delinquents pt 2

Hey, so this is what you get. If you don't like it, then I suggest you go elsewhere. As much as I like writing, I got sick of typing out each and every ending with each character.

So therefore, from now on I'll only put the characters answers if it's a POV (point of view) or a special. Thats about it. Oh yeah, still working on mysterious love story.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. My eyes fluttering open with my eyelashes hitting the peak of my eyelids. I pushed myself up into a sitting position to greet my new bunk-mate as well as Hunter because he did the same in almost a mimicking fashion. It wasn't one but two new bunk-mates which just happened to be guys as well. I ran my fingers across my now greasy hair. I'm in a huge need of a shower but, shower day isn't until tomorrow. They stood near the bars giving us unfriendly blank stares. The one on the right had blond hair parted in the middle. The other was Japanese with coal black hair and narrow velvet-brown eyes. The boy on the left had both ears pierced with different earrings on each ear. One ear had a long bead on the middle-edge of his ear while the other was similar to a golden hoop except smaller. They both appeared taller and had distinctive jaw lines.
  2. "Nice to meet you! I'm Sparky! And this is _______! What are your names!?!". Hunter practically screamed out my eardrums. "Hunter! take out your earphones.". I commanded in a steady tone as Hunter took out his ear buds. The two slightly tanned figures managed to stifle a laugh. I tossed them their blue jumsuits for them to change and exited the cell heading for breakfast along with Sparky. "What do you think of the new meat?" "They don't seem like bad folks but, they didn't give off the best first impression. They just stood there.". "I say the one with black hair and red-brown eyes is a vampire.". "That's not a bad guess but, you shouldn't judge books by their covers.". "I understand that but still, how can he not? What do you think of the other one?" At this point we were in the cafeteria eating overcooked crusty pancakes.
  3. "Can't really tell.". Sparky said as he shoveled pancakes into his mouth to the point where it sounded like gibberish. "You're gonna choke and die alone if you don't stop that.". I said nonchalantly as I munched on an assortment of fruit from my fruit cup. "But I'm not alone now am I?". He commented as he wriggled his brow in a wormy fashion. Just because of a reflex, I punched him in the arm which forced him to fall off his stool. Before he could respond, the same boy with blond hair appeared heading toward us. "Hey, sorry about earlier and my friend. We aren't that good at first impressions. Anyway, my name's Clarke and my friends name is Leon. You're probably wondering what kind of magical creature because we're bunking with you. I'm an Elf and Leon's a Vampire. If you don't mind my asking but, what are you?"
  4. Now that I thought about this, Clarke was about 1 inch shorter than me which meant he was shorter than Hunter. But, Leon surpasses Hunter in height. "I'm unknown.". "I'm a Werewolf.". "That's pretty cool. Have you heard of this months 'free day'? What are you two dressing up as?". "I don't have a clue. maybe a pirate. All I'll need is an eye patch.". "I think I'll go as myself. I'm pretty scary." Sparky pointed out as he gave us a thumbs up as he winked. Just then everyone became silent when the warden marched in. "Alright you scum bags!!! the prize for the 'free day' are bigger cells for the winners and their bunk-mates. And, Moths got to our costume storage so, we'll just supply you with material and time to work on your costume.". She bellowed before she shoved a burrito into her mouth that was obviously from Taco Bell.
  5. On a regular basis I wouldn't have cared but, We had to admit, we needed the space. "Okay, new plan. We need to win that new cell. _____, wear something amazing instead of a cheap eye patch you made out of the leftover clothes. Sparky, don't be yourself because that'd stink more than incinerated horse poop.". Normally I would argue with comments similar to those but, it was true. Especially the part where he mentions that Hunter's costume would be awful. Later, after lights out we drew out of a hat what we'd be for Halloween. We all pulled out our slips blindfolded and waited until morning to look at our slips.
  6. The sleeping arrangements changed a tad because of our new cell-mates. I slept on the upper half of a bunk bed while Sparky was on the bottom because he didn't quite trust them yet. On the other side of the room was Clarke and Leon. Leon on top and Clarke on bottom. Even through the darkness, I saw those velvet aluminous eyes on me. Almost like a bat but, creepier because you knew it was a person. In the morning I unfolded the piece of paper that was hidden under my pillow.
  7. Vampire. Great, now I get to impersonate Leon. He'd probably kill me the way our friendship is right now but, Halloween will be my excuse. At least mine wasn't as bad as Clarke's. He got a Teletubby while Leon got Vampire and Hunter received an Elf. "Oh great! I'll never be as short as Clarke in order to be a perfect Elf.". "Watch it, dog.". "At least I'm not short enough to pass for a Teletubby or an Elf.". Wow, they were really egging each other on and begging for a fight.
  8. It was too early to fight. I continued walking alone leaving those two alone which probably wasn't the best idea since they might've murdered each other but, I needed breakfast to make me come to my senses. As I walked in strides, Leon caught up to me and we started a real conversation. "I have a feeling that you don't have someone to go with to October-Fest and that no one else asked. So since we both don't have dates do you want to go together?". At first my thoughts were 'how rude' but it was the truth. No one else had asked me so it wasn't a big deal.
  9. "Sure. I don't have any plans.". I hope he wasn't expecting this to be an actual date. I just want to be friends and stay single so in a way you could say that I 'friend zoned' him. Why do people have to date to be happy? Can't normal or in my case, paranormal people stay friends and still be okay with the friendship? "Let's beat those suckers out of that new cell. I heard we're supposed to be expecting a new cell-mate after this months 'free day'. I can barely stand to be around that Sparky fellow.". "Sure, he may have his loud moments but, he's not entirely bad.".
  10. As we parted ways at the lunch-line, I heard him faintly mumble "He sure is a wanker. ". A wanker? I know it's an English saying but, isn't that an old people saying? Too many questions to process at the same time juggling in my brain. In fact, I was too deep into thought that I wasn't paying a bit of attention where I was walking I crashed my non- biodegradable Styrofoam tray onto Hunter. "You have a little food there. Well, actually everywhere.". "This is my new look. What do you think?" He said in a high-pitched voice as he spun around and gesturing to his now slop-covered clothes. You laughed so hard that you broke into a snort. "That's a nice look for a midget!" Sparky interjected as he stepped into the conversation. Apparently he didn't take out his earphones but I was too tired to even remind him.
  11. 'I better get out of here quick before these two start throwing things' I thought as they began their intense stare-down. I walked away from them heading to the storage room to collect fabric and to the workshop. I pinned two pieces of black and red wine colored transparent fabric onto a mannequin. Finishing cutting out the rest of the pattern, I then started sewing them together piece by piece. I wiped all the sweat from my brows using my sleeves and glanced at the finishing masterpiece.
  12. are you taking this again?

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