What kind of Gallagher Girl are you?

For all the fans of Ally Carter's awesome book "I'd Tell You I Love You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You", here's a chance to find out what kind of spy and, yes, Gallagher Girl, you are.

Stealthy like Cammie? Smart like Liz? Sassy but strong like Bex? Sinister(ish) like Macey? You want to know. You know you do. So you really have no choice in taking this quiz because, admit it, you've already decided.

Created by: Jordyn
  1. When it comes to fashion...
  2. Your best class involves...
  3. It's the first day back and your new CoveOps teacher is HOT, but you've got to make a choice between looking oh-so-great and eating breakfast. You choose...
  4. Field work or behind-the-scenes?
  5. What is normal?
  6. Getting to be normal would be...
  7. What are the two most important things for any good spy to succeed at her mission?
  8. Your favorite colors? (Because even Gallagher Girls have favorite colors!)
  9. Music?
  10. Now, WHAT makes YOU a great Gallagher Girl?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Gallagher Girl am I?