Don't leave me hanging part 2

This is the second part of my first attempt at a story quiz. If you haven't read the first one, you might want to. I'm hoping it turns out well, but I can't promise anything XD.

The characters: Justin- a friend, brown eyes and hair, funny and bookish; Stella- your best friend, she has platinum blond hair and dark blue eyes; Cory- a flirt with greenish-blue eyes, black hair, and abs; Kris- mysterious, gray eyes, jet black hair.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. You can see the outline of a tall figure as they block the doorway and begin close the door. In the light before the door closes you think you see that the person has dark hair of some sort. Once the door is closed, you hear an ominious click as the door is locked.
  2. The figure walks towards you and you panic, kicking and clawing at them. "Ow! _______, stop I'm not going to hurt you!" you hear a male voice say and you stop in surprise because you know that voice.
  3. "It's me" the guy says as he turns on the light. You see it's Kris. He has a scratch on his cheek and a couple of scratches down his arm since he's wearing a t-shirt
  4. "Sorry, I had to... surprise you like that, I just wanted a private word with you about something that's been bugging me." he says. "Surprise?!? More like ambush! What do you have to talk to me about anyway? I just met you today!" you shout at him, raising your voice with each sentence. He moves closer to you, "Shh... I just wanted to tell you..." He pauses, slightly chewing on his lip as if deciding what to say.
  5. "Well could you just say it already?" you say, tired of the suspense. Kris takes a deep breath and looks straight at you. "______, some big trouble is coming. It's going to affect the future of this world, and I... I just thought you should know that you might be involved soon." He pauses for a moment to gauge your reaction. "That's all, you must think I'm crazy," he adds on, blushing and with that, he runs out of the closet before you can say anything.
  6. You walk out of the closet and look around, but there is no sign of Kris anywhere. Deep in your thoughts, you accidentally walk straight into someone. You fall down and look up to see that it's Cory. "Hey, locker chick, right?" he grins as he helps you up. You notice his black hair is wet and the t-shirt that he is wearing is also wet and slightly clinging to him, showing his toned chest and abs.
  7. "Sorry, didn't see you" you say, skirting around him to continue to lunch, but he puts out an arm to stop you. "What happen? Are you late for a date? Because if you are, you don't have to worry, I'm right here." You roll your eyes, "I'm late for LUNCH, so if you mind..." "Well since I'm so gentleman-like, I'll escort you."
  8. You try to get rid of him, but you end up just giving in after nothing you do has any effect. Cory attempts to make conversation while you generally ignore him. Suddenly, you feel flicks of water as Cory shakes his hair like a dog. "Hey!" you shout. Cory grins at through his hair, "So you do have a voice". Ignoring his teasing, you ask why he isn't already at lunch. "I sneak into the pool sometimes to swim. You could come watch me some time," he replies with a wink. Before you can get a response out, the bell rings and you are suddenly surrounded in an ocean of people that have just been let out of lunch.
  9. "_______! Where have you been?" Justin exclaims as he and Stella come out of the cafeteria. "It's weird" you start and tell them about Kris's warning and your encounter with Cory. "Sounds like you are having a lucky day with guys" Stella laughs. "Well, they better not replace me" Justin jokes. "Oh we would be so devestated without our skinny bookworm," Stella sticks out her tongue at him, "I'm kidding, we still love you Justin" All of you laugh and head your separate ways to class. The rest of your school day passes eventless.
  10. As you are walking out of the school, you pass by the pool area, which has large windows surrounding it, and you see Cory, swimming laps. You watch him for a bit, and, as if he senses you, he looks up, his blue-green eyes staring straight into yours. He stops swimming and waves you over, but you blush and quickly hurry away.
  11. Since it's a nice day outside with the sun shining, a slight breeze, and the perfect spring temperature (about 70 degrees), you decide to walk home rather than take the bus. You enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin and begin to daydream as you walk. A rustling noise coming from your right jolts you out of the daydream, and you think you see a blur of black before you feel something hit your head and...
  12. ... you blackout. (I know, typical of a story quiz, but I had to add it in ^^)
  13. Who are you liking noww?

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