, but the stated fact didn't bring down my mood. "Is there a reason you two don't get along?" I ask, wondering at their mysterious history.
  2. Lewis chews his food for a second before answering. "It was going to come out one day, but me and Draco used to be friends. I wasn't like Crab or Goyle, we actually talked on an intellectual level. But last year when Umbridge came to the school, a lot of things were expected of me. I just couldn't handle it anymore and we just didn't get along anymore. So, that's that," he ends simply and takes another bite of toast.
  3. I look over Lewis' light brown hair that could have also been claimed blond, his avoiding blue-green eyes, his small nose, and thin lips. He isn't that attractive to me but, his face is a face of a friend. "Hmm, no wonder he's being a right nasty prude, he lost a good friend. That's his fault," I try my best to make him feel better. He just nods and keeps eating when a thought occurs to me. "Hey, you want to have some fun messing with Draco?" once this comes out of my mouth Lewis looks up at me with a smile and I know he's in on it.
  4. "Well, I was thinking we could either use my Comb-a-Chameleon brush or the Trick Wand. Your choice," I give him the option so he has a say. With Fred and George, I was the one to make the tie breakers. "Trick wand, he's always threatening people with his wand," Lewis decides. I'm a bit relieved because I want to save the Comb for Halloween.
  5. Quickly I devise a plan in my head. I lean in so he's the only one to hear my plan "Alright so here's what's going to happen..."
  6. I stand outside the Great Hall doors waiting for Lewis to walk past. If Lewis did his part right this will work out correctly and it will be my first prank without the twins. Granted it's an amateur one, but we all have take those baby steps.
  7. Lewis looks at me and nods. I cast the jelly-leg jinx on Draco and watch him start to wobble. Both Lewis and I start to laugh at his attempts to gain composure. Apparently we laughed to loud because he looked at us with a furious glance. He goes to do the counter-curse but the wand just turns into a rubber chicken. The look that Draco gives us makes us laugh even harder. Finally I decided, once I was done having a laugh, tossing him his wand as we walked away.
  8. As Lewis parts to his class I'm joined by someone else. "You'll pay for that. Tell Pravus that as well," Draco say and starts to leave. "Why are you so angry? Learn to laugh at yourself," I stop him from leaving by saying this. "I have too much to worry about to laugh at myself," He says quietly, not looking at me.
  9. This strikes me odd and I'm too curious to not try to continue a conversation. "What's to worry about, finishing Hogwarts? Yeah everybody has that, get over it," I hope my sarcastic comment doesn't drive him away because I want to hear his thoughts. He snorts at me, "Yeah like Hogwarts is the main of my worries," he replies with sarcasm to my sarcasm. This infuriates me but interests me even more. "Then what can be so horrible it's gotten to you?" I try to say it jokingly but, I could still hear concern in it.
  10. Draco goes quiet and I just hold my breath waiting for a response. "Nothing that a mudblood would understand," He tries to say with his usual malice but it's not there. I can see the desperateness in his eyes to talk to someone, but before I can dig any deeper he walks away.
  11. The rest of the day, I can't stop thinking about the look he gave me. A part of me wants to confront him, but I know that he will already developed his ice cold attitude back. I tell Lewis about my conversation with him and he thinks it unusual, but steered the conversation onto another topic, forcing me to drop it.

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