Don't leave me hanging part 9

This is the ninth part of my first story quiz. You might want to take the others if you haven't already. And I forgot to give all my voters their lollipop for participation so here it is! To PersonXD, Yupthatsmyname, singin234 for voting and one for xX3mo_Ang3lXx for commenting all the time ^^ Flavor= strawberry cheesecake, believe me, it's amazing XD

Recap: You snuck out of the house to meet with Blake at the park. On the way, you talked to Justin a bit. Blake ended up telling you his story and gave you a necklace as a gift. As you leave the park, an unknown guy grabs your shoulder, asking if you remember him.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. "No, unless you're from some nightmare I had," you say through clenched teeth. His grin grows wider, "Oh, but how true is that? I AM your nightmare. But don't you think you should remember me? I tried to have a one-on-one with you Monday, but your birdie friends wouldn't let me." His grin turns into a mocking pout, "We'll have PLENTY of time to dicuss THEM, though, where we're headed."
  2. You gasp as you remember that Jack told you that that incident on Monday was by a person working for Blake. "You're working for Blake," you scream, "He decieved me!" The guy leans his head to your ear and whispers menacingly, "Shush, dear, I think it'd be VERY dangerous for anyone else to approach us right now. And a secret between me and you, Blake is a fool to think he can control ME. I'm my own boss. If anything, HE works for ME. You're for my own purposes. Maybe, if I'm feeling generous, I'll turn you over to him once I'M done. Now... Walk. Be a good girl and maybe I won't have to start a little early."
  3. You shiver at his threat and feel the Blake's necklace warm as it changes colors. However suspicious you are of him, you don't want to get rid of the necklace. Just its presence provides some comfort to you and the guy would probably react if you moved anything but your legs right now.
  4. The guy marches you to a van, pushes you in the back, and climbs in after you. Just before he closes the door, you think you see someone behind a tree, spying, but you can't be sure. It's probably just wishful thinking anyway. You can only hope that one of the guys will miraculously find and save you. Beside you, Logan kicks the driver's seat. "Get going," he growls, and whoever it is starts driving. There are no windows in the back of the van so you have no idea where you're going.
  5. Somewhere along the line, you fall asleep, having dark nightmares full of your worst fears that always end in Mr. Muscle guy's leering face. A bump in the road causes you to jump and wake up. The scene is the same, dark van driving and mystery guy with his consistent taunting grin. You decide that since you know you can't fight back, your only hope left besides an unlikely rescue is to try to learn as much about this guy to try and find a weak spot you can use to escape. It takes all your effort, but you smile sweetly up at him, "Excuse me, I don't think I caught your name?" He seems amused at your smiling attempt and you guess it probably didn't work how you wanted. "It's Logan. You'll know me very well in the next few days," he says.
  6. "Well... Logan... where are we going and why?" you ask as innocently as you can. "Sweets," he addresses you and moves his face closer to you, "We're going to MY house, and, there, we follow MY rules. Rule number one is you'll always see when you get there. No questions needed." His face is so close to yours that you can feel his suprisingly cool breath and can see that his gray eyes are actually standard magical form eyes, with purple swirling within the iris, but the purple is dark, almost black, and moves jerkily as if something is wrong with it.
  7. The van stops and Logan grins. "Honey, we're home," he says tauntingly to you. He ties a musty-smelling black cloth over your eyes as a blindfold and grabs your arm to lead you out of the van. His strong grip stays on your arm as he leads you through some type of building. You try your best to remember all the turns he takes, but it's no use, there are too many. You are led down a tightly curved staircase, which is metal, judging by the echoing clanking noises each step makes. You go on a little further before you hear moving metallic sounds, and Logan pushes you to the floor. "I'll be with you later, sweets," he says and you hear the same metallic noises again before you hear his footsteps move away.
  8. With Logan's hands off of you, you try to untie the blindfold, but it's all no use because of all the knots he made in it. You slump down. You've been kidnapped by Logan, whoever he really is, are stuck in an unknown place, can't see, and the guys have no clue where you might be. What a day this has turned out to be.
  9. "Move to your right, I'll help you," you hear a soft voice come from your right that sounds female. You do as instructed and whoever it is manages to untie your blindfold. "Thanks," you say and you turn around to see who helped you. It's a brunette girl with bright blue eyes in a jail cell next to yours, because that's what you're in, a jail cell, metal bars on 3 sides, cement on the last.
