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Welcome to the twenty-ninth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Finally, it's time for the masquerade ball party, are you ready?

Recap: You met Lacey, Gloria AKA Kalia, and Oceana who are coming to help with the mission. You get ready for the ball, and at 6 PM, Emilia comes to pick you up, but Justin's gone missing. You find him, but Anima does something odd, causing you and Justin to be transported to a place from your memory temporarily. You mention it to everyone else, and Luna jumps up, claiming that she knows what happened.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. She seems astonished and really excited. "Anima, dear, come here," she says, holding out her hand. Anima chirps and lands on Luna's outstretched hand. "You did that by yourself, you clever bird," Luna pets Anima. "Am I the only one who doesn't get what it did?" Cory asks. "It's a 'she'," Luna corrects him, "This brilliant girl saw the opportunity to give us some help at the ball. You recall how there were a few concerns as to bringing Justin in on the mission due to not being able to communicate? Anima here has fixed the problem."
  2. "Which means?" Emilia questions. "Why, Anima is a very special bird, you see. She's been the familiar of every Milia, which means she's seen thousands of years, though when there isn't a Milia, she spends most of it hibernating. Obviously, she has special powers and access to magic," Luna informs everyone. You, as well as everyone else are starting to get a little impatient, and that is especially evident in Emilia. She's tapping her foot like crazy with her arms crossed as Luna rambles on. "And...?" Emilia demands.
  3. "Oh, well Anima seems to have shared _______'s ability to communicate between worlds to Justin here. Justin, will you try something for me? Try to contact Jack with your mind; just think about him," Stella says to Justin. He looks kind of weirded out, and everyone else looks unsure if they heard Luna right. "How?" Stella asks, "How does that work?" "Well, you see, because Anima is _______'s familiar, they're connected through mind and magic. Anima decided to share some of that with Justin, so, in essence, the three of them are like a little mini-team," Luna explains, looking extremely excited, "So, go on, Justin, try. We need to see how much control you can exert over this power before we send you in."
  4. Justin shrugs and closes his eyes, looking like he's concentrating hard, but, soon, he reopens them, "I can't do it." "Try Stella," Luna suggests, but the same thing happens again. "I guess that makes sense, must just be with _______," Luna says. "Yeah, great, can we get going now?" Emilia says impatiently. "Of course!" Luna exclaims, "Well, after Jack goes over the plan again." Emilia's brief expression of relief turns into sourness, and Jack stands up on the first stair of the staircase to address everyone. He's wearing clothing fit for a rich 18th century englishman: long royal blue coat, wide tricorne hat, a white ruffled shirt, gray waistcoat, gray breeches, and white stockings. Besides the clothes though, something looks different about him, and you realize that it's that he has, not one, but two creamy golden feathered wings behind him.
  5. You put it to the back of your mind to ask him later, though, because you need to listen closely to the plan since no one told you about it before. "So, _______, Stella, and Lacey will go in first as a group of single ladies with Emilia being their guide and ticket in," Jack starts to explain, "Justin, you'll leave right after them because, remember you're going to pose as a bartender since Owen gave us the tip that the bartenders will all be in jester outfits." "I was the one who told him that to tell you," Emilia interrupts. "Yes, thank you, Emmmy," Jack says before returning to the explanation, "Cory, you'll leave around 7:45 and should start building up a list of assets that could help us. Kris and Kalia should leave at around 8:00 and Owen will let them in through a back entrance so that they're able to scope out the place undisturbed. Oceana and I will come when it gets busier since it will be less conspicuous."
  6. "Now, since we don't know where the necklace is being displayed, we'll have to come up with a plan on the spot, but the time we're going to execute it will be at midnight, when the party is at its height. Kris will be in charge of stealing it and will have the help of whoever he needs. The rest of us will divert attention from the area. Once the necklace is taken, Lacey, you will create a duplicate to take its place. We're going to pass it off multiple times until it reaches you, Kalia, and you will use your shrinking ability to sneak it off the premises. Then, we should all leave as inconspicously as possible and meet up at the park by _______'s house. If this all works, we will have the first recovered necklace from the Spirit Medallion network, and, hopefully, it will lead us to the Medallion itself so that we can keep it out of Blake's hands. I wish you all luck, and Emilia's group should leave soon seeing as it's 20 minutes to 7." He steps off of the steps, and Emilia says, "You heard him. Stella. Lacey. Milia. Meet me outside." Without a backward glance, she exits the foyer.
  7. Luna approaches and hugs you, "Good luck, _______. Knock 'em out, and don't fall for the charms of those guys. Especially my nephew. Oh, and I almost forgot, here, take this." Stella hands you a silver necklace with a teardrop-shaped glass pendant. "It's already prepared for you. Just imagine your special power moving into it, and you'll be an official part of the team," she tells you. You thank her, smiling, finally you can be considered part of the team. You have no hesitation as you think of transferring your power to the necklace, and you watch as the pendant glows purple. When the glow disippates, the pendant is full of swirling energy. "Congratulations, you're now officially one of us," Luna smiles, "Expect a party when you come back." She gives you another hug before she moves on to say good-bye to Stella.
