His Badgirl -- Chapter 1

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Ally doesn't like people and people don't like her. She doesn't do emotions. Betrayed and neglected, she formed a hard exterior. Ally is bad girl. But that's not the whole story. Ally is a spy.

She's never had any friends, never really been to school, and she wants to keep it that way. But when a new mission sends her to high school for the first time, she goes against everything she stands for. Leather Jacket and Motorbike They see her as the Badgirl, so what happens when she meets the Badboy?

Created by: Houndlover

  1. I walked through the empty streets, hands in the pockets of my leather jacket, my hair in a high ponytail, blowing behind me. I kicked a stray stone, my heeled ankle boot scratching across the gravel.
  2. It was late, but I didn't care, it wasn't like anyone else did either. The area was pretty dodgy, but I knew how to protect myself.The streets were dimly lit up, by the few working lampposts, but it wasn't like anyone was here. I huffed slightly and sat on the curb, staring into the road. No cars. No people. No lights. Just me. Just like it always has been.
  3. I got up again, dusting the dirt off of me, before walking towards my apartment. That was enough fresh air for me.I continued to walk through the abandoned streets, when I heard a scream and laughing come from a back alley. I sprinted towards the noise, cursing myself for not being armed.
  4. I stopped at the alley opening and peered through. It was dark, so they hadn't seen me. A young girl, probably the age of 13 was pushed against the wall, a couple of grimy men were trying to rape her. They'd managed to pull off her jacket, but I wasn't going to let anything else happen.
  5. 'HEY' I yelled, standing in the clear entrance of the alley. Their heads immediately whipped towards me and sloppy grins found its way onto their faces. They were drunk. This would be easy.
  6. I felt a small weight lift off my shoulders as they released the girl and staggered towards me.'Ah, what do we have here?' the first guy slurred. I narrowed my eyes and let him blabber, whilst I looked around and explored my options to knock them out.
  7. They were drunk, so their reaction time would be slow, that meant, if I was fast enough, I could take them out from behind. They had started to advance on me, so I ran behind them unexpectedly and before they could register to turn around, I kicked one guy in the back of the head. He fell down immediately unconscious. The other man was confused at the sudden actions, so I took it to my advantage and kicked the guy in the stomach, digging the stiletto like heel into his abdomen. He yelled in pain and lost balance, falling backwards, I kicked his head, knocking him unconscious.
  8. I turned to the girl. She was crying on the ground, understandably, she was young. I leaned down to her. 'Hey, don't worry, It's ok.' I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. I wasn't good at this, I wasn't good at comforting.She looked up at me teary eyed and threw her arms around me, 'Thank you...' she sobbed.Caught off guard, I awkwardly patted her back whilst she sobbed into my shoulder.
  9. She finally stopped crying, and I gently pulled away from her.'Where do you live?' I asked.She told me her address and I helped her up, 'Ok, I'll get you a taxi ok?'She nodded and we left the alley and went to the main road. I wasn't going to actually get her a taxi, I was going to get someone from the agency to drive her home, but she couldn't know that.
  10. I dialed a number into my phone and let it ring. 'Hello?' a voice asked.'Hey Joe, it's me.' I said. 'Ally, what's up? It's late...' my boss replied.'I need someone to drive a girl home,' I gave the address of where we were.'Why?'
  11. I glanced at the girl, 'I'll explain later.' I whispered. He understood immediately and sent someone out. I stayed on the phone with him. Until a guy drove up in an agency car disguised as a taxi. 'Here we go!' I said to the girl. She thanked me again and climbed into the car, as I made the driver flash his ID, to make sure I was certain it was trustworthy. I watched as he took her home.I raised the phone to my ear again, 'Hey Joe.'
  12. 'What happened Ally?' I started walking back to the alley, 'A girl almost got raped, I beat up the guys, they're unconscious in the alley by the road I gave you the address to.''Ok, thanks Ally, go home, I'm sending some people over now.'I hummed in agreement before hanging up and going home.

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