Don't leave me hanging part 23

Welcome to the twenty-third part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Detailed descriptions of the guys are in part 19 at the end and in the comments. Guidelines/instructions to the character creation event are in part 21. If you've already created a character, don't worry, I'll get to including them in the upcoming parts :)

Recap: You, Stella, and Justin went shopping for costumes for the masquerade ball. Kris saw you on top of Justin when you returned and assumed the wrong thing, rushing off abruptly. When you go to check on him, he admits that... he might be falling in love with you. You get ready for bed, say good night to Jack, and fall asleep.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. You wake up, fully rested, and turn to look at the clock. It's past noon. All that midnight training really messed up your schedule. You get ready for the day and head downstairs to the first floor. You can hear the sound of the TV all the way from the bottom of the staircase. When you get to the living room, you see why it's so loud; three of the boys are playing Call of Duty. The game they're playing ends, and Cory jumps up off the sofa. "Whoo! Take that you two," he cheers, "How's that for a newbie?"
  2. He turns and sees you in the doorway. "Afternoon, Sunshine," he greets you. "Hey Cory," you reply, a little confused, "Aren't you supposed to be in school?" "Oh, can't you tell? I'm very ill today," he coughs unconvincingly. "Hey, _______," Jack turns to smile at you, "Sleep well?" "Morning, Jack," you greet him, "Yeah, I did. Hope no bedbugs bothered you last night?" Jack laughs, "No, they didn't. I had a good sleep."
  3. The third guy turns around. It's Owen. "Hey," he says simply. "Hi, Owen, nice seeing you again," you reply back. He just nods. "Where's everyone else?" you ask. "Stella and Justin went to school because they're so law-abiding like that," Cory tells you and grins. "Marisa, Eva, and Max haven't been seen since yesterday's meeting, but their stuff is still here. They'll come back some time. Lun-my mom is wherever like always. Kris is still sleeping I believe; I haven't seen him since I've been up. We're waiting for him to start the planning for the mission," Jack lists off. "And Emilia is probably at Blake's house," Owen says, not seeming too happy about it.
  4. "Oh okay," you respond, "I'll go get some breakfast-lunch. I'm starving." "Brunch!" Cory calls out, "Hmm... I could use some too." Owen looks at him disbelievingly, "You just ate breakfast." "And? I'm hungry. Even though beating you two at Call of Duty is easy, it still requires energy," Cory laughs. The other guys just roll their eyes as you and Cory head into the kitchen. "So, what you hungry for, _______?" Cory asks, "I'll make it, but I do have a set list of things I can make."
  5. You and Cory take your brunches into the living room, eating on fold-out tables and talking to Owen and Jack, who turned off the game. The conversation starts swaying to the upcoming mission, and Jack gets up. "Since we're talking about it already, I'm going to go get Kris down here," he says. He leaves, and after a bit, Cory stands up too. "Would you like me to take your dishes to the kitchen for you?" he asks you. He sounds more formal than usual, so you answer, "Yes, please. Thank you, kind sir." Cory laughs and winks, "Anything for you, milady."
  6. "So Owen, what's it like being undercover?" you inquire. "It's... stressful. Complicated," Owen says, "But sometimes it's pretty cool. Blake does throw some good parties, and he pays for nice housing for most of the people in his team." "What's your position?" you ask, adding with some thought, "Oh, are you allowed to tell me that?" "Yeah, it's no big secret. I'm a guard at the front door of Blake's Headquarters. There's only one other centaur in Blake's team, a guy named Oliver, and Blake thought it would make him look more official or something if we stood as guards on either side of his front door. I have to admit that it's a dead boring job, but it does give me the opportunity to see who goes in and out of the building," Owen explains.
  7. As Owen talks, you realize that this is the most you've really heard him speak. His voice is kind of deep and mellow, and it's calming. You wonder whether his power of communicating with animals had anything to do with his voice because you could just imagine if you were a wild animal, like a squirrel or something, you would follow his voice just because it's so comfortable. "Well at least you're not the only one undercover," you comment, "Emilia and you seem to be close." "Emilia? We don't see each other much in case it might give us away," a hint of sadness enters his voice, "And I don't think we are... anymore at least... if ever..." You're super curious about what the deal is between Emilia and him, but the tone of his voice makes you hesitant to pry. Instead, you change the topic, "So what did you hear about this masquerade ball?"
  8. "It's not going to be exclusive, but most of the people there will be the higher-ups. It's risky business infiltrating this party, but there will be a lot of people to get lost between. Blake's keeping the necklace in the foyer and holding the party in the ballroom down the hallway, so the best time to take the necklace would be sometime later on in the party when people start getting tipsy. Oliver and I are being moved to this other house so we can monitor the people entering. Because of that, I might be able to sneak some of you in, but we have to be careful because Logan and his wolves are running security, and they're quite the obstacle," Owen tells you.
  9. "We got experience with that," Cory comments as he comes back into the room, "Jack's not back yet? I even washed the lunch dishes." You gasp, "Cory, you washed the dishes? I didn't know you could clean." Cory laughs and winks, "Let's say I'm a man of many talents." Jack shows up at the doorway and sinks down into the sofa. "Well," he starts, "Kris isn't coming."
  10. After a pause of quiet, he explains, "Kris isn't in his room, his balcony door was open, and I found this," Jack shows the group a chain necklace, the kind the guys in the team wear, "He obviously doesn't want to be interrupted. So, Owen, when can you come here next?" As Jack and Owen talk, you think of Kris. Why is he gone? It wasn't because of you was it? Was it last night? Would you see him again?
  11. Owen leaves, promising to be back tomorrow, and Cory goes off to answer a call on his cell phone. Jack is about to leave too before he looks at you in concern, "Hey, _______. Are you all right?" You shake your head, finding you can only say one thing, "Kris." "Kris will be fine, _______." Jack says. You shake your head again and whisper, "It's my fault. He won't come back." "Hey, don't say that. He'll come back," Jack reassures you, hugging you, "He probably just needs some time to sort things out by himself, then he'll come back."
  12. "Okay," you say quietly, still not quite convinced. "_______, look at me," Jack tells you. You look up at him, as he says, "Don't stress yourself out. It isn't your fault, and he will come back." His voice is gentle, but he sounds confident, sure of himself, like always: not arrogant, but not meek. Thinking about all you know about him, you feel closer to him and glad that he's always been there for you. You look into his caring, blue eyes decide to take a chance... and kiss him.
  13. Well I think I'll leave it off there. Sorry this one is short, but the next one will be out soon. It's because I didn't want to make the next one super long... Anyway, who do you like?

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