Would you like me?

My name is Cody Vercellotti, I'm a middle school student who is strugggling to find a girl, I have found love a few times, but it was a one way deal. I am trying many different methods of finding someone, most of which have not givven me any results. My options are running out, and this came to mind

I made this quiz to see if a girl would really like me back, please answer honestly, I'm running out of ideas, trust me, this is at the bottom. I need a girl, and I'm tryin to see if there's anyone out there who would be able to put up with the dork that is me. Give it a shot, see what happens, who knows, maybe you're the one?

Created by: cody

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like sports?
  2. Are you prejeduce against anything?
  3. Are you a soccer fan?
  4. What's your personality most like?
  5. Are you afraid of attention?
  6. Do you change your personality for different people?
  7. Are you afraid to make fun of yourself?
  8. Would you put up with someone who bugs you, but does it for a good reason?
  9. Do you commit to relationships?
  10. Would you go to a dance with a short, white, slightly annoying but funny, boy who has told you he loves you?

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