Don't leave me hanging part 31

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Welcome to the thirty-first part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to. Sorry I took a while on this part, I was having some writer's block. This quiz is focused on Blake, so you'll find the results a little different.

Recap: The party has started, and you first visit Justin. After a chat, you return to the dance floor where Cory dances a foxtrot with you and full-out kisses you. You leave to look at the necklace in the foyer, and find Kris. He invites you to waltz which turns out perfect except for the interruption of a fight between Emilia and Petra. To escape the violence, you go upstairs and head into a room to get some fresh air from the balcony, only to realize that Blake is on the same balcony.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. You freeze up, anxiety stealing your voice. You manage to squeak out, "I don't know you're talking about, my name is Maria." "You're going to claim you're an identical twin next, aren't you? There's no use pretending, _______. I think I've spent enough time with you and certainly thought of you enough to know who you are, even if you are covered in a mask, glitz, and glam. Not to mention, you're wearing my necklace," Blake says. Your stomach and heart drop simultaneously with dread. What do you do now? Is there anyone you could contact? Who would be first?"
  2. "Have you come with Jack to rub it in my face that he won again? As soon as he opens his mouth, no one can believe a word from me. Always," Blake takes a break to drink from his cup, and it suddenly occurs to you that he seems to be talking differently. Then it hits you; Blake's drunk. "I should know better than to expect otherwise," he continues, still without a single response from you, "But I hoped. Hope sucks. Do you know that? Never try to do something you know you can't achieve. Words of wisdom from me, the Immortal King of the world." He's speaking in a very sarcastic tone, and at the mention of his title, he laughs bitterly, "Immortal King, who do I think I am? Tell me, _______, who am I?"
  3. Even though he's enemy number 1 and all, there's something about him right now, something vulnerable about him that's preventing you from reporting him to the guys. Because he seems kind of unsteady, you help him back to his seat by the table. He touches your cheek with his fingers, "You. You're too sweet. Too good. No wonder Jack appeals to you." You're rendered speechless because you're pulled between interest in what he's saying, sympathy for his state, and fear that this is all an act, and you can't decide which of your reactions to respond with.
  4. "Here I am, drowning in self-pity, while I'm supposed to have a party downstairs. I'm drunk and alone while my date is off with who knows what guy because I disappeared. What am I doing with myself," he groans suddenly, falling forward to rest his head in his hands. "You're not the only one here," you venture hesitantly. "No, I'm not, but I'm still alone. You and I are separated in different worlds like we have been from the start, _______. Can you see a way that we aren't? Tell me."
  5. "We're both here," you answer him. "We're both here," he repeats thoughtfully, "I guess I should be glad, glad to have your company on this unusually lonely night, but all I can think about is how you'll soon leave in Jack's arms." "That's not true," you argue. "Not true? Perhaps, but maybe it will be Kris. I'm correct in assuming that Jack and Kris would not let you come here without their supervision, no?" he asks.
  6. "Blake, will you stop being so cynical and self-punishing?" you ask. He looks up at you, "Why should I when it's the harsh truth?" "But it isn't," you say quietly. He scoffs and you harden your voice, "I guess I see now that I can't do anything for you, so I might as well leave." You exit the balcony and go back into the room. It's darker in here than you remember, and you have to feel your way through the blackness to find a path to the door.
  7. You feel a hand on your waist, and you're spun around to face Blake. Before you can react, he presses his lips against yours. They fit together with yours like matching puzzle pieces, and only after a minute do you come back to your senses and remind yourself that you shouldn't be doing this. You turn your head, causing his lips to graze across your jawbone, which gives you a little shiver up your spine. Of pleasure or distaste? You're not sure.
  8. You try to break away from him, but his arm doesn't give. In fact, he hasn't moved at all since you turned away from him. "Let me go," you continue to struggle. Blake turns his head slowly to look at you. "The problem is, I can't, _______. I've tried, but it won't do me any good," he tells you. "What are you talking about? Why can't you just speak plainly?" you grumble as you continue to try to free yourself. "I can't let you go, ______," he repeats quietly, as if half talking to himself, "I should, but I can't. Even though I know there's no hope for a spot in your heart, I can't stop myself from trying."
