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Welcome to the thirty-ninth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. Oh my gosh, I've *finally* reached xxdarkxx's number of quizzes! Squee! In case you're wondering the picture to the left is of a glowing angel, crouching on the ground, head down, with long hair. I promise it'll make more sense when you read, haha.

Recap: The team re-gathered to discuss the night. While you were away, Blake’s people had attacked the house, but Lacey’s team fought them off, holding one captive for questioning. You and Cory both fell asleep during the meeting, and when you woke up later that afternoon, you noticed strangers frantically rushing around who you learned were several members of the other teams. Luna requested that you have Jack set up a meeting, and Kalia pointed out that you’re missing your necklace from Blake.

Created by: xxblutixx
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  1. You look down, a pit of uneasiness yawning within you. She's right; you don't have it. Though you're still unsure about Blake, missing necklace bothers you. You've gotten so used to its weight around your neck that it feels like a chunk of you was pulled out without your permission, and you're worried both about the feeling as well as what it could possibly mean.
  2. "I... don't know," you reply back after a pause, tracing back your steps in your mind and trying to figure out when you might have lost the necklace. You know you definitely had it when you left Blake. "It must have fallen off during all the fighting," you conclude, since it seems the most likely possibility, even though you hate to admit it. Whose hands could it have fallen into? Could it be traced back to either you or Blake?
  3. In a brief glance up, you think you see Cory looking at you uncharacteristically shrewdly, but the look is gone in a second, and you have to wonder if you were merely thinking it. "Too bad. It was really pretty necklace; I was going to compliment you last night, but I didn't have the time," Kalia says. "Yeah..." you reply reluctantly, effectively killing the conversation.
  4. "So, I guess we might as well set up that meeting since it's going to take awhile to track those two down? Especially Kris, he's a wily one," Cory changes the topic as he gets up, piling dish after empty dish of his "breakfast" onto his arms like a waiter. "Um, Cory, are you sure that's safe?" you ask him apprehensively. "What, this? 'Course I can handle it," he says, spinning a plate on the tip of his finger like a basketball before neatly landing it on the pile cradled in his left arm, "See? No worries."
  5. Cory pushes open the swinging door to the kitchen with his shoulder, and you can hear the clatter as he dumps the dishes into the sink. Suddenly, you realize that you're holding a plate in your hands. Cory must've not seen it. "I'm going to go bring this into the kitchen," you tell Kalia, getting up. She nods and gets up too, "I'll just go ahead and find Kris." "Okay," you agree, "When Cory and I find Jack, we'll meet you in the backyard." She nods, and you enter the kitchen.
  6. Cory is at the sink, but, instead of washing dishes, he's facing you. "_______, what's really the matter," he asks. You edge past him to put your dish in the sink and open your mouth to tell him that nothing's wrong, but you can't make yourself do it. "You can just tell me, you know. I'm not going to report you to Jack or anything," he says, probably misinterpreting your hesitation.
  7. "I just don't feel right without it," you tell him, surprised that you're admitting this to him. "Do you remember when you last had it?" he asks, and you shake your head, "No, just sometime at the party..." you trail off, not wanting to think about about Blake again.
  8. Cory looks thoughtful and changes the topic, "Hey, _______, do you think you can find Jack and tell him about the meeting by yourself? I should probably go see what's up with my... family before we have to go do something again." "Sure, Cory," you agree. "Thanks, _______," Cory smiles, "Oh, and I might be a little late to the meeting."
  9. Cory leaves, and you decide to go check if Jack is in his room first. You're in the foyer when you realize that Anima isn't with you anymore. Strange, but the thought quickly gets pushed to the back when you hear someone shout, "Whoa, watch out!"
  10. You quickly move to the side just in time as a shoebox, spewing small metal objects comes tumbling down the stairs, accompanied by a sliding Justin. They both skid across the entryway, finally coming to a stop just in front of the door. You go over and reach out a hand to help Justin up, asking, "Justin, are you okay? That looked kinda painful."
  11. He lifts the corner of his shirt up to examine his side, and you catch a glimpse of reddened skin. "Nope, I'm good, just carpet burn. Thanks, _______. You didn't get hit by anything did you?" he asks in concern. You shake your head, "No, what were you carrying anyway?" "I don't quite know. Luna just told me to get the box from the room where Lacey's staying and bring it to Jack in the lab," Justin says, bending down to pick up one of the objects. You look over his shoulder and have to stare in surprise, "That's Stella's."
