Delinquents pt 10

Oh yeah, I need 10 comments before I continue this or discontinue it officially. Don't forget to put your vote in the comments section along with your comment. WARNING(authors note) THIS IS THE FINALE OF DELINQUENTS SINCE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE VOTED FOR IT TO STAY

Yes! so excited for my writers intermission. I've worked so long on this and I've gone so far. Can't wait til I'm finished cause then I can start with new ideas.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I laid in the comfort of my new bed. Its' silk sheets making me feel and look as if I were floating on a cloud. At home, I always had plain sheets. In jail, I just had to take what I could get. Which was sheets with holes in them because of the moths. I truly didn't know if I liked being royalty. I viewed all of the guys the same as I did before but, it's just me who's viewed differently. It seems like they don't see me the same way as they did in the prison. I climbed out of the 20 foot canopy bed and headed down the hall for breakfast.
  2. It was silly of me to think that I would walk straight into the cafeteria in the prison and be with all my friends who didn't view me differently. All there was in that empty dining room were butlers and maids. They seemed to avoid eye contact every time I looked at them. This meant something, that they had been punished before for looking into the eyes of their superior.
  3. Truth is, I'm not superior I just have really bad timing. I sat down still in my jumpsuit from the day before, not having enough energy to change out of it. Before I could even sink my teeth into a mouthful of whatever was on the plate, the maids carried me to a giant room filled with clothes.
  4. So many colors and styles, I felt like I was about to puke a rainbow. Disgusting. They threw off my clothes and at the same time, threw me into a tub of flesh burning water. As my body adapted to the temperature, they scrubbed me down until it felt as if I didn't have any skin left. By this time, my hair was down to my waist because the warden hadn't cared about the length of hair.
  5. The maids hadn't cared at all. I was soon dried and was put into undergarments. They came toward me with a purely white corset and had to hold me down so I wouldn't run away. As they tightened the corset, my internal organs were squeezed tighter to the point of where it was difficult to breath.
  6. They applied or should I say, covered me in makeup. I was then squeezed into a flowing dress that couldn't possibly have fit me. It did but, breathing air became such a chore .I was handed a mirror and as I glanced at my reflection, I screamed with horror. I looked pretty but, at the same time, looked like those girls on Earth who try too hard to look pretty.
  7. They styled my hair in a way so that all of it would stay at the top of my head and not even fall down if I had fell down 4 flights of stairs. I was brought back out to the dining room in hope that I could finish breakfast.
  8. To my disappointment, that wasn't the reason. My cell mates, Angus and Isaac were all waiting for me. What could it possibly be now? Some girls are afraid to eat but, I actually wanted to eat whatever was on the plate even though I didn't know what the heck it was. "________!". Said Sparky pulling out of the crowd and coming to give me a bear hug. If only he knew his own strength. My face was turning purple and I was starting to get a slight headache that got worse over time. Luckily for me, Clarke and Leon decided to help me out and pried him from me. It was nice to see some familiar faces. it was refreshing to see them, instead of faces of people who were simply obeying orders. "Let's go somewhere today.". I announced as I was already heading towards the door. "You can't leave the house without permission.". Said the maid who was cleaning.
  9. "Who says? When can I get permission?". "The law clearly states that and you cannot leave the house until you are engaged.". She said as she motioned towards the guys. Aw Carp! Unfair. Now I'm just this caged bird that can't do anything besides wait to be set free. The guys stayed until it was lunch time. After they left, I entertained myself with one of the thousands of books in the library.
  10. As much as I enjoy reading Shakespeare's heartbreaking tale of Romeo and Juliet, i would rather poke my eyes out with a pencil. The day carried on as slowly as a snail travels per minute. If life would be like this from now on, I'm not sure what I'd do. Would I just rot waiting? I was still lying on my bed not able to sleep even though the staff made it a strict policy that I be asleep. There was a knocking sound coming from the window. I got out of bed and tried to open the window. I saw the guys standing outside throwing rocks. Sparky was throwing boulders. Unfortunately, he was throwing them at the wrong window. That idiot is going to be the end of me I thought as I shook my head.
  11. The window was glued shut. Darn. I instantly knew what to do then. I walked up to the roof without being spotted by the guards. My hair was blown back wildly considering it's length because it had grown so much in prison. I observed and then smelled the fresh air, something I hadn't smelled or seen in a long time. I stepped closer to the edge and breathed heavily. My heel was the only thing that kept me from falling off the roof. I allowed the planets gravity to pull me forward. My hair outlined my shape as I spiraled downwards nonstop. Not waiting for some prince and his white horse to come along and save me. I was going to save myself, and this was the only way I could do it.
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