Don't leave me hanging part 11

Welcome to the eleventh part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. You'll get to see the boys again! Well sort of :/ But they're definitely in the next one :)

Recap: Greg helps you to escape, but before you leave, Kiki asks you to kill her if you ever meet again. The escape goes without a problem until you get outside where a ring forms around you, reinforcements arriving...

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. "Beautiful night, isn't it, _______?" Logan's gloating voice floats above the snarls of the fighting werewolves. The ring around you parts, and Logan steps in. He walks up to you and strokes your cheek, "What happened? Did you want a warmer welcome? Because I can give you a VERY warm welcome and even give you a tour to my room." You glare at him, unable to retort back because of the hand covering your mouth.
  2. "Hand off her mouth," Logan orders to the person behind you. Whoever it is obeys, but before you have the chance to say anything, Logan's mouth is on yours. He kisses you roughly and forces his tongue into your mouth. You struggle, but he and the person still holding you are too strong. When he has his fill of kissing you, he moves to your neck, his heavy breath on you.
  3. You spit on him and draws back, glaring at you, and wiping the spit off his face. "You little b****!" he curses and slaps you, hard, across your face. You utter an involuntary cry. "We'll finish later," he swears, "I wouldn't want you to miss your friend here dying." He turns and walks away to watch the fight closer.
  4. Anger boils inside you, evaporating the last of the despair you felt when you saw the reinforcements. You could care less about how hopeless everything was. If you were going to die, you wanted at least the satisfaction of bringing Logan down.
  5. To your surprise, when you renew your efforts you free yourself, you manage to twist your arms free. Without missing a beat, you spin around with one steel bar raised and hit the surpised guy who was holding you back so hard that he falls to the ground, unconcious.
  6. Everything seems sharper, clearer, and more vibrant as you shift your focus to Logan. Suddenly confident of your aim, you throw one of the steel bars at him, like a spear. It flies straight for the back of his head, but his right arm snaps up and catches it at the last minute. He turns around slowly.
  7. "Thought to give me a weapon? How kind of you, _______," Logan grins. He twirls the bar in his hand like a baton as he approaches you leisurely. You lunge at him, and, in the split second before you hit him, you notice white flames licking up the side of metal. Your flaming bar makes contact with Logan's left bicep, leaving a fiery trail down his arm.
  8. "Well isn't someone a little witch," he comments. With a look, Logan manages to extinguish the flames. "Looks like you're going to be more useful to me than I thought," he continues calmly, but in his eyes, there is no more gloating confidence. Instead, his eyes show nothing but determinedness and ruthlessness.
  9. Before he can move, there's a disturbance in the outer ring. It must be those reinforcements you saw, except they were doing everything but helping Logan's forces. They were more like DE-inforcing the group around you. Even though you've never met any fallen angel mixes who were guys or any black wolves, you know them immeadiately.
  10. "Kris! Jack! Cory!" you shout out, so relieved that all you want to do is give them a hug, but this is hardly the time. The black wolf and the two winged guys look up, their features softening into relief. "_______, run!" Jack orders, "Kris will catch up to you." As if on cue, Kris jumps straight up into the air, spreading dark wings at the peak of his jump.
  11. By now, most of the group that was surrounding you is fighting off Jack and Cory, so no one notices when you run away. To your right, you see someone lying on the ground and you remember Greg; it must be him. You change direction towards him. He's back to being human, but he looks even more beaten up, if that's even possible. His body is covered in scratches, one of his ears is mangled, and blood is all over is face.
  12. You wipe some of the blood off his face. "Greg? Jack and Kris and Cory are here. We can escape now. It's over." "Yes, it's over," he agrees so faintly that you stop to listen,"_______, good luck." His green eyes close. "Thank you, for everything," you whisper, but you're too late.
  13. There's no time to think about it, Kris swoops down and picks you up. He holds you with one arm behind your back, one under your knees. You look into his face, see the sadness in his eyes, and know that he knows. Neither of you say anything about it. Kris just murmurs, "Hold on, _______." You loop your arms around his neck, burying your face into his shoulder, bidding yourself to forget about it all as Kris flies further away, into the calm of the velvet night sky you were admiring only minutes before. It all seems an eternity ago...
  14. That's it for this part. Sorry it's shorter than usual. So who do you like?

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