  9. You stop to look at him in surprise. That wasn't exactly what you were expecting from the "evil" leader. "No matter what your opinion of me is, I just needed you to know that," he says, releasing his hold on you. He sits on the edge of the bed and gestures with his arm towards the door, not looking at you, "Go. Whatever mischief the guys brought you here for, I don't need to know. I'd rather not deal with anything right now."
  10. You take a few steps away to test what he'll do, but he doesn't move a muscle. Whether it be sympathy, the result of reverse psychology, or something else, again, you don't feel right leaving him like that, so you drop yourself on the mattress to sit next to him, bouncing on purpose to get his attention. Still, he doesn't move. The time stretches into minutes of silence. You would have left already with this cold shoulder he's giving you, but you feel like this is some silent, undeclared war of attrition. So you sit. As silent and motionless as he is.
  11. "I let you go," Blake breaks the silence. "You tried," you respond mildly and retreat back into the same silence. "What do you want?" he asks. "I think you can figure it out," you tell him, maintaining your cool. "Using my techniques against me, that's not nice, _______," he gently chides you. "You're stalling," you state, noticing how he's moved to face you even though you continue to stare straight ahead. "You seem to be the one stalling. Can you not just tell me?," he requests.
  12. Without a response from you, he sighs, "Can I say what I've been trying to in any other way? I know I'm not the kindest person or the most forgiving one to be around. I know I don't have a good record. I know that I've been unfair to you, but I also know that I forget about all that when you're here with me. I can't even describe it; it's pointless to try. I'm sorry for intruding into your life, yet I'm not sorry for trying to be a part of it."
  13. "Are you trying to say you like me?" you venture quietly. "Like?" Blake scoffs, "that makes it sound too variable." He looks like he's going to say more, but you notice that he prevents himself by turning his head to look the other way. "Well can I say what I've been trying to?" you ask. Without an objection from him you tell him, "I don't know if you're evil or not. I don't know if you're my enemy or not. I don't even know if I can trust you, but I do know that I don't hate you, and you keep acting like you think I do."
  14. "You're just saying that," he says, but it sounds more as if he's trying to convince himself rather than something he actually believes. "How can I hate you? What have you done to hurt me so far? Or is there something I don't know?" you ask. You hear him take a deep breath before he responds, "You make this too hard, _______! I am trying to let you go, but it's true, I can't. Saying that you don't hate me just makes it more difficult to close down my hopes, but I have to because we are in separate worlds, and it would do neither you nor me any good."
  15. You know the suggestion that you're considering right now could change everything, and your heart is beating quicker as you voice it, "We could try to bridge the gap between our worlds." Blake looks at you in surprise, "What are you suggesting?" You try to choose your words carefully, "If you and Jack met diplomatically under the supervision of several people from each side, maybe we could define the problem between the two sides and discover a way to resolve it?"
  16. "Or maybe you could move from Kris's house into mine?" Blake counter-suggests. "I couldn't," you protest. "Exactly," he says, brushing a stray piece of hair from your face, his hand lingering on your cheek, "It's just not possible. _______, I want you to do one thing for me." He traces the line of your neck with his fingertips and down the chain of the necklace he gave you, "Keep this with you." The pendant glows a startling white at his touch before dimming down to its usual glow.
  17. The moment has all the feel of a final good-bye, and you can't stand it. You can't stand this tension between you and him about which side of the fight you're on. If this is the last time you'll see him like this, why does it matter anymore? You don't know what exactly changed during the time you've spent up here, but you feel like you're getting a better sense of who Blake is. You can partially understand where he's coming from, and he no longer seems like an intimidating "bad" guy. He's just another boy who has to deal with whatever lemons that life throws at him. You abandon your reserved behavior and hug him as tightly as you can and say, "I make things difficult? You make things impossible."
  18. It seems like your action changes the mood. Blake wraps his arms around you too and jokes, "You say you don't hate me, but you're trying to choke me right now?" You lean back to look at him, putting on an unamused face, "You're making this feel like the last time I'll see you, yet you're making a joke out of it." "I just want to see you smile again, _______. I want us to part on good terms," he says, tracing the curve of your lips with his thumb.
