NEVERland series pt 8

Hey guys, I will not be able to create any new ones this weekend except for friday because I have a previous engagement on the rest of the weekend. So, I'm updating now.

Anyway, I think this will be just as long or longer than Delinquents. I finally know how to end mysterious. It's not a happy ending though. Don't worry, since Delinquents didn't have a happy ending and mysterious won't (bittersweet ending), then I'll make sure this has a happyish ending.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I yanked out the weapon from her chest and washed it with warm soapy water and strapped it back onto my thigh. I stared at her cold lifeless body just laying there and decomposing. I had never found out who had hired her but, I could Imagine who.
  2. I wasn't a murderer but, to save the millions of lives on Earth, I would just about do anything. I finished the dishes and sat in my bed. Alone this time. Knowing that I wasn't Cinderella. Not a girl who was waiting for a rescue mission. Not waiting for Prince Charming to come along.
  3. I sat in bed considering plots to defeat Tinkerbell before she could suck all the life out of Earth just like she did with Neverland. I continued to wonder about these things and several other topics until my brain started to shut down and I drifted off to sleep.
  4. I woke to find the warden inspecting every single cell making sure there were no weapons. Every good delinquent knows to keep at least one weapon on you at all times in case of a riot or something that would cause violence.
  5. For being accused for a major crime, I really was treated better than my other cellmates. Instead of the gruel they served daily, I would receive real mashed potatoes. When I say 'real' I mean they're actually from potatoes, not the crappy kind from a box that's artificially flavored.
  6. I would even have to work less than the others who have committed major crimes like I have. I suppose Angus had put in a good word about me. It isn't such a bad thing to be known as 'gentle' and 'nice' or even 'kind'.
  7. But when your in a women's correctional facility, you have to wonder. I've gotten dirty looks and bad treatment from the other cellmates but, that's normal for newcomers. Once I get out of here, if I do, then I'll take down Tinkerbell and continue to live my life.
  8. I have to wonder if I would continue my life here or if I would return to Neverland. Instead of the warden coming to inspect my cell, it was Angus. He'd been my friend but, not close enough we'd tell each other everything.
  9. He inspected my cell and guided me toward his office. He was going to become the warden after his aunt retired and needed to learn the ropes. At least thats what he's told me. "We need to break you out of here.". He said instantly, putting no thought into it. " Why do you think that?". "You need to murder Tinkerbell before she harms anyone else.". "How do you know that?". "I have my reasons and a huge grudge against her.".
  10. cliffhanger

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