Delinquents pt 4

So, here you are. This is an Special so, it has multiple answers. there is one song that plays but its old so you won't know it. The song is called Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman

That song is what you dance to when your still dancing with Leon. Anyway, so there's nothing really new. So, coming up on my 5th Delinquents quiz. Can't wait.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. The next song came on, it was Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman. I placed my hand correctly and performed a 20's Charleston variation followed by several swivels then followed by a basic swing-out. Then, he spun me to the other side of the dance floor and we did a 30's Charleston. While still dancing, we successfully performed "air steps" and "shine steps" and came back together. We accomplished that by back flipping toward one another.
  2. When returning to the normal lindy hop, we began to swing and sway. With only a few minutes to spare, we needed to think of a finale. One final time, he spun me out and spun me right back into his comforting arms. The song ended and we received a huge applause. Clarke rushed through, without his costume and asked for a dance. I replied yes and danced for another 30 minutes but with two people this time, because Leon refused to have me dance without him.
  3. We lined up and waited for the results. We really wanted a new room, especially bigger. Bunking with 3 people of the opposite gender could be exhausting. Especially Sparky. He was nice but, just too loud. Clarke was generous but, was quiet. Leon was... oh god, how can I describe him? Leon wasn't average but not because he's a vampire. Leon was different and not in the supernatural way. Not his appearance,he does not look like Edward Cullen if you were thinking that his pale skin was "sparkly". first of all, no guys skin should be sparkly. Leon was rude most of the time but as a friend, he was decent. A good dancer if you decide to include other personality traits.
  4. The agonizing pain of waiting was killing us. My foot tapped onto the ground counting every second. The judges were handing a fragment of paper that had their answer. They tallied up the scores. The warden cleared her throat and began to speak into the microphone. "The winners of October-fest are _______ and Leon! Not only do they get a new cell but, they even receive a spotlight dance.". Shoot. All the pressure was shoved onto me.
  5. This time, it was a waltz. I could barely manage the last song. We placed our hands correctly and we danced as if we were floating on a cloud. when the song ended, He bowed while I curtsied with the small amount of material I could grab without my underwear showing. If that did happen, then I really wouldn't care. I just didn't want to lose my respect as 'one of the guys'. I can't believe we won. Wow. Oh, that reminds me, I should hang out with Hunter later.
  6. After the decorations for the dance was put away, I waited on a bench in the courtyard for him. I saw a shadowy figure approaching and I figured it was him. "We won the competition.". The wolves eyes gleamed that same color as the night before. "You haven't changed back yet.". He nodded and started walking toward a candlelit area. "This way.". He said. I followed. As we got closer, it revealed a blanket placed on the grass with a vase containing a single rose. Along with this romantic ensemble was an ipod player and a picnic basket.
  7. I sat on one side while he sat on the other. The moon soon vanished as it lowered itself and disappeared from the night sky. As that moon vanished, a bright light circled Sparky covering him entirely. The light soon faded and the wolf was replaced with Sparky in his human form. He was in a tuxedo, with a tie, fancy shoes and everything. His hand pressed the play button on the stereo. A song called Superman by Joe Brooks began playing. "Would you like this dance?". "I would.". We stood up and bowed. I took his hands and he took mine. Staring into each others eyes, we lost track of time.
  8. At this point, I was so tired that I leaned my head against his shoulder as we swayed side to side. He kissed my temple and sat me down onto the blanket. We spent the next several hours star gazing and nibbling on pieces of bread and butter. As I fell into unconsciousness, also known as sleep, I felt a cold presence. So cold that it made me shiver. I'm not sure if this is a dream or not but, I could have swore I heard them talking.
  9. "What are you doing here, with her?". "You don't really have the right to ask that, since you took her to the dance.". "At least I had her permission.". "I had her permission as well.". "Did you? We both like her. What are we going to do about it?". "You really know how to piss me off.". "Wait! I should count as well. I like ______ too.". Said a new voice entering the conversation. "You wanna fight Edward Cullen? How about you squirt?".
  10. "Don't count me out just yet. I may be a vampire but, I'm no Edward Cullen. I am not sparkly.". "Just because I'm short doesn't mean I can't beat the both of you.". The newest member to the conversation chimed in. I could just barely hear those last words as I drifted away into a dreamless sleep.
  11. who do you want to win the fight

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