Don't leave me hanging part 5

The fifth part of my first story quiz. You might want to read the others if you haven't already. I'm so sorry this one's late :/ I forgot to work on it during both weekends.

Recap: You were walking home from school when you stopped in a park and met a Blake who seems nice. However, Kris and Jack are about to tell you why they have a problem with him.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. our enemy. The trouble he's making could destroy the world. He's the one we wanted to keep you safe from. It obviously didn't work, so let's go to the house. You need to stay safe for now, if Blake was here he might already know where you live." Jack turns around, abruptly, and starts walking quickly.
  2. "Wait," you say,"I'm not going until I get a full explaination!" "That has to wait, _______," Kris says, you almost forgot he was there because he was so quiet, "Your safety comes first, let's just go to the house." You grind your teeth in frustration, "I'm not moving until you tell me." Jack turns around and shouts, "We'll talk about it at the house, it's not safe here." You still shake your head and refuse to move. Jack sighs, "Sorry, _______, but we need you to be safe. Kris, deal with her please."
  3. Kris stands up and scoops you off the bench. You struggle a bit, but his grip is firm. "I can walk, you know," you mutter. "Sorry," Kris apologizes, blushing a little. He starts to run, and you wonder how Kris can carry you, but run so quickly still. Since your head is by his heart, you can even tell that his heart isn't even beating heavily.
  4. You are brought to Jack's car, which you notice is only a block away from your house. Actually, it's parked in front of Justin's house and he's walking towards you, Jack, and Kris. "_______!" he shouts, "I've been looking for you, we were supposed to go bowling today afterschool." With all the craziness recently, you must've forgotten. "I'm sorry!" you apologize, "Things have been crazy recently." You also try again to stand up by yourself, but Kris doesn't let you go. Justin looks at Kris and Jack with a little hostility. "Who are you?" he asks.
  5. "We're friends of _______," Jack says, "We're in a little bit of a hurry, so if you don't mind we have to go." "Hold on," Justin says, blocking Jack's way, "_______, what is going on? You've been all different lately, I decided to let you be, but I'd like to know now." "Still figuring that out," you reply glaring a little at Jack, "I'm really, really sorry for not going with you today, but I don't think I can anymore."
  6. "Can I speak to you, alone," Justin asks you. Before you can answer, Jack replies,"I told you, we're in a hurry." "Oh, really?" And even though you've never seen Justin angry, he punches Jack in the face. Kris reacts, quickly, putting you in the backseat of Jack's car, but before he closes the door you think you see Jack's eyes flash purple for a split second. Kris separates Jack and Justin and they both get into the car, leaving Justin looking hurt and suspicious on the sidewalk.
  7. *fast forward a couple minutes* You're back in the room where you first met Jack. Kris is sitting next to you on a loveseat sofa and Jack is across from you in an armchair. Jack takes a deep breath. "_______, what do you want to know?""I want an explaination. I want a whole story. I want you to tell me what you're all into," you declare. "Are you sure, _______? Once you know everything, you'll be in more danger. You might even have to stay here from now on." Kris says, looking at you as if pleading you to say no. "For once, Kris isn't overreacting. You will have to stay here if you know everything," Jack adds.
  8. You wrestle with indecisiveness in your head for a while before you say, "Fine. I want to know. I already know some stuff and someone already tried to kidnap me. Not knowing anything is just going to be worse from now on." "That's a good decision, the way you put it," Jack says. Kris suddenly gets up and storms out of the room. You can hear his door upstairs slam.
  9. Cory walks in from the same direction Kris went. "Did I miss something?" he asks. Then he sees you and grins, "Told you I'd see you soon, ______. Wait, Jack, is it big reveal time? I gotta see this," He takes Kris's seat next to you. "Kris still thinks that _______ not knowing is going to protect her," Jack explains. "Well, I still say we should have told her right away. Why didn't you guys let me?" Cory complains. "Because you're the newbie," Jack laughs.
  10. "Anyway, _______, I have to start at the beginning, which is sort of a long story, so I'll give you the basics." Jack turns his ultra blue eyes in your direction. "Hold on!" Cory interrupts, "I need some popcorn wait for me." He walks off in the direction of the dining room. You slouch, upset again at the interruptions. Jack chuckles at your reaction, "He'll take a while, I'll just start because you've been waiting so long"
  11. "So, those creatures in 'myths' you hear about, vampires, and fairies, and you get my point, they actually do exist, well, did. About maybe... 500? years ago, many of them were hunted down by humans. However, they didn't actually die. They are actually trapped an alternate world. The remaining ones adapted to human society. Because they adapted, they became more human-like and lost their immortality, so none of them are alive today. The problem is, however, that Blake wants to release the original immortal ones into the regular world. And since those trapped beings are not happy at all with humans, their release would mean massive destruction, but Blake believes that the world would be better if everyone was of that kind."
  12. You take a minute to take in everything after he stops talking. "I don't get how you guys come into it yet," you say, "Didn't you say that none of those were alive still?" "Exactly, we're their descendents. And none of their descendents had any special powers, except for now, we're the special generation," Jack's voice turns sarcastic and slightly bitter at the word "special". "You say that like it's a bad thing," Cory says as he walks back into the room, carrying a large bowl filled over the brim with popcorn, "Hey, _______, help yourself."
  13. "How am I part of this, am I magical too?" you ask. "Actually, no, we don't think you are a descendent of any magical beings. We're pretty sure you're completely human, but the weird thing is that we think you have a lot of powers and characteristics similar to us."
  14. "I don't really get it, how does that work?" you ask. Cory laughs, "When Jack dumps information on you, you don't have to get it. No one does. All he means is that you have a magical side to you like all of us that you can bring out if you want." "Um, okay..." you say, still a little confused. He puts down his bowl of popcorn and grins at you, "I'll show you."
  15. "No, Cory come on," Jack protests. But Cory already has out a vial of some bluish liquid and drinks it. He winks at you before his eyes turn a bright indigo color and he bends over, starting to cough. Before you can react, he straightens up, and you see his shirt in rags at his feet and he has wings. They're a little less than arm-length long and are dark gray with gold streaks here and there. His eyes are no longer bright indigo, but you can see purplish tints in them. The colors seem to swirl and hold you a little entranced.
  16. "Ugh," Cory groans,"Hate how those taste, couldn't you try fixing that, Jack?" "Your fault you thought joining a werewolf pack was too scary," Jack laughs. You look up, "Wait, what? He doesn't look like a werewolf right now at all." "He's a werewolf, but when he got his powers 3 months ago, we're the ones who found him and he decided to stay with us. Without a werewolf pack, he can't turn into a wolf unless there's a moon out, so we make him those vials so he can still fight if he needs to during the day." Jack explains
  17. "Anyway, who would want Cory in their group?" Jack jokes. "_______ would, of course." Cory says with a wink. He folds up his wings, sits next to you again, and starts staring at your eyes. You stare back and the whirlpool of color in his eyes draws you in yet again. "Okay, Cory, I think that's enough of an example, no need to go any further," Jack's voice cuts through the air, "Using that to your advantage is unfair to _______." Cory grumbles, "Not if she likes it..." but changes back anyway.
  18. You are about to ask what they were talking about when you hear footsteps coming from the direction of a doorway that you haven't been down before. You assume it's Kris, but the footsteps sound lighter and quicker than his would be. When the person comes around the corner, it's not Kris. However, to your surprise, it is someone you know...
  19. (Don't answer this question if you want a result based on your previous answers) Who do you like?

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