What Type Of Girl Are You In School

Take this quiz to see what kind of student you are in school. You might know now and you might get the same thng in the quiz but you could be a different student than you thought in this quiz.

The students you could be are Tomboy, Popular, Nerd, Geek, Shy, Goth, and regular. I hope you get what you think you were or what you want to get. Its a mystery.

Created by: Pitbul77
  1. What is your favorite color
  2. Do you like to go to parties
  3. What do you think you are
  4. How smart are you
  5. Do you love the nature
  6. What is your casual wear
  7. Favorite type of animal
  8. Do you wear glasses
  9. Do you wear beanie's
  10. Do you hang around computers a lot
  11. Do you have a lot of friends

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Girl am I In School