Don't leave me hanging part 13

Welcome to the thirteenth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Thank you, again, to all you readers, you keep me wanting to write these, especially when you comment ;) Remember, the main guys' descriptions are in parts 1 through 4 if you want them. Owen's description is in part 7.

Recap: Kris admitted that he cares about you, but believes that he is too monsterous to be with you. At the guys' camp, you reunite with Stella and Justin and learn that somehow, you're in magical form. Jack and Cory return, and you notice an old scar on Jack, inflicted by Blake. It is the cause of his over-exhaustion and lack of a right wing. You let it slip to him that you did sneak off to see Blake the day before.

Created by: xxblutixx
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  1. "Jack, I-" you start to explain, but Jack puts his index finger over your mouth. "You don't have to explain, _______" he says, "Whether or not you believe him, it's nice to have you back." He puts your hands down and turns back to his food... which isn't there anymore.
  2. "Um... sorry, Jack," Cory apologizes, "That squirrel over there... he's a menace, throwing acorns at me, and he thought your food was mine... so he took it... ok you're not buying it. Yeah. I was hungry, you weren't eating, and I didn't want good food like that to go to waste." Jack laughs and gets up, "Well I guess I'm good now. _______, would you like some training before I teach you how to get out of this form?"
  3. Before you can open your mouth to respond, Stella interrupts, "Um, you're not training anyone, Jack. You've already overexerted yourself by insisting on going personally to rescue _______. If ______ wants training, I'll do it." Jack looks at Stella, and she stares back defiantly. "_______, follow me," he orders.
  4. You do as he asks because, even though he seems on edge and Stella doesn't want him to, you're super curious about training and what powers you have. "Good luck, ______," Justin calls out to you. Jack leads you to a small clearing nearby a small brook. "So I guess I'll start by telling you a bit about your role in the magical world..."
  5. "Well, ______, in the magical world, you're very very very very," Jack starts, and he smiles, enjoying the suspense, "VERY unique. You're a human with the strength, speed, senses... and beauty of immortals. You also have abilities specific to each of the 4 main immortal types. People like you only come every 1,000 years or so. Because you're that one person, you also have a special ability to control some kind of magical artifact that is the key to the dimension that the immortals are trapped in. That's why Blake wants you, apparently the artifact is in pieces or something and only you can restore it. If you want more details into it you should probably ask... my mom."
  6. "Anyway, you have a lot to learn, but since we don't have too much time here, I'm just going to focus on controlling two elements, fire and water. Now, since you have the abilities of an elf, working with elements will be easier for you than say... Cory. I saw you created fire before with Logan. Fire can be conjured from yourself with strong emotions... so just try to feel strong emotions that you connect with fire. When you feel as if it were running through you, I want you to try to gather it all and concentrate it into your palm," Jack instructs you.
  7. It isn't long before you feel as if fire is coursing through your veins, hot and deadly. You try to collect the fire in one place, but it's like trying to close an over-stuffed suitcase. It escapes from your control and you gasp as it shoots out of your hand in a jet of flames. Feeling spent of energy and dizzingly hot, you stumble into Jack. He catches you, but winces when you put a hand on his chest to steady yourself. "You conjured up the fire quickly," Jack notes, "You can try again when you're ready."
  8. On your second try, the fire comes quicker to you, as if it was just waiting for you to call it. You direct it to your palm and can feel it migrating to your hand. "Don't worry if it feels like it's escaping," Jack says. You do notice that if feels as if some fire is slipping away from you, but you try not to panic. Little wisps of fire start to float above your hand, swirling to form a fireball. Jack grins, "Great job, _______! Now throw it at me... don't worry, you won't injure me."
  9. Doubtfully, you draw your arm back and throw the fire, as if throwing a baseball. You watch as it flies towards Jack, tendrils of flame trailing behind it, and Jack reaches for it, catching it as if it were just a regular ball. "The reason I can do this is because the defense from each element is it's opposite. In this case: water," Jack explains, "I want you to think about the opposite of everything you associate with fire; tell me when you're ready and I'll throw this fire for you to catch."
  10. You nod at Jack and he tosses the fire softball-style towards you. You hold two hands in front your face because, even though you can feel the energy below your palms, nothing seems different, and you can't stop worrying that your defense is not going to work. When the fire is inches away from your hand, you instinctively turn away from the heat and close your eyes, expecting to be burned at any second. However, when you turn to look, you see the fire hovering over your hands.