  12. It's the blue gem necklace you had seen Stella with when she opened the lab door for you. You crouch down to pick up some of the other items and find that they're all necklaces, swirling with energy. "How did these get here? You saw them get taken away at the party, didn't you Justin?" you turn to him. He looks stunned, "Oh, these are the team's actual necklaces? I wonder how Lacey managed to get to them and when..."
  13. "That's a good question. I should visit her after all this meeting stuff is over. She's gone through a lot," you say, mentally scheduling out your night. First you'd finish with the meeting which probably will end for a late dinner, then you'd visit Lacey, then maybe spend some time with either Jack or Kris because both of them seem down. You help Justin pick up the necklaces, keeping a special lookout for your own, but none of them you see are.
  14. "Oh, did you say you're going to deliver these to Jack in the lab?" you ask Justin, putting the last necklace back into the box. "That's what Luna told me," Justin replies. "I'm supposed to find Jack too to tell him about a meeting, so I'll just tag along with you. After all, you'll need me to protect you from the very scary, perilous trek through the living room," you say as seriously as you can. He laughs, picking up the box, "Actually, I am glad to have your company." "Good, well so am I," you smile at him.
  15. "So are you staying around for the meeting, Justin?" you ask as you head on your way with him. "I guess I might as well. After all, I don't know when I'll be able to come back after this," he answers. "What do you mean?" you asked, surprised at learning this information. "Well, I haven't exactly told my parents where I've been this whole time yet, and tomorrow is a Monday..." Justin explains. "Aw, but I'll miss you," you frown, "I probably can't even leave this house without a guard." "They are kind of tough on you, but at least they do a good job at keeping you safe. I can't say I'd be worth much against those guys who are after you," he admits.
  16. "What are you talking about? You were pretty kick-ass last night, taking on all those people," you laugh. He laughs with you, "I don't know if you could call it that..." "What would you call it then?" you inquire curiously. He shifts the box to his other arm, seeming to mull over it for that moment, "I'd call it panicking and using the first thing at hand." You bump his arm, "Hey, give yourself more credit than that. You saved us all. I'll be forever grateful." The hint of a blush is evident in his cheeks as he replies, "No need to be. Like I said, just did whatever first came to my mind. I wish I didn't have to abuse those poor books on those people though..."
  17. You and Justin laugh and chatter a little more until you reach the wall behind which the entry to the lab is hidden. Without having to do anything, the wall dissolves in front of you, reforming as you and Justin step through. The lab looks the same as it did last time you came here with its blank white walls and cold metal tables. Sitting at one of the tables in an equally lifeless gray metal chair is Kris. He fits in with the monochrome setting around him perfectly with his jet black hair and light gray eyes, and his outfit: gray skinny jeans, black v-neck, and black converse, adds to the effect even more.
  18. Kris's head is tilted slightly downwards as he stares intently at what seems to be a self-building castle of playing cards. The intricately red stamped backs and boldly printed faces seem to be the only color in the scene. A similar miniature watcher is taking guard at the base of the castle, looking quizzically upwards as the cards pile themselves up in walls and ramparts. It fluffs up its gray feathers and gives a chirp as you enter the room, and you realize that it's Anima.
  19. She abandons the table, flying over to your shoulder, just as the card castle collapses and Kris looks up. "Oh... hello," he greets you. "Hi, Kris," you say, and then turn to address Anima, "And Anima... how'd you get here?" Anima just chirps and nuzzles you, so you let it drop. After all, what are you expecting? That she'll talk?
  20. "Have you seen Jack?" Justin asks Kris, "I'm supposed to bring this box to him." "Jack's in the gym at the moment, but he's busy. You can just leave them over there," Kris answers, indicating to a free table. Justin walks across the room to put the box on the table, and you remember the message you're supposed to tell Kris.
  21. "Oh, Kris, did Kalia tell you Luna's message yet?" you ask. "Yes, she stopped by a couple minutes ago," he confirms. "Okay, well I was supposed to tell Jack. Could you tell him for me, please, whenever he's not busy?" you request. He nods, "Yes, I'll tell Jack as soon as I can." "Tell me what?" Jack asks as he enters the lab from the hallway.
  22. "Oh, Luna wanted you and Kris to set up a meeting in the backyard, and Justin brought a package from Lacey's room for you," you inform him. "Oh, okay," he agrees rather distractedly, running a hand through his dirty blond hair, "Let me see that package."
