Don't leave me hanging part 4

This is the fourth part of my first attempt at a story quiz. You might want to read the others if you haven't already. You get to meet yet another guy in this part *cheer* XD Plus, you learn a little more about what's happening.

The characters: Justin- a friend, brown eyes and hair; Cory- greenish-blue eyes, black hair, a flirt; Kris- mysterious, gray eyes, jet black hair; Jack- dirty blond hair, vivid blue eyes, laidback; Blake- platinum blond, blue/gray eyes

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. A cold breeze brushes your face, waking you up. It must have came from your open window. Weird, you don't remember opening the window yesterday. You get up, close it, and look at the clock on your nightstand. It's 5 AM, you were sleeping for over 12 hours.
  2. Also on your nightstand is a piece of paper that you're definitely sure was not there before. You pick it up, it's an absent note dated yesterday, and written in Stella's mom's handwriting. it explains that you got a stomach virus yesterday and were unable to tell your parents so you stayed at her house during the school day.
  3. You shrug and get ready to go to school because there is no use in going to sleep since you've already gotten so much these past 2 days. You go downstairs for breakfast. At the bottom of the stairs, you stop. You can smell food cooking and hear someone moving around in the kitchen even though you heard your parents leave for work already. You turn the corner to see...
  4. Jack. He's sitting at your kitchen table with food and already looking at you. "Morning sunshine, aren't you a little early?" he says before you can do anything. "What... How did you get into my house?" You remember your open window and the note on your nightstand. "Don't worry about it, _______. Have some pancakes," he points to a pan on the stove. "Kris made it, so it's edible," he laughs.
  5. "Where is he?" you ask, looking around hopefully. "He left about... 10 minutes ago? ... Important stuff to do," he rolls his eyes. Whatever Kris is up to seems to be a sore spot with Jack. You grab a plate, pile on some pancakes, put a pat of butter on the stack, pour syrup on them, and slide into a chair across from Jack to eat.
  6. Jack cleans up his plate and takes out a crossword puzzle without a word to you. "These pancakes are really good," you say trying to fill in the silence. Jack replies, "Mhmm" without looking up. You stare, annoyed, at him. "Why did you even come here?" He finally looks up. "Protect you." "... So now I have a bodyguard from something I know nothing about?" He grins, "Yeah, basically."
  7. "Oh, and I'm driving you to school," he says and leads you outside to his midnight blue BMW X6. "Why won't anyone tell me what's going on," you complain in the car. Jack looks at you, "If we told you, you wouldn't believe us. Besides, Kris has got himself believing that if you don't know it won't happen." You pout, "I still want to know."
  8. Jack smiles at you, "Well, the basic idea is-" "Oh my gosh! Watch out!!!" you interrupt him as you see a deer walk out in the middle of the road in front of you. But Jack aleady steers around it, without even looking. You stare at him, puzzled, "How did you do that?" He looks at you confused for a second,"What? Oh... oops... I was getting to explaining that anyway."
  9. "So what I was saying... well... everyone who is in our team, Kris told you about the team, right?" You nod. "Well, everyone in the team isn't exactly human. Don't take me wrong, we all are part human, but we have some... mythological blood in us." You stare at him. "That's all I should really say right now, since you should get into school, I'll see you later," he says as you climb out of his car.
  10. You pass the rest of the school day in a daze, hardly noticing that Stella isn't even here for you to talk to. Justin is though, and you can see he is confused and worried about your unresponsiveness. The rest of your school day passes in a blur and, before you know it, you're walking home once again, this time because you missed your bus.
  11. You take a shortcut through a park near your house, and, sitting on a bench, is a platinum blonde guy. The weird thing is, he is looking straight at you with his blue/gray eyes. He waves you over.
  12. He looks friendly, and, anyway, weirder things have happened to you lately, so you sit next to him. "Hey," he says, "I'm Blake, I love the park and the weather today, but it seemed a little too quiet." You smile at him, "I'm ______, nice to meet you." "The pleasure is all mine," he replies. "No I'm serious, it's nice to have company," he grins when you laugh in disbelief.
  13. "Do you come here often?" you ask. "Only sometimes, when I have a free moment. It's great place to go to just escape from reality for a bit," he smiles, "I love it in autumn with all the colored leaves." This starts you on a conversation about favorite seasons, and, before long, you realize you've been at the park for over an hour.
  14. "_______! What are you doing?" Jack's voice comes from the distance and cuts through your conversation with Blake. You're annoyed that Jack is acting like your parent when you barely even know him. "Well I guess I should go, sounds like someone is looking for you," Blake stands up. "You can stay and meet him," you say hopefully, hoping that if Blake is there, Jack won't go off about security like you're sure he probably will.
  15. "No, I shouldn't stay, I have to go," he says. "Pretty please," you ask again, this time putting on your best puppy-dog-eyed look. Blake laughs, "Sorry I can't." He stands a couple feet away from you, paused as if thinking about something. Then he goes back to you and kisses you on the forehead, whispering, "Bye _______." You watch as he walks away and disappears among the trees when Jack comes up.
  16. "______!" Jack shouts, "Where have you been?" For the first time, Jack actually looks worried. "Well I didn't know I had to tell you every little thing I do!" you retort, "All I was doing was sitting here, talking to a guy. And it's not like this park is far from my house anyway." At the mention of the guy, Jack's eyes narrow. "Who was he? What did he look like?"
  17. "It's none of your business," you say, but Jack insists, and you end up giving him a description of Blake. Jack seems to get less angry and more concerned by the minute. "You sat on a bench and talked to Blake for an hour," he repeats in a hollow voice. Suddenly he shouts, "Kris! Get over here, I found her." Almost instantly you hear running, then suddenly Kris is sitting next to you.
  18. He doesn't even seem out of breath, but he sighs in relief, "_______! You're okay, what were you up to?" Before you can say a word, Jack interrupts, "She met Blake." Kris's eyes widen in shock, and he looks at you. "What did he do to you, are you okay?"
  19. "Okay, why are you guys freaking out about Blake? All we did was talk," you say. Kris replies almost pleadingly, "_______, I don't want to worry you-" Jack interrupts him, "By now, she needs to know, you aren't protecting her by not telling her, Kris. _______, Blake is...
  20. Who are you interested in now?

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