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  • HeyHey
    "KK. you want to start??"
  • Ericat, c'mere!
  • To the Worlds Heart
    "Rose smiled. "Hi." she said. She grabbed Cade and walked toward Armagosa and Erratum."
  • HeyHey
    "Okay. Name: Princess Antonia Age: 19 Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Looks: "
  • HeyHey
    "Ohhh! oki. i'll do F if that's okay."
  • HeyHey
    "Sorry, My brain's offline. Which what, exactly?"
  • HeyHey
    "I mean MxF. Oops."
  • HeyHey
    "Will FxF work for you?"
  • "Happy early birthday, Ericat!!!!!"
  • HeyHey
    "Ooh. Can I be C2? (i'll do a character card tomorrow.)"
  • To the Worlds Heart
    "Rose stood up a little and said, "I'm Rose. And, uh, it's... nice to meet you?" She was still shaking, but she was starting to stop."
  • "gosh, did i say not comfort? i meant no comfort."
  • "I think i should draw. But i can't get myself to. Grandpa and Hazel will be here.. tomorrow? next day? gosh, it's been so long! Grandpa.. ho..."
  • "Or that I've moved past the MLP phase. Welcommme lauren daigle!!!!!! We love you, here."
  • HeyHey
    "I like fantasy and romance."

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