Don't leave me hanging part 17

Welcome to the seventeenth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. I'm not sure why, but parts 15 and 16 didn't show up on the new quizzes list, so please take those if you haven't already.

Recap: You and the guys tried to fight against the storm, but everything seemed to go wrong, leading to all of you falling out of the sky. Thankfully, Kris got a message to Stella who brought Justin to help bring everyone back to Kris's house to be healed. You began feeling dizzy and passed out.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. You open your eyes. You're lying on a large bed in a room lit only dimly by the glow of light coming through the curtains that covers the tall window on either side of the bed. You sit up too quickly, feeling dizzy almost immeadiately. Your first reaction is to put your hand to your head, but your arm feels strangely heavy and numb.
  2. The dizziness dies down, and you look down at your arm. It's bandaged all the way up to your elbow. You also notice that someone has changed you into a simple, white sundress. You get out of the bed, your bare feet touching the dark wooden floor of the room, and go to open the curtains to get a better look at the room.
  3. Pushing the curtain to the side releases the strong sunlight from outside which is so bright that it takes your eyes a bit to adjust. It has to be at least midday with this kind of sunlight. You see that you're actually in your room at Kris's house. You can't hear anything, but it might be because your room is so isolated, probably the only room on the third floor. You're curious what's been going on, not to mention a little hungry, so you walk out of the room, going down the spiral stairs into the hallway of the second floor.
  4. It seems pretty quiet here too as you walk down the hallway. As you get to the giant grand staircase that leads down to the first floor, you see something further down the hallway. It's too far for you to tell what it is, so you edge a little bit closer. It's a very large, black wolf.
  5. You're not sure if it's Cory, so you edge a little bit closer still... bad idea. The wolf locks its dark purple eyes with you and growls, definitely a werewolf and definitely not Cory. You freeze. Your mind is whirling through so many thoughts that it's impossible for you to focus on one to change into your magical form.
  6. The wolf morphs into a guy. He looms over you since he's at least 6 feet tall with a crew cut for his black hair and stubble around his chin. He looks like he could be easily be in his mid-20's. The guy looks so hardcore military-like (that rugged, muscled look) that even if you didn't know he was a werewolf, you would still have been intimidated or possibly even borderline terrified of him glaring at you like this. "Who are you?" he demands.
  7. The door he's standing in front of opens and hits him, distracting him and saving you from his attention. You start to back away and turn to run, but you can't...
  8. Because the person who opened the door was Justin. "Sorry, Max. Sorry, my fault," he apologizes as he steps into the hall carrying a tray with various glass bottles, which he drops when he sees you, "_______!" Your reflexes kick in, and you bend down to shield yourself from the flying glass objects. Your effort turns out to be unnecessary because that werewolf guy named Max catches them all and places them on the tray balanced on his left arm with supernatural speed. "You know her?" he asks Justin.
  9. "Yeah, she's my closest friend... she lives here now because she's the Milia," Justin explains then adds to you in a concerned voice, "_______, you shouldn't be walking around yet until we're sure you're completely healed." Max looks at you, "The Milia? Really..." he hands Justin the tray back and morphs back into a wolf.
  10. "What's the milia? Who is this werewolf? How long have I been out? What happened? Is everyone else okay?" you blurt out, confused and wanting the information now. "Milia, it's just the special name for type of semi-immortal being you are. Max is one of the 3 remaining werewolves of the local pack; they came to help," Justin explains, "It's Monday, you've only been out for the night and the most of this morning. You're the second one to wake up, Cory was the first, but he's at his house right now. _______, let me bring you back to your bed."
  11. "No," you protest, "I want to see Kris and Jack first." He looks hesitant, "______... you're not fully healed yet." You cross your arms as best as you can and just look at him. Justin sighs, "I can never say no to you; I guess that's a skill I need to work on. This is Kris's room; he's in here."
  12. The room is just how you remember it, with its midnight blue walls, dark wood furniture, and velvet curtained wall, which you knew was hiding a wall of windows. The only difference are that there is a chair by the side of the bed, which Kris is lying in. Sitting in the chair is a girl, well a young woman because she looks around her early twenties, with very long, red hair. She gets up when you enter the room, her eyes flickering to purple.
