Don't leave me hanging part 22

Welcome to the twenty-second part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. I've gotten some great characters created by you readers :D If you haven't participated yet (or just want to participate again), the guidelines/instructions to the event are in part 21. There's still time and spaces for me to put your character into the story :) By the way, that picture is supposed to be the black dress option, but the picture didn't turn out so well... if you want pictures of the other dresses, just ask in the comments.

Recap: You were spending time with Jack when Emilia burst in, talking about information she had collected. When Jack set up a team meeting, turns out, Blake is holding a masquerade ball to celebrate the acquisition of a medallion necklace; a necklace that you and the team will go undercover in the party to steal. First of course, you need to get your costume, and Stella is excited to go shopping with you.

Created by: xxblutixx
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  1. Stella smiles and calls, "Oh Justinnnn." He comes over, "Yeah?" "_______ and I want to get out of the house, mind driving us?" she asks. "I thought _______ wasn't allowed to leave," Justin says. "Oh, I was the one who set that up... I'm taking it off now. So how about it, Justin? Let's all hang out?" Stella tells Justin. "Sure then," Justin agrees, "Where do you want to go?" "Oh, we're not sure yet, let's just drive around first," Stella suggests, looking back at you and grinning triumphantly.
  2. Half an hour later, the three of you are standing in the entry of a large store. Justin looks at the pink walls and rows of gowns with dread written all over his face. "What did I let you two drag me into?" he groans. You and Stella go through the racks, picking up armfuls of dresses while Justin sits outside the dressing room, playing Tetris on his phone. Stella's dress is decided first. Because you're both going to a masquerade ball, Stella insists that your dresses need to be floor length. Hers is made of magenta silk, strapless, with a shape like a true ballgown: poofy on the bottom and corset-like at the top. Small gold sequins line the top of the dress, go diagonally across her chest, and down the side, ending in a border of sequins at the bottom. "It looks great on you!" you exclaim when you see it. Turning back to the dressing room, you look at the 5 dresses you've narrowed it down to.
  3. You come out with your choice, and Stella starts grinning excitedly immeadiately. "That's the one," she declares. Justin looks up and does a double take. "Wow, _______..." he says, looking astonished. "Is that a good wow or a bad wow?" you ask. "You look like a princess, _______," he tells you. You smile and hug him, "Thanks, Justin!" You put your regular clothes back on and go up with Stella to the cashier. When the prices of the dresses come up, both Justin's and your eyes pop at the amount of money, but Stella just takes out a credit card and pays for them both. Outside the store, she explains, grinning, "Did Kris ever mention he's a good pickpocket? Logan is going to have a couple more bills to pay."
  4. Stella has Justin drive to another store that's filled with accessories galore. A whole wall is devoted to masquerade masks. You and Stella have fun trying on the craziest accessories. Seeing a long, pink wig, you smile mischieviously and sneak up on Justin. When you put it on him, he jumps in surprise and fumbles, trying to get the wig off, but failing. You laugh, "Wait, wait, let me get a picture first, pleaseee? Just so I can show you what it looks like." He gives you a disbelieving look, and you manage to snap two pictures quickly with your phone before he realizes. "_______! You're going to delete that, right?" he asks. You nod and innocently show him that you deleted a picture of him while secretly keeping the other. Stella bounces up to you. "I got my mask!" she declares and shows you a mask covered in white feathers with gold feathers framing the sides and gold glitter around the eyes. The shape of the mask reminds you of wings, and you can only think about how fitting that is. "It's pretty," you tell her, "I better go find mine." You look around a bit and end up choosing a mask which looks like:
  5. Justin picks out his mask, a cream jester one that has an attached blue and green jester hat, complete with bells. which he plans to wear with a black suit, even though you and Stella tried to convince him to go all out and get a costume to match. Stella buys everything with Logan's card, and you all pile back into Justin's car. You and Stella are both tired because you've been shopping all day, so Justin drops Stella off at her house and drives you to Kris's. He walks you up to the door, but it's locked. You realize you don't have the key, and you check the back door too. It's not open either."Great, I'm locked out," you groan to Justin. "Well, maybe we should knock on the door. Everyone in the house is semi-magical; they should be able to hear it," he suggests. "Okay," you agree, and you pound on the front door, shouting, "Someone let me in please!" Justin laughs, "Take it easy on the door, it didn't do anything to you." "It's creepy out here in the dark and cold," you explain. "I'll stay out here with you until someone comes then," Justin suggests.
  6. "Thanks, oh and, Justin," you smile at him and then show him a picture on your phone, "Pink is definitely your color." "You kept the picture with me in a pink wig?" he exclaims, "Delete that." You smile mischieviously, and he tries to grab the phone. You and Justin play fight over the phone until you both end up sitting on the porch, breathing heavily, with each of you holding one end of the phone, you sitting on his lap, and his arms around you. You turn around to say something to him and realize how close your faces are; you're almost nose to nose with him. Of course, that's when Kris decides to open the door. You think you see some kind of emotion cross Kris's eyes, hurt or sadness maybe, but before you can identify it, it's gone, replaced by Kris's signature no-expression pokerface. He raises an eyebrow, but just says, "Welcome back, _______," before turning and promptly walking away.
  7. Justin gets up and offers a hand to you to help you get up. You take it and stand up, and you and Justin have a slight silence where you swing your joined hands back and forth, almost getting lost in the rhythm. "So, I guess I'll come back tomorrow," Justin says, breaking the silence. "Okay," you smile up at him, "See ya." You give him a hug which he returns. "See ya, _______," Justin says, "and that picture better not show up on the internet." "I can't promise anything," you call after him, and you can hear him laugh as walks away.
