How well do you know Ally Carter Books?

Hi im BlueTopaz06 the creator of this Quiz!!this quiz took me an hour to make and a month to read all 13 books [ not including dear Ally and her Adult book]so i hope you have a fun time and get a high score!!

i love all ally Carter books!!!! please comment down below what you thought about my quiz!! and some recommedations for future ones. tell your friends

Created by: BlueTopaz06
  1. How many young adult series does she have?
  2. what year did Ally write the first Gallagher book id tell you i love you but then id have to kill you
  3. who was Cammie's first kiss/boyfriend
  4. which Gallagher girl book does the Circle first get interduced
  5. what is Cammie's fathers name
  6. what is the name of Cammie's not exisistent cat?
  7. what type of candy did Zach offer to Cammie in book 2
  8. what is the 4th Gallagher girl book titled?
  9. what state is The Blackthorne school for boys located?
  10. what is the Macey's codename?
  11. how old was Kat at the begining of the heist society books?
  12. what is the name of the pair of emeralds in heist society book 2
  13. which Heist Society Book has a Hales Grandmas will stolen
  14. Which one of theese Characters parents are both still alive
  15. What is the name of the fictional Europeon country in Embassy Row
  16. In Embassy Row book 1# what color was Grace's dress?
  17. In Embassy Row book 2# where was Grace's brothers best friend's body found?
  18. in GG6 when Bex asks Cammie what she wants to be when she grows up what is her ansewer?
  19. who was Kat's first kiss?
  20. { Embassy Row} what was the name of the unfound princess
  21. Embassy Row - who is the " Crazy" lady who sings this song-Hush little princess dead and gone no ones gonna know your comming homeHush little princess wait and see no ones gonna know that you are meHush little princess just you wait the truth is locked behind the gates Hush little proncess pretty babe the sunlight shines where the truth is laid
  22. Not if i save you first- what was the color of Logans moms dress
  23. Not If I save You First-how many years did Maddie write Logan during the time she lived in Alaska
  24. Not if I Save You First- What political position did Logans dad have
  25. Not if Isave you first- how many years did Maddie live in Alaska
  26. Not if i save you first- what was the last line in the book [ its pretty hard to forget]
  27. what is the title of Ally Carters Adult fiction novel
  28. what do you think my fav Ally Carter Book is?
  29. what is her most recent book as of April 30th 2019
  30. How old was Cammie at the end of Gallagher girls?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ally Carter Books?