mysterious love story pt 18

Hi guys. So, it's getting even closer to pt 20. Like I said, once this gets to pt 20, delinquents gets to 10 and NEVERland gets to 5, I'm going to have a writers intermission.

As the story gets nearer to the end, there are going to be more questions than answers. Be prepared.The questions will continue to pile up. Can you solve the mystery?

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. You continued to search for some kind of clue. A date, anything of importance or even a number. You had picked out a note that you thought you knew what it had meant but you weren't entirely sure. It said "˜ time is ticking. Find the next clue quickly. Remember, the stakes are bigger.'.
  2. Time. What did it mean? That's when it hit you. Big Ben. You were going to England for your next clue. "Eli. We're going to England.". He nodded as if he knew and you packed your bags preparing for your flight the next day.
  3. The next day, the whole gang came with. Only Eli and the twins knew about the real reason of the trip but, the others were in the dark. After claiming your bags, you caught 2 taxi's to the hotel. You had told the other 3 you were going sight seeing before heading to the hotel.
  4. You were headed straight for Big Ben. "I know where the next part of the document is but, I need you to help me get there.". "Where is it?. "It's behind the bigger hand of the clock.". Then the twins both spoke up. "˜That's pretty lucky considering we got us jobs as window washers.". They said together.
  5. When you were on the window washing platform, you raised the platform until it reached the top of the bigger hand. Just underneath the hand, you could see an envelope attached to the hand. You crawled onto the hand guiding your way toward the envelope.
  6. The guys remained on the platform anxious hoping you wouldn't fall. You ripped the envelope off the hand and began crawling in reverse. The hand shook and you grabbed on tighter and continued crawling. You weren't scared. Just a little surprised.
  7. When you were inches away from the platform, the hand shook again and you fell until you were pulled up by strong hands. It was the guys. They had all grabbed your hand and were pulling you back up onto the platform.
  8. You were hauled back onto the platform and a panting Eli had to sit down while the twins were perfectly fine. You gave a sigh of relief. Nick and Jake lowered the platform to the ground. The four of you took a taxi to the hotel and decided to view the next clue and document fragments at night while everyone was asleep.
  9. Once everyone had fallen asleep, you decided to check out the documents. The next clue was 'check under bed frame'. You kneeled down as the twins lifted up the 40 pound bed effortlessly as you checked the frame.
  10. There was another envelope that held a few fragments of the document. Now at last, you had been able to put the document together. The document was pieced together and your eyes widened at what you had read.

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