What Do You Look For In A Girl/Guy

So, what kind of guy or girl do you mostly go for? Do you even know your type? This quiz will sorta help you figure out the kind of guy or girl you usually go for. And this might not even really make sense, but I have to type something in this stupid paragraph.

Okie Dokes. So are you curious yet? Well, once again, I need to type something that will at least give me enough characters. Um, just answer the questions honestly, and you will be done. Simple as that! Good luck! Oh, and leave comments please :) Thanks

Created by: aszand_58

  1. You love listening to:
  2. After school, you are most likely to be found:
  3. The hottest celeb of the following is:
  4. You would love to be a member of the:
  5. Your favorite school subject of the following is:
  6. What would you rather do on a first date?
  7. Sorry...what is your favorite color of the following?
  8. Your sense of humor is:
  9. You like a guy/girl to notice:
  10. Your favorite feature of a guy/girl is:

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Quiz topic: What do I Look For In A Girl/Guy