  13. "Eva, this is _______, the Milia. She lives here. _______, this is Eva. She's another werewolf from the pack. Their leader downstairs with Jack." Justin introduces you two. "Nice to meet you," you mumble, but you're not actually paying much attention because you're approaching Kris. You have the urge to touch him, to make sure that he actually is here and you're not imagining things, so you reach out and stroke his cheek lightly.
  14. His eyes open slowly and focus on you. "_______?" he whispers faintly, looking confused. He pushes himself up into a semi-sitting position and reaches a hand out to you, touching your own cheek and trailing his hand down your arm to end by holding your hand, "You're okay." "Yeah, I'm good. I'm not the one with the broken ribs, though; I was worried about you," you reply. Justin coughs as if to clear his throat, and you're suddenly aware of Justin and Eva staring at you awkwardly.
  15. "Guess you want me to take you to Jack now?" Justin says. You nod, and he leads you out of the room, going past Max, and down the stairs to the first floor. At the large living room where you met Jack for the first time, Justin turns and leads you through a doorway into a hallway that you've never been into before, though it's the same one you saw Stella come from the first time you saw her in her magical form.
  16. Justin brings you all the way to the end of the hallway which stops at a dead end, then he begins to run his hand over the wall. "Ummm, Justin, are you sure we didn't pass the laboratory on the way here?" you ask. "Yeah, it's right here... it's got to be... I know it is," he replies, with an ear to the wall, and begins knocking on it.
  17. The wall disappears, and Justin falls face-forward through it. Stella is on the other side of the wall and catches the metal tray he was still holding. "Come on in, _______. Welcome to lab."
  18. The lab is a large white room with several metal doors leading to other places, one of which is open, showing a library. The main lab room itself reminds you of a mad scientist's lair with jars of different colored liquids on the shelves and a ton of metal tables with complex glassware setups. Behind you, the wall you came through seems semi-transparent, but when you try to wave your hand through it, it acts and feels like a solid wall.
  19. Stella helps Justin up who looks confused. "How did that happen?" he asks. Stella holds up a silver chain around her neck with a small, blue pendant hanging from it, "You need one of these to get through or the wall doesn't know you're part of our team. I guess you're here to see Jack?" Her voice seems like it's missing its usual happy sparkle. It seems flat, and you've never seen Stella so drained of energy.
  20. She walks to one of the metal doors and presses the pendant onto its surface. Something clicks and the door swings open. Inside reminds you of a hospital room with its bland white/cream walls, metal tray carrying what looks like important medical tools, and simple metal cot. Jack is lying on the cot, unconscious. "He's doing better... but he hasn't woken up yet," Stella explains, biting on her lower lip and looking like she's about to cry.
  21. "It'll all work out," you say reassuringly, hugging her and hoping that your words will be true. Justin joins in on the hug, and you all stand there, silently comforting each other until Stella ducks out of the hug, wiping at the tears in her eyes. "Sorry for breaking down, lack of sleep," she says in a sniffly voice. "Hey, no need to apologize to us, Stella, we're your friends," you say. "And about that sleep," Justin says, "Go sleep now. You've been running around worrying about everyone else all night."
  22. "But... what if someone needs me over here quickly? I can't teleport when I'm sleepy..." Stella objects, but you offer your room for her to sleep in. "See, Stella? No more excuses. I will personally drag you to _______'s room so that you can go to sleep." "And I'll help," you chime in. "Both of you... first comfort me then threaten to drag me to bed," she laughs. "It's what best friends are meant for," you reply back with an innocent look.
  23. "Okay, okay," Stella gives in, reopening the door. You're the last one to leave the room, taking one last look at Jack. The door closes by itself behind you with a click. You start to walk back towards the wall-door that you entered from, but you notice Stella's mom is standing in front of the doorway to the library, just looking at you. She addresses you when you make eye contact with her, "_______, I'd like to have a talk with you." You hesitate, looking at Stella and Justin who have stopped and are looking back at you. "Alone," she adds and gestures inside to the library.
  24. Who do you like? (Max isn't a result because he's actually paired up with Eva. I couldn't find a good place to put that in :P)

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