Don't leave me hanging part 12

Welcome to the twelfth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Thank you to all you readers kept reading even through the guy-less quizzes, and now the boys are back! ;)

Recap: Logan kissed you which made you angry enough to break free from the person holding you back. You attack Logan, somehow with a fire-engulfed metal bar, but before he can retaliate, Kris, Cory, and Jack come to your rescue. It's too late for Greg, though, and he dies from injuries. Kris picks you up and flies you away from the fight to meet up with Jack and Cory later.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. You don't know how long you stayed, face to Kris's bare shoulder, awake, yet not paying attention to your surroundings. It felt like you were dreaming. Your thoughts had no connection to each other, but you didn't try to make sense of them. Eventually, you start to come back, fully awake and alert.
  2. You take in your surroundings. The full moon glows in the sky behind Kris. The sun still hasn't risen and the sky is as dark as before. Kris's black wings are silent as you fly through the air. They're large, possibly only a little bit shorter than you are tall. You also notice that everytime they rise and fall the moonlight seems to do something funny to them. You realize they must be iridescent. Looking up at his face, gray eyes, dark indigo blue dancing in the irises, the left covered by somewhat windswept black hair. His eyes and mouth look worried.
  3. "Kris?" you break the silence. Some warmth seems to return to his eyes. "Yes, _______?" he replies. "How long has it been?" you ask. "About 20 minutes, we'll arrive at the campsite soon. It's too far to the mansion, so we'll go there tomorrow." he answers. "How are you doing? You're not afraid of heights, are you?" he adds in concern.
  4. You watch the landscape changing below you, most of it seems to be uninhabited forest land. "Are we far away from Logan's house?" you ask. "Not far enough, if they choose to take a helicopter," worry edges into Kris's voice. "But I'm sure you can outfly them," you try to reassure him. "I would. I'm carrying you, so I would have to, of course. I won't let Logan take you again," he promises, "You mean too much to me." He bends down and kisses your lips so softly that your heart is fluttering as you kiss him back.
  5. Though, like his last kiss, he pulls back again abruptly, frowning with his eyes riveted straight ahead. "I'm an idiot," he murmurs to himself, "Cory should have done this instead." "What do you mean?" you ask, "You're doing fine." "No, _______, I'm not," he says sadly, "Don't you get it? I'm part vampire. I can feel your pulse and it's driving me insane because I can't have it and because I'm so disgusted that I'd even consider it. The longer I stay in this form, the worse this ache for blood gets. It's always there, reminding me I'm a monster. Even when I'm not in form there's an annoying part of my brain that craves it, but it's easier to ignore."
  6. "Have you ever given in?" you ask quietly. "Not in my 8 years of being like this," Kris replies, "It doesn't mean I can let my guard down. I would never forgive myself if I hurt you like that." Silence follows until Kris says, "Hold on, we're landing now." He angles downwards and glides along the treetops, landing in a small clearing. You can smell cooking food and your stomach growls as you realize your last meal was that one muffin yesterday morning.
  7. Kris seems to notice the smell as well, but he tenses up, puts you down, and stands protectively in front of you, scanning the trees surrounding you. You hear a rustling noise and Kris whips around to face it. Seemingly without a trigger, he springs forward, colliding in midair with someone. All you can see are flashes of black feathers and white feathers and black hair and blond hair as the two struggle. A high-pitched laugh pierces the air, and it sounds familiar to you.
  8. Kris and the other person land and you see that it's Stella. "I had you," she laughs at Kris, "Do you really think Logan is going to walk into camp, bring hot dogs and corn, since you don't have any, and cook them for you? Right after _______ showed him not to mess with her too?" Kris smiles at you and helps you up, ignoring Stella's teasing. "Come on, food's waiting, though I bet you already knew that since you're in form. By the way, congrats on getting your wings by yourself," Stella says to you.
  9. "Those wings, you know on your back," Stella says to your confused look, "Don't tell me you didn't notice them." You reach a hand to your back and feel feathers. Running your hand along them, you guess that your... wings are small, maybe only a foot long each. "Check out the ears and teeth too," Stella encourages. You feel the pointed tips of your ears and with your tongue, two fangs.
  10. "My mom says you should have characteristics of all 4 major immortals, the fallen angels, the vampires, the elves, and the werewolves, since it's obvious now that you ARE the special person of this millenium. Cory should be able to bring out your inner wolf later," she smiles. She starts to walk and you follow her. A few steps in, you can smell warm butter melting on corn and sizzling hot dogs. It's all you can think about.
