Can you survive middle school?

Middle school. High school is the same way. Suddenly you're not a fifth grader running around on the playground anymore. You have to deal with teachers, friends, boys,'s all so stressful. Sometimes you think that you won't survive.

Do you need to know whether you can make it through? See if you can survive through the crazy teachers on this quiz. Take this quiz to discover if you can.

Created by: Allie
  1. It's your first day at Jefferson Middle School. You:
  2. The bell rings for first period. You have English. Ms. Harris, your new teacher, decorates her classroom with butterflies and gives out stickers. You:
  3. Now you have a study hall. You have a substitute teacher who soon leaves to go to the teacher's lounge. The other kids use this as an opportunity to fool around. You:
  4. Recess. There is a large open field where all of the students run around and stretch their legs. You:
  5. Algebra time. Your teacher, Mr. Grimes, is about a century old and has a nasty habit of sneezing every few seconds. You:
  6. At Jefferson Middle School, drama is a required class. You go into the auditorium and meet Mrs. Brooke,who reminds you of your cranky cat, Marshmallow. She tells you that the school play this year will be " The Wizard of Oz." You:
  7. Lunchtime.You brought lunch money, but immediately wish that you had brought a sandwich. Today's special: meatloaf surprise. Where do you sit?
  8. Now you have French. Madame Dupont is a very pushy teacher. Suddenly you realize you really, really have to go to the bathroom. But Madame Dupont has made it clear that no one is going anywhere until you learn how to say, "Excuse me, can I go to the bathroom?" You:
  9. History class: Your teacher, Mr. Carson, a real American history nut, is quite crazy. He gets so caught up in the Gettysburg Address that he stands up on top of one of the desks and shouts it at the kids in your class. Mrs. Foster, who teaches seventh grade math next door, comes in and asks Mr. Carson to please be quiet because her students are taking a test. Mr. Carson shouts, "No, I WILL NOT SIT DOWN!" How do you react?
  10. Mr. Oliver is your new science teacher. He's funny and kind and he begins to hand out mini chocolate bars for effort. Do you accept the chocolate?
  11. Sports! At Jefferson Middle School, sports are a requirement. They still have tryouts for teams, though. The girls and boys split up and you are handed a pair of shorts and a Jefferson Middle School t-shirt. You enter the locker room and...
  12. Everyone is outside on the field. Mr. Green and Ms.Peterson are the coaches, and they organize a game of "Capture the Flag." How do you feel about this competitive game?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive middle school?