An ending at Hogwarts part 9

All characters (except Annalise, Kyle and Lewis), spells, objects, and anything else pertaining to the Harry Potter books/movies are all J.K. Rowlings ideas. I just added my own character in my version.

Recap: Annalise woke up early and had an encounter with Draco, which you Draco lovers might appreciate. Then she got back to her room and passed out. But yeah, if you don't like Draco then you're gunna get uncomfortable in some of the upcoming editions. :)

Created by: bananabread

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  1. I can't remember how I got here. Everything is so dark, I can't see. Nobody responds to my cries for help. I'm lost and utterly confused. Then I hear it. A song that seems so familiar, yet I don't know what it is. I listen for a few seconds and come to the realization that it's a lullaby and it's a female singing. 'Hello?' I call out warily. She doesn't respond to me just keeps singing.
  2. This makes me more paranoid and frantic. 'Please, help me. I don't know where I am-''Nobody can help you child,' She interrupts me. I'm taken back by her statement. 'What? What do you mean?' I ask and get no reply. This infuriates me and I start to yell, 'Excuse me but what do you mean!' A gust of wind blows my hair back and a stark white face with sopping wet, blond hair appears. The same melodious voice emanates from her as the one speaking to me earlier. 'Nobody can help you,' Her voice takes on a more sinister aspect, freezing me in fear. She smiles cruelly and takes out a wand, pointing it straight at my chest. 'Crucio,' She say softly and I scream in pain.
  3. I flash open my eyes and see the canopy of my bed and jump up. It takes me a second to realize that I'm safe in the dormitory, not in some dark corner being tortured by a weird lady. My heavy breathing slows and I being to relax. A thought passes through my head to sit down but I quickly decide against it, as if the lady will pop out of it and grab me.
  4. A head that belongs to Susan pops through the door and takes notice of me standing after looking at my empty bed. "Finally, you're up! There's been a boy waiting for you for at least an hour," She says exasperated. "Who is it?" I ask. She sighs dramatically and says "Well come out of here and see,"
  5. I walk out and find Lewis sitting on the ground, waiting for me no doubt. "Hey," I say nonchalantly grabbing his attention. His blue-green eyes were wide and he had a surprised look on his face. "I think you need to sleep more, it's almost lunch,"
  6. "Sorry about that, I had an early morning," I vaguely explain. 'Should I tell him? No he might get mad. But honesty is the best policy,' my mental battle raged on. "Annalise? You there?" Lewis stops me and waves a hand in front of my face. "Yeah, what, I'm sorry," I apologize trying to shake off my petty worries. "What did you do this morning that kept you up?" He ask and I stiffen. "I just thought I missed class and couldn't go back to sleep, it was nothing," I rush to get out and sound normal.
  7. He gives me a skeptical glance but doesn't question me. I'm silent as we walk, not wanting to talk thinking that it might break the lie that I told. Lewis is the one to talk, "Are you going to be able to get your apparating license at the end of the year?"
  8. "Yeah," I say lamely and yet again we're silent. A fast pace clapping starts softly, gradually getting louder. I turn around and see a first year giving chase to Peeves. "Stop! Please!" He yells after him. Peeves just cackles and throws up a card leaving it hanging in the air as he speeds away.
  9. Lewis takes out his wand and brings down the card. I catch it before Lewis can grab it and hand it to the boy catching up to us. 'Mary, I was wondering if you would give me the honor of going to Hogsmead with me. Yours, Jeremy'
  10. "Thanks," he says breathlessly as I hand him the card. The boys face takes on a deep shade of red and he starts away quickly. I keep my laughter in until he's rounded the corner. "I'm sorry," my apology come out between bubbles of laughter. "What's so funny?" Lewis asks as we start walking again. "Well I thought he was a first year, to begin with. But mostly it was just the way he flew out of sight from embarrassment!" I try to explain, but my laughter just turns it to jibber-jabber.
  11. I receive a funny look from Lewis, telling me I'm right about my assumption. I don't try to elaborate while I continue laughing. When I start to wind down I explain, but even after hearing my reasons he doesn't get it. "I don't know, I guess it just struck my funny," I shrug and look at a window panel not too far off. A familiar feeling settles over me and the light in the room starts to fade.

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