  11. You step into a clearing covered by a canopy of trees. There are a couple tents set up and a small fire. To your surprise, Justin is sitting on a rock near the fire, reading The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. "Justin!" Stella shouts, "Guess who's back?" "Um, you?" he answers, slowly finishing a page in the book before putting it down and looking up. When he sees you, he jumps up. "_______?" he says as if in a daze.
  12. "Justin!" you shout and run up to hug him. "Too... tight," he gasps and behind you, Stella laughs. "You have the strength of immortals right now, _______," she explains. You apologize and loosen your grip a little, but Justin just laughs and hugs you tighter. "What are you doing here?" you ask. "I teleported us both because Jack, Kris, and Cory wouldn't let us come and we were worried about you," Stella answers.
  13. You look at Justin, "Wait, you know about magic too?" He shakes his head, "No, I just saw you get kidnapped by that red-headed muscled guy, and, since you said no police, I paced around because I didn't know what to do. Then I accidentally bumped into Jack and told him about what had happened. He was... like... that with wings and stuff and he brought me to Cory and that new guy." Justin points to Kris, "They explained some things to me, and then they left to save you, leaving me with Stella."
  14. "So why aren't Emilia and Owen here when everyone else is?" you ask. Justin looks confused, but Stella answers, "Their purpose in our team is special. They're spies on Blake, so most of the time we don't see them. We can't even contact them or else they might be found out. Jack took a risk getting them to come for that introduction meeting thing." There is silence for a moment and all you hear is the soft crackling of the fire. You see a movement in the corner of your eye and turn to see Stella with a piece of wood in her hand which she throws at Kris.
  15. He neatly dodges it without saying a word. "If you have something to say, say it out loud, Kris," Stella exclaims, "And if it's not nice, don't say it. Why do I have to tell you how to be polite?" Kris just stares at her, without saying anything. "I can't concentrate with a voice in my head and two outside," she explains in exasperation and after a slight pause she adds, "Oh, I'll show you training!" Kris is still nonresponsive and she sticks out her tongue at him. He just turns and walks off into the forest.
  16. "He'll be back," Stella says and picks up a foil package off a plate, giving it to you. Opening it, you are immersed into that delicious smell of food and you see a hot dog and a corn on the cob. "Help yourself to as much food as you want. I'll bet it's the biggest breakfast you've had," he teases. You, Stella and Justin joke around as you eat and it feels like life is back to normal, without skipping school, angry hordes of werewolves, wings, fangs, fur, pointed ears, or magic.
  17. Something moves in the forest and both you and Stella turn to look. Justin seems not to notice, and, you realize, he probably doesn't hear it with human hearing. Out of the trees come Cory, no longer a wolf, but in his winged form. He's supporting the other, who you recognize as Jack. "Hey, ______!" Cory calls out with a grin, "You beat us here." Jack just smiles at you, looking completely exhausted.
  18. Cory dumps Jack on the log you're sitting on and rolls the shoulder of the arm that Jack was leaning on. "Time to support yourself, big guy," he says. "What happen, not enough muscle?" Jack chuckles. "I could've brought you twice as far," Cory says, "But you should stop being a baby about it." "Cory!" Stella says, giving him a look. Jack doesn't seem to care, he just rolls his eyes, vivid blue shot with deep indigo, and reaches for some food.
  19. You examine him, wondering if he had been injured severely from the fight with Logan's wolves and, if so, was that why he was so worn out? He has some bruises, a couple of bite marks on his arms, and many scratches on his bare chest. All of that is insignificant when you notice a large diagonal scar seeming to start at his right side, near the waist of his jeans. You follow the scar with your eyes across his chest. It widens as it extends to his side and eventually stops in the middle of his back by his shoulder blade at a strange vertical line as wide and long as your longest finger. Curiosity gets the better of you, and you lightly touch it. The muscles in Jack's back tighten. You gasp and realize in an instant what it really is...
  20. The remnant of Jack's right wing. You examine it with your left hand as you follow the trail of the scar back. When you reach his side, Jack grabs your right hand with a sharp intake of breath. "What happened?" you ask in a whisper. "It's from years ago. Don't worry about it," he urges you, but he winces when he turns to face you. You let your left hand fall and he catches it in his hands. "Don't worry about it," he repeats, "It's just an old wound from a fight I had with Blake. It didn't heal right."
  21. "You have the craziest family," you mutter before you realize that you're not supposed to know about how Blake was related to him. "Blake told you yesterday?" Jack says, stating it more than asking in a rather emotionless voice. You look at him in surprise, wondering how he knows. "You left his note in your room, _______," he says still in a monotone voice, but his eyes betray him. They show the true intensity of the emotions behind them and it seems as if at any moment the emotions could spill out past Jack's controlled voice.
  22. Now that you're back amongst the guys, who do you like?

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