  23. Justin brings the box over again and opens it for Jack. Jack's eyebrows raise in surprise, "Wow. Lacey really outdid herself last night. I thought we'd never get these back." You feel the little prick of Anima's clawed feet as she propels herself off your shoulder and lands smack in the middle of the box, among all the necklaces. "Anima, those aren't for you," you scold her, trying to scoop her out of the box, but she keeps avoiding your hand, burrowing further into the array of jewelry.
  24. When she emerges, she flies over to you with a necklace in her beak and deposits it in your palm. You dangle it by the string and stare in surprise. It's the necklace that Luna had given you last night. "You've got a very intelligent familiar," Kris comments, "She also knows a lot about the structure of castles." "Wait, you mean she was helping you build that castle?" you ask, staring at Anima in surprise. Anima just stares back with a kind of vacant innocent sweetness that makes it hard for you to believe that she's able to do so much.
  25. Kris just nods, and Jack's looking through the box, probably for his own chain necklace. Anima nudges at the hand holding the necklace. You suppose she wants you to put it on, so you unclasp it and loop it around your neck, looking downwards to match up the closures. Your hand slips and the necklace tumbles down to the ground before you can even attempt to stop it.
  26. Luckily, Justin manages to catch it before it makes impact. "Here, I'll help you before you break something, _______," he offers. You stand still and allow him to swing your hair out of the way in order to loops the necklace around you. His hands brushing the skin of your neck sends a tingly feeling straight down your back, and you shiver in response, even though it's not even cold. "Thanks Justin," you tell him, turning around, and for the most fleeting of seconds, you think you see the lines of Kris and Jack's mouths tighten.
  27. All of a sudden, Stella comes rushing into the lab in a frenzy. Upon sighting Justin, she quickly informs him, "Luna needs to see you, come on, Jus! Oh, hi _______!" She grabs his hand and yanks him out of the door, barely giving him enough time to wave good-bye at you before he's passed through the fake wall of a door.
  28. The two boys you're left with are completely silent, each seems to be brooding on something that's bothering them. "Soo... should we go now?" you suggest, unsure whether they're willing to let you in to their private troubles, especially with the other guy so near.
  29. Jack snaps out of his reflective mood and agrees, "Yes, of course. Let me just find my chain necklace, so I can tell the others. Kris, would you mind telling Marisa's pack and our team?" Kris nods and closes his eyes. You watch as his shadow slides from him, expanding behind him and splitting to form the shape of wings. Once in position, they suddenly set and flare out, moving from shadow to feathers in only a couple of seconds.
  30. The chain around Kris's neck glows silvery-white, and Kris seems to be slightly mouthing words under his breath. Next to him, Jack stands with his eyes closed and in his immortal form too, having found his chain, and you find yourself looking up at the ceiling randomly to avoid awkwardly staring at the boys. On your shoulder, Anima seems to be either excited or agitated about something as she's cheeping constantly and hopping around, fluttering her wings, the feathers tickling your cheek.
  31. Suddenly, something else begins to glow from below you, and you feel its radiant energy. Driven out of curiousity, you sneak a peek downwards, slightly getting distracted by the shimmering of Jack's golden wing before you see the amethysts in the Spirit Necklace glowing. You go to grab it, but as soon you touch it... particles of light shoot out from it and fall like dust upon the floor.
  32. No sooner than they touch the ground, they're up again, seeming to rise in levels as if being pulled up by strings. They start to align themselves, building from bottom up, line by line, some shape on the ground like they're creating a 3-D digital scan. You're rooted to the spot as you watch, trying to make sense of the mass of light particles. The illuminated golden form of an angel crouching on the ground soon becomes clear to you as its outspread wings are being shaped.
  33. The last speck of golden dust completes the figure, and it stands up on its own. It sweeps its almost floor-long hair to the side with a flick of the head, flinging golden motes into the air that float to later rejoin the shape of the figure.
  34. The angel begins to move, seeming to float rather than walk with its impossibly smooth, quick steps as it approaches Jack. Stopping abruptly in front of him, it reaches out its arms towards his glowing chain necklace. A sudden, irrational terror of whatever is going to happen next strikes your heart, and you find you can move again as you run forward, too slowly it seems to you, shouting out a frantic warning, "Jack!"
  35. ~ Yes, I'm evil ;P Well, I was "smart" again, and... I forgot to link my website for at LEAST the third time! >.< well here's the address again: xxblutixx.weebly(.)com without the parentheses :) And you'll definitely want to check it out this time because I'm running a contest again! Details are on the front page of the site, just scroll down a little and look out for the post called "Pondering Ideas". It's not a very time-consuming event, so I hope you'll all at least check it out!
  36. Who... *insert pause for dramatic effect* do you like?

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