mysterious love story pt 13

So, the mystery finally begins. This is so fun to write because I can make anything happen. Well, not exactly everything since this is supposed to be realsistic. anyway, the mystery begins

wow, it's the 13th already. So, Im doing something identacle to what Im doing to delinquents pt 10. So, a reader (if they want to) will write a question relevant to the story and I'll incorporate it into the story. The best question, that is.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. You woke up flashing back to what happened last night. Then you just remembered the passageway in the dining room. You gathered your backpack and put on some clothes. Now, fully dressed in camouflage, you headed downstairs for breakfast and more supplies. Everyone was there except Greg. This was great. You couldn't have Greg know about your plans to solve this mystery.
  2. You also needed two to stay behind and lie their butts off protecting your secret. There were 5 guys total. Greg would NOT be coming so that leaves 4. You needed at least half to stay behind to make sure your cover wasn't blown. So, that leaves two. Unless the twins came, then it'd be three but they were sort of a package deal.
  3. Upon arriving at the kitchen, you had thought of who you'd bring along. The twins and Eli. Nick and Jake were chosen because they always had something up their sleeves and could manage to get out of any situation. Such as getting gum in your hair, they created a whole new formula to solve that issue.
  4. Eli was also picked because you could trust him more. The real question was, how would you tell them. You finished waiting your breakfast and called for a meeting in the basement. "I need to find out what happened to my parents and why I was targeted. Therefore, I'm on a mission. I have already decided who will be coming with and who will be staying behind. Greg must not know about any of this.".
  5. "Roger that.". They all said except for Chase who looked around confused. "Who's Roger?". We all had to laugh at that remark. You laughed so hard, you started to snort. "That's just a phrase Chase. I want Eli, Nick and Jake to come along with me on this expedition. Lucas and Thomas, you're staying behind and will make sure the US Marshall's don't find out about anything. Use any type of distraction but, in the process you are not allowed to injure or murder anyone. Got it? We leave at midnight. Be prepared.".
  6. You marched up the stairs leaving the guys speechless. You finished preparing such as packing shorts, shirts, tents, a sleeping bag, food/water and hygiene products. Time flew by rapidly and it was midnight before you knew it. You went to each of their rooms to wake them from their slumber (except Greg). Once we all were gathered in the kitchen, I finished explaining the details. "We'll be gone for a few days. So, you'll need to cover for us until we come back. You have your phones correct? I'll text you the details and when we'll be coming back.".
  7. They walked with you into the dining room to see you off. Lucas removed the giant rug and opened up the hatch. There was now a gaping hole in the dining room without a ladder. "Well, we're off. If you want to say anything to us before we leave, say it now.". Immediately after that Chase ran up to you and gave you a hug. Lucas gave you a wink.
  8. "Good luck.". They said as we jumped down one by one into the pit of despair and darkness. We fell just like in the dream. Never-ending and frightening. Except, this time you weren't as frightened. You had friends and, you've been down this road before. Well, not exactly a road (maybe a tunnel but, you get my point).
  9. We fell. falling into this endless pit. Instead of landing on a pile of bones, you found yourself toppled on top of the twins and Eli. You didn't weigh that much but, you felt a little bad that they broke your fall. You stood upright, gathered your things and brushed the dirt off your pants. The dirt path lowered and revealed a river of sewage. This sewage was a forest green to a lime color. There were pipes exploding with even more of the scum. You continued walking and continued your journey.
  10. After hours of wading and walking in sewage, you saw a spot of dry land. Not big but, big enough to hold the tent. Eli sat up the tent, Nick and Jake prepared dinner, while you unpacked the things you'd need for the night. We lit a small fire and put our now shivering hands over the ember. We sat around the ember trying to preserve it until we had finished supper. No one talked, knowing that we were the only ones down here. As we finished our dinners, we slept in our tent (yes, you share the same tent. It's a big tent.) awaiting the new challenges that awaited us tomorrow.

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