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Well, I'm going to tell you a bunch of real-life things that have happened to me. YOU will tell me whether they are awkward or great. Umm..... Song of The Day is

My Feet Are On The Rock by I Am They. It's a fun song to sing, and it's catchy. They've played it on K-Love a couple times before. Any-hoot, go take the quiz.

Created by: Weirdhead
  1. So at church when I was about seven (I think) I was looking at something with my family. Then my family started walking away but I didn't notice. Then I thought I saw my dad going out the door and held it open for him, and asked "Where's Mom?" because my mom hadn't been with us. But then my "dad" said, "I don't know where your mom is." IT WASN'T DAD!!! Oh, I still cannot live that down.
  2. Also, one time we were having Thanksgiving at my house with my Dad's family, and my dad was giving my Uncle and Grandpa a tour. (They hadn't been here before) and I was using the bathroom. My dad opened the door, and (you guessed it!) I was in there. *Shudder* at least my grandpa looked away, but my uncle just laughed, then dad closed the door and said, "Oh, sorry." I could've died.
  3. To make you stop being mortified on my account, I'll tell you a better story. Last night, my mom told me to do seven maths, so I was working on them, and it was almost my bedtime (Yes, I have a bedtime) so my brain was tired. I was so done with math, I just knew all the answers automatically.
  4. One time I was at my choir, (we have assigned seating btw. you need to know that in a minute) and I was sitting next to one of my friends, (who is a boy. NOT a boyfriend) and I think that friend has a crush on me. (I don't have one on him, though) I was making a heart with my hands (just something I like to do) and he looked right at it.
  5. When ever I type a word at the beginning of a sentence, like since, I end up typing SInce instead of Since (So I capitalize the second letter)
  6. One time my sister was telling me a story to put me to sleep, (I was nine, okay?) and toward the end I was super tired, so when she said, "The end. Goodnight!" I accidentally said, "The end." instead of "Goodnight."
  7. My baby brother always hits me, so one time I just lost all patience and hit his hand. then my dad yelled at me. But the thing is, my sister does it all the time and never gets in trouble.
  8. A few days ago we had a HUGE thunder storm, and there was a sudden burst of thunder, and I shrieked, because it was really sudden, and my brother yelled at me which scared me even more and made me cry.
  9. Okay, this and the following question have no effect, they're miracles that have happened to me or my family. First one: One time, (okay, I didn't see this one. I think my dad was in his teens! but he told me the story) my dad and my uncle were biking in the woods. then my uncle fell off over his handle bars (Very professional, Uncle Jason. I'm kidding, lol.) and got very, shall we say, damaged. My dad couldn't leave him, because they were in the woods, and if coyotes or something smell blood.. it wouldn't be pretty. But, lo and behold, there was a doctor in the woods. Thank the LORD, or my uncle might not have been alive today.
  10. A miracle I've experienced: One day I was looking for my Caddie Woodlawn book that I needed for school, and my mom was yelling that she'd spank us, whip us, etc. if we didn't find the book. But--- we found it! Hallelujah.

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