  10. "I'm _______," you introduce yourself, "Where are we?" "We're in the dungeon of Logan's house... I'm Alissa," the girl says, "Oh, and she's Kiki." Alissa indicates to a curled up girl in her cell you didn't notice before. At the sound of her name, the girl looks up. Like Alissa, the girl looks starved, but the similarities end there. The girl has dull, empty gray eyes that remind you of never-ending tunnels. Her hair is so tangled and dirty, you can't tell what color it is and her arms are covered in half-healed slashes and bruises. She looks like she's about to say something, but then she start to tremble and stares up at the ceiling, screaming in agony in response to something you can't see.
  11. "Hey! Quiet it down!" A male's voice orders. Almost immeadiately in response to the voice, the two girls, Amilia and Kiki, turn their heads to hide their faces, possibly to avoid notice. As Kiki turns, you can see two small, circular wounds spaced closely on her neck.
  12. The owner of the voice walks into view with a long, narrow sword at his hip. His long, white-blond hair is slicked back into a ponytail and his almost colorless eyes sweep the scene before resting on you. "Well, well. Looks like we have a new resident," he grins, "What's your name?"
  13. "What's your name?" you ask in reply defensively. "Oh no, I asked first," he chuckles under his breath eerily. The two shorter guys, both with long, shaggy brown hair, who followed him in, laugh in a way that makes you want to punch them. Apparently, Ponytail guy feels the same way because he tells them to shut up. "What's your problem, Quincy? PMS got the best of you?" one of them growls while the other smirks.
  14. Ponytail guy (Quincy) narrows his eyes. You can hardly see what happens next, but the result is that the one who spoke is thrown across the room and hits the opposite wall, falling unconcious to the floor. You can see Quincy's eyes are now dark black and murderous. "Now... Fredrick, it looks like your companion there has hit his head somehow, would you deal with him?" Quincy says in a surprisingly even tone. Fredrick growls, mumbling something under his breath. "Saying something you'd like to share, Fredrick," Quincy questions without turning around, but it sounds more like a part threat and part statement to you.
  15. "Now, miss," he addresses you again, leaning his tall, slim body up against the bars of your jail cell, "Would you like to tell me your name?". Meanwhile Fredrick lifts his companion and carries him out, shooting murderous glares at Quincy the whole time. "Like it really matters to you, leave the lady alone," a new guy's voice coming from the cell to your left speaks out.
  16. "For once, I agree with you, Greg. Quincy, keep your hands off my prisoner," Logan's already familiar voice comes before he strides into the room, "Since you seem so intelligent today, I'll give you a break with me and maybe you can go with Fredrick. It seems like he could use someone to vent on, he seemed ticked off." Logan glares at Quincy as if he already knew what had happened. "Wasn't even touching her," Quincy replies slowly, holding his hands up, yet still managing to keep a smirk on his face.
  17. Logan reaches into one of the many pockets of his black cargo pants and pulls out a ring of keys. He unlocks your cell, grabbing your arm and dragging you out of the cell. "Slimy b-------" he growls under his breath. "Excuse me?" Quincy questions, pretending to be innocent. "You heard me!" Logan roars, "Don't think you can play teacher's pet so long, and once you're out of favor, I'll be waiting. Now get out of my sight!" Quincy smirks as if he achieved exactly what he wanted, but he leaves anyway.
  18. Logan's chest heaves with his anger. "Deep breaths," the voice (Greg) from the cell to you left advises, though it sounds sarcastic. The comment puts Logan over the edge. He throws you down and attempts to rip the door off the left cell. Since he can't, he takes out a dagger, pulsing with red light, and runs it through the bars of the cell, easily slicing through the metal as if it were made of marshmallow. He then proceeds to bend down the bars and climbs into the cell himself. It occurs to you to run away, but your head is still spinning from being thrown at such a force that you can't make yourself stand up.
  19. You can only watch as Logan backhand slaps something in the darkest corner of the left cell, causing the figure to slam up against the metal bars closest to you. The guy looks at you gesturing you to run, but you're still a little shaken up and now you're also rooted in place in sick amazement at the guy's injuries. The dominating mark on his face is a long, half-healed slash wound that extends from his forehead to his cheek. It misses the corner of his left eye by only millimeters. The rest of his face is covered in smaller cuts and yellow-purple bruises. His nose looks broken and his right eye is swollen also. Despite all the injuries, the most striking feature of his face are his forceful emerald green eyes.
  20. Logan seems to realize his mistake in leaving you outside when he suddenly jumps out of the cell, dragging the beaten up guy with him. Logan grabs one of your arms with his free hand and pushes you into your cell, making sure to lock it before he leaves, taking the beaten guy with him. You sink down to the ground in desperation. You're regretting ever setting foot outside Kris's house now.
  21. Whose result would you like to read? (Blake, Fredrick, Fredrick's partner, Greg, the van driver, and mysterious guy behind tree aren't results, sorry if you were going to choose them :/)

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