  11. "Very nice... you have the basics of controlling fire and water now. You can also control it in its natural form, such as the water in this creek, but that's more difficult," Jack says, "I guess we can move on to getting out of this form now." You stare at the fire in your hands and grin slyly at an idea. "Well... before we do that," you begin, "Think fast!" You throw the fire at Jack.
  12. His arm snaps up quickly and catches the fire. Jack grins at you and throws it back. You two play catch for a while before Jack misses a toss and a tree catches on fire. You use the water power already by your hands to pour a waterfall of water on the tree. Unfortunately, your aim is a little bit off and you end up drenching Jack as well. "Hey!" he laughs and splashes you with water, "You're good at this, but you probably need to get some sleep. You've escaped a dungeon, fought werewolves, escaped yet again, and did training. I'll teach you how to get back into human form."
  13. "So, to get into magical form, you have to concentrate on one thing, and to get out, you have to empty your mind of thought," Jack tells you and he closes his eyes, rolling his shoulders and extending his single, creamy golden wing. The sun is rising behind him, and its light seems to set his wing on fire with golden orange and yellow as well as a chain necklace around his neck. Even with your enhanced vision, it's hard for you to look straight at Jack, hard for you to discern where his wing ends and light begins. He looks up at you, no trace of purple in his bright blue eyes. He walks over to you, and you see that his wing is gone and his scar seems only a shadow on his chest, though it could just be the weird angling of the light from the sunrise. "Your turn," he says.
  14. You close your eyes and try to empty your mind, but everytime you think you are about to succeed, a thought occurs to you, leading to another and another and even more. "Just relax," Jack says soothingly. You can feel a wisp of his breath on your neck and his presence seems close by.
  15. You keep trying to relax, but your mind keeps whirling around and you start getting impatient with yourself. You realize that as long as you were thinking that you were taking too long, you could never empty your mind, so you let that thought go, concentrating instead on the beat of your heart and the rhythm of your breathing. Soon enough, you forget even those and are at peace... until you feel as if someone just threw a bucket full of ice water at you.
  16. Your eyes fly open to see who did it, but you realize the chill you feel is coming from within yourself. It seems to spread all throughout you... except for an area around your neck. You look down and see the heart pendant of Blake's necklace glowing purple. You grab it, but it quickly turns from warm to scalding hot. You drop it with an involuntary yelp and it slips back under your shirt, dimming and cooling down. "Everything ok?" Jack asks.
  17. "Um yeah," you say, "Just really cold." Jack rubs your arms with his hands and gives you a hug so that you're pressing up to his warm chest, "Yeah, that tends to happen when you change back. Is this any better?" he asks. You feel a little bad that you're not telling him the whole truth, but it doesn't really concern him. Plus, you know what his reaction would be to the fact that Blake gave you the necklace. It also probably wouldn't help that the pendant was shaped like a heart. Against his chest, you realize that his scar seems not to be there anymore, and you trace with your finger where it should be. "It's still there, just harder to see," Jack explains.
  18. When he lets you go, you notice a dark shadow leant up against a tree under the darkness of the edge of the clearing. Without your enhanced vision, you can't tell what it is, though you're pretty sure it's a human. Jack doesn't seem to notice as he leads you into the forest. You watch as the figure pushes up, off the tree and begins to follow you and Jack. Before you can mention it to Jack, you trip over a root and straight into the mysterious person.
  19. The person catches you. You look up and breathe a sigh of relief when you see that it's just Kris. "I came to remind you that _______ should get some rest because we're travelling tonight, but it seemed like you remembered," Kris says to Jack. "Yeah," Jack replies, "_______ did great in training today. She has definitely earned some rest." "That's good," Kris comments in a monotone voice, his gray eyes wandering far into the distance.
  20. Both Jack and Kris accompany you back to the campsite, Jack on your right, Kris on your left. Even though the walk back isn't very talkative, you're glad they're there because it seems like every rock, root, and branch in the forest keeps getting in your way and tripping you. Kris and Jack keep catching you and helping you up so many times that, eventually, Jack holds your arm to guide you through the forest while Kris walks ahead, holding up branches that are in your way.
  21. When you get to the camp, only Justin is sitting by the fire; no one else seems to be around. You're still pretty cold, even though it was a difficult walk through the forest, so you sit next to Justin to warm up by the fire. Kris glances at you and his expression seems to soften a bit when he says, "Get some sleep soon, _______," and he walks to one of the three tents set up in the clearing. "Yeah," Jack agrees, "You've had a very stressing day; you deserve a bit of quiet and rest. I'll see you tonight." Jack follows Kris into the tent, leaving you and Justin by the fire.
  22. So that's the end of part 13... who do you like?

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