  8. You stay at the door for a bit, watching the shape of Justin as he walks down the long driveway of Kris's house to his car. As he drives away, he gives you a half-wave that you return. You step inside the house and close the door, realizing how quiet it is in the house. You check the time, 10 o' clock, that could explain it. Cory was probably at his own house, and everyone else was probably getting ready for the night. As you head upstairs, you think about the brief emotion that had flashed across Kris's face, and his departure after, so you make a detour to his room, intending to check up on him.
  9. The door is slightly open, but you knock anyway as you push it open. Music is softly playing in the room, reminding you of when Kris first kissed you, but no one is in the room. However, you do notice that the velvet curtains which covered that one side of his room are parted and the glass door that leads to the balcony is open. When you go out onto the balcony, you're puzzled to find that no one is out here either.
  10. Leaning on the edge of the balcony, you look down at the ground, but it doesn't seem like there's anyone there either. The cool night's breeze brushes your face gently as you lean into the railing. It blows something only inches away from your face then makes it dance away again when you reach for it. Timing your reaction, you manage to grab the object, though you almost fall over the railing in the process. You look down at the object clenched in your hand. It's a black feather. Twirling it in your hand absentmindedly, you notice the moon gives it an iridescent sheen that makes it seem like the blackness of the feather is actually made of a rainbow of different colors.
  11. Your examination of the feather ends when something swoops down in front of you unexpectedly, causing a rush of wind that blows your hair into your face. You step back and push your hair back, uncertain about what's happening. Minutes, seeming like hours, pass, and the night is as calm as it was before. Might what you had seen been just something falling? It was likely, but you knew that falling objects didn't tend to swoop upwards just before hitting the ground and disappear into the night.You shiver, the breeze of the night seeming more creepy than comforting now. You turn to head inside when something large falls from the sky and lands in the corner of the balcony, where the shadows all lie. What's strange is that the fall made no noise whatsoever. Out of the darkness of the shadows comes...
  12. ...Kris. "_______, wasn't expecting you to visit me tonight," he says. The light from his room casts shadows on his face, but his gray eyes, shot with purple show up clearly in the dark, the only thing that lets you know that he's in his magical form since his raven black wings almost blend into the night. You examine his eyes and find a multitude of emotions, all unhiddden and all unidentifiable; he seems... barely contained. You think it's very unlike him.
  13. "I just came to say good night," you tell him, not sure how to address what you saw at the door or if that had even happened. "Oh, you've never done that before," he comments, rather detachedly as if his mind were someplace else. "Kris..." you begin haltingly, "Are you okay? You look a little troubled like something's on your mind." "I'm fine as always," he responds with an edge to his voice that kind of scares you with the insinuation that he hasn't been okay for a long time.
  14. You don't know if it's the right time to push him, but you continue on saying, "Are you actually okay though?" With those words, the cynicism in Kris seems to crumble. "No," he admits quietly and turns his face to the sky, "Good night, _______." His wings spread open wide, but you grab his arm and pull him to face you. Since he's in his immortal form, he could've resisted easily, but there's no resistance in him at all as he turns to obey your motion. He's silent. Completely silent as he looks at you, and you feel obligated to speak first, "Kris... It's not good to hold in emotions for too long. They'll destroy from the inside in time." He gives you a strange look, as if what you just suggested was the solution to the world's problems and he can't believe he didn't think of it before.
  15. "Then I won't," he states and pulls you in closer to him. He kisses you on the lips, and time just seems to stop. You can feel the his emotion just through his kiss, and it just takes your breath away. When the kiss ends, Kris leans his forehead against yours, looking straight into your eyes. "I think I might be falling in love with you, _______," he whispers, as if admitting it scared him. He turns and takes off into the air, leaving you stunned on the balcony while you watch as his shape disappears into the darkness of the night.
  16. You stand there for a moment after you can't see him anymore before you turn and head back inside to your room. You grab your pajamas from the bed and step into the shower. Only as you're washing your hair do you consider that you should've visited Jack too. After you shower and change, you walk down the stairs to the second floor hallway where you realize that you have no idea where Jack's room is.
  17. It turns out not to be a problem though, because there is only one room where light shows under the door. You knock, and hear Jack's voice say, "Come in." You enter. The room is smaller than Kris's, but has more furniture in it. There's a full bed tucked into the corner of the room to the right of the door, an L-shaped desk across the room in the corner, a TV stand to the right of that, and a closet to the left of the desk. The walls are painted in a forest green and the floors are the same wooden ones throughout the house. Jack is propped up on his elbow on the bed and looks like he was just watching the TV when you came in. "Oh, _______, hey, what's up?" he asks.
  18. "Just came to say good night," you explain. "This is new. Is it for everyone, or just me because I almost died?" Jack smiles, and you can tell he's joking with you. "What? Because you almost died you think you get special treatment?" you laugh, and he joins in with you. "Anyway, _______, it's nice of you to come here. Oh and sorry about the mess," he says gesturing to his clothes strewn on the floor and the untidy piles papers on the desk, "I know it's not up to girl standards; Stella always lectures me about it." "It's fine," you smile, "I'm just stopping by for a moment, anyway." "Okay then, come here," Jack says, holding out his arms for a hug. He hugs you closely and kisses your forehead, "Night, night, _______, sleep tight." "You too, Jack, and don't let the bedbugs bite," you laugh.
  19. You go back upstairs and fall asleep. That glow doesn't come to speak with you, but, instead, you end up dreaming of:

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