  19. "Well as long as Petra doesn't come barging in trying to drown me, it'll be a better parting than last time," you say wryly. "She did what?" Blake exclaims, "That's unacceptable... No, it won't happen again." A moment of silence follows, and you're aware of how close you are to him. You're basically sitting on his lap, facing him, and hardly inches away from being pressed up against him. However, you're reluctant to move away from the warmth of his body.
  20. Blake looks down at you and kisses your lips again softly and briefly, and this time, you don't move away. As he starts to pull away, you stop him and kiss him back on his lips. Your heart is beating fast again with the adrenaline of making this move. Blake's light grayish blue eyes show slight surprise and uncertainty like he's struggling with a decision. A decision he seems to make when he comes closer and kisses you again. He draws you in closer to him, and your body is pressed up against his so closely, but you don't mind at all. You can feel his abs against you as well as every breath, and every heartbeat as if it were your own. You fall back on the bed, and Blake follows, his chest lightly pressed against yours. Both of you are still kissing, well making-out.
  21. Blake pulls away and falls on the bed to lie next to you. You breathe heavily from the unexpected intensity of that kiss while trying unsuccessfully to untangle your feelings toward Blake at the same time. You hear Blake let out a breath. "That shouldn't have happened... never mind what I'm going to do with myself, what am I going to do about you," he muses, "About us..."
  22. Dong. Dong. Dong. A clock begins to chime to the hour, and, based on the very vibration you feel in the air and in your core, you guess it's got to be a very large grandfather clock down the hallway. Curious how long you've been up here, you count the chimes. Twelve.
  23. It's midnight. Exactly the time that the the theft is supposed to happen. You start mini -panicking, and your heartrate escalates again. How had time passed this quickly? What are you supposed to do? You can't believe that it's time already, and you feel two sudden onsets of guilt. One for making out with Blake when you're supposed to be helping Jack, and one for making out with Blake when you're about to betray him.
  24. Never mind all this. You have to focus. You already signed yourself up to do this, and you can't back out now and let the others down or else they could be caught by Logan's people. Whether or not you're on good terms with Blake, you're not anywhere near Logan's good side. What to do now?
  25. You think of the plan. What was it? Kris and Lacey would steal the necklace first and hand it off through people so that it would eventually make its way to Kalia without them ever being considered connected and thus lower the amount of people getting in trouble if one person was caught. The only place good for multiple passes would be the ballroom which means you have to get over there before the whole process begins.
  26. You get up, trying not to show your sudden onset of nervousness to Blake. "Oh, it's getting late... I'm glad we straightened things out... somewhat, but I should be getting home," you excuse yourself. He sits up and pulls you back down next to him. "Hey, Princess Cinderella, you could stay here with me. There are plenty of rooms," Blake offers.
  27. "No, I can't. You know that. The guys..." you excuse yourself, getting up again. "You could give them up and stay with me," he suggests with a note of longing in his voice. You step back towards the door, "You know I won't." "It was worth a try," he says, "______, you know when you step out that door that you're against me?" "I know," you say solemnly, biting on your lower lip anxiety at both making this decision and at the time crunching down on you.
  28. "Best and worst good-bye ever, ________. Patching up the hole you just carved in my heart is going to take time. And please, what I do or what you think I do, don't hold it against me too harshly. Actions already in motion stay in motion unless acted upon by an equal or stronger force, and I don't have that force in me to oppose it. I'm in too deep already," Blake says, "Just know that I tried, princess." "Good-bye, Blake," you say, and, as you close the door, you whisper, "I'm sorry."
  29. And that's a wrap for part 31. Since this whole quiz was full of Blake, I did the results differently this time, so all that it'll be is a percentage of how much you trust Blake. *note: this quiz was not made for accuracy and therefore may contain errors in the result. This is only for this quiz though, the multi-results will be back next time!
  30. Oh! One more thing, since I feel bad about depriving you of the guys while taking a longer time on this, I'm going to have a mini-contest. The question to answer is: Which GTQ writer inspired me to start this series? The winner will get to choose a dream destination spot for the characters to visit. Further details will be in the comments section, and that's also where you can submit your guess :)

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