His badgirl -- Chapter 2

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Ally doesn't like people and people don't like her. She doesn't do emotions. Betrayed and neglected, she formed a hard exterior. Ally is bad girl. But that's not the whole story. Ally is a spy.

She's never had any friends, never really been to school, and she wants to keep it that way. But when a new mission sends her to high school for the first time, she goes against everything she stands for. Leather Jacket and Motorbike They see her as the Badgirl, so what happens when she meets the Badboy?

Created by: Houndlover
  1. I groaned as the blaring alarm woke me up. I turned it off and got out of bed, I dragged myself to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, freshening up.I then pulled on a sports bra, some leggings, a pair of trainers and grabbed a sports jacket. Then tied my hair up in a high ponytail, and grabbed an apple before leaving my flat.
  2. I started to walk towards the agency, plugging in my headphones and pulling on my jacket. The chilly breeze biting at my arms. Throwing the apple core in a nearby bin, I started to jog.
  3. I soon got there, and walked into the tall building. It looked like a normal office building from the outside, but was actually an agency for spies.We weren't like the CIA or the FBI, we were a much smaller branch. Joe helped me out when I was younger and troubled, and I fell in love with my work.
  4. I flashed my ID at the receptionist, she nodded curtly, allowing me to go in, not that I needed it. This kind of attitude was normal. No one was really friendly here, and neither was I. I did my work, alone.
  5. I got in the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. This was where Joe's office was, he owned our agency. It was there in case of attack. He took priority and had all of the important files, the rooms of ammunition and weapons were kept on the top floor too. If there was any break in, it would take longer to get to the top floor, by then we could stop attackers.
  6. I was at the higher end of importance, in fact, I was practically at the highest point of importance, just under the boss.The elevator dinged as it arrived at the top floor. I stepped out and walked to Joe's office. I nodded at the secretary and he nodded back as I walked past his desk to the door. I knocked loudly.
  7. 'It's Ally!' I yelled.'Come in!' I heard.I walked in and nodded at Joe.
  8. 'Good morning Ally.' he acknowledged me in return.'Morning.''Thank you for last night Ally, that was good of you.''No problem. I came to train, I thought I'd check in about the guys last night.'
  9. 'Ok, that's fine. The men have been charged for other accounts of drunk rape and stabbing. They were found armed with a knife, you saved that girl. They are now in prison.'
  10. 'Good.' I nodded, 'I'll be going then.'He said bye as I left. I got in the elevator and went down to the training room. It was empty, as usual. No other spies cared that much, that was why there weren't very many people at my stage.
  11. I pulled the jacket off and tightened my pony tail. I plugged in my earphones again and tucked the phone in my pocket before getting on the treadmill.
  12. A few hours of cardio and abs later I was sweating, a few strands of hair had escaped my ponytail and were flying around my face.I jogged over to the punching bag and slipped on the fingerless gloves, barely protecting my knuckles.I started to punch, stress and anger releasing from my body. All of the stress and weight on my shoulders left me, I thought of nothing, and just punched.
  13. 'ALLY!' I suddenly stopped, gripping onto the bag to stop it from hitting my face.I turned in confusion, pulling out my earphones, to see Joe, standing at the doorway of the training center. He looked impressed and exasperated at the same time.
  14. 'What?' I asked.'I need you in my office, freshen up, ten minutes.'I nodded and headed to the locker I had in the gym. I grabbed some spare clothes and jogged to the showers.I pulled on the skinny jeans and a black long sleeved crop top, before running to the elevator and going upstairs.I headed straight into the office, not bothering to knock, he was expecting me after all.'Ok Ally, we have a mission for you.'
  15. 'Really?' I asked eagerly, sitting down in a chair opposite his desk.'Yes,''Oh, Ok! So what do I have to do?' I asked excitedly.He smirked at me slightly,'I need you to go to school.'

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