  8. You feel something in your mind like a buzzing, and, mentally, you investigate it. Suddenly, you hear Jack's voice in your head, "Just testing. Welcome to the team, even though you've been a part of it for a while now." "Thanks," you think, "Is this one of the team benefits?" "Telepathy between members? Yes, but mostly only from me and Kris," he replies. Unexpectedly, you hear his voice out loud, "But it's much nicer to talk to you in person." You open your eyes to see Jack in front of you. "And why's that?" you ask. "You seem too far away, _______, and I can't see you," he explains, "I like when you can be close to me. Speaking of that, I'm going to be anxious about your safety all night, so help me out by not getting into trouble?" "I'll try my best, but trouble tends to find me," you tell him. "Your best is the best I can ask for," Jack says, and he kisses your forehead, "I guess you need to go, _______, bye." "We'll see you in there, good luck, and we must get to know each other better after this," Oceana adds.
  9. After saying bye to Jack and Oceana, you go to say good-bye to Justin. "I can't believe you're going to be a bartender, Justin," you say to him. He laughs weakly, "I know, but maybe you can come covertly visit me once in a while and show me how I'm supposed to do that as a job." "And you can mind communicate with me," you remind him. "Yeah, that's... going to be different... maybe you could start that off, because I don't want to do anything and mess it up," he tells you. "Okay," you agree, "Good luck, and I'll see you there." "Yep, make sure you visit me at least once," Justin gives you a hug, It's time to say good-bye to Kris now.
  10. He looks somber when you come up to him, but seems to brighten up a little at seeing you. "You be careful now, master thief," you warn him, "Don't get caught." "Only if you do the same," he replies, "Like I said, stay safe." You hug him, and he holds you close to him. "See you there, Kris," you tell him. "Yes, and remember I will do anything to help you, just ask," he tells you. "Okay," you agree, though you doubt you'll have to. "Good," he says and kisses you lightly on each cheek and your lips. You're kind of in the shadows, so you don't think anyone else besides Kalia saw. Speaking of Kalia, she comes up to you next and murmurs a quiet "good luck" to you along with a "stay safe". Finally, it's time for you to find Cory.
  11. He's sitting on the stairs, playing with his top hat by tossing it hand to hand. He's so absorbed that you're able to sneak up on him, snatch the hat, and put it on your head. "How do I look?" you ask. Cory looks up at you and grins, "Beautiful as always, must you ask?" He stands up and takes his hat back from you, having to lean in closer to you in order to do so. "So, it's my turn to say bye now, did you purposely save the best for last?" he winks. "First mission, how's it feel?" you ask him, pretending his question was a rhetorical one. He shrugs, "It is what it is. How about you?" "Nervous," you admit. "No need to be, after all, there's going to be tons of people there, so the possibility that you'll mess up worse than one of them is a lot less," Cory remarks. "Oh thanks, so reassuring," you say sarcastically and laugh because he actually did make you feel less tense about the situation. "Good luck," Cory tells you with a kiss on the cheek which makes you blush since, after all, you're on the staircase in plain view of everyone. The only person you have to face for now, though, is Stella as she questions you as you two leave the bright foyer to the darkening dusk outside.
  12. You meet up with Lacey and Emilia at the end of the driveway. Emilia's looking at a cell phone, "Oh wow, it's 7 o' clock we're late. Ellie, are you rested enough to teleport us close to the area?" "I should be able to," Stella replies, "Where are we going?" Emmy describes some directions to her, and they both disappear when Stella touches Emilia's shoulder. In a few seconds, Stella reappears and takes Kalia. Finally, she comes back for you. As soon as she touches your arm, you're enveloped by black darkness. You're accutely aware that the darkness is swirling around you and that you're moving foward through it, even though you can't imagine how Stella know how to navigate through this darkness. As quickly as you realize your thoughts, scenery returns again, and you find yourself on lawn behind a large building.
  13. "The house is right up there," Emilia points forward, up a lonely road where a dot of light is visible to you. "We fly," Stella says, "You trained for this already, right, _______?" You nod and spread your wings. The four of you take off into the sky together, Emilia in the front, followed by Stella, with you and Lacey bringing up the back. It isn't long before the building comes into sight. It's a white 2-story building that seems to be the size of a mansion. Emilia starts to spiral down in large loops, and you mimic her, landing softly in the front of the buliding. Two large, half-arch doors, are open, spilling light into the yard.
  14. Guarding the door are two shirtless centaurs, one with a light tan horse body and the other, chesnut. The tan one has brown hair and a plain white mask covering their hazel eyes. It's Owen, of course, but you didn't think he'd have suchwell defined abs or other muscles for that matter. The other centaur is a mystery because you've never seen him before. He has short, naturally red hair and green eyes hidden by a plain black mask. He's not as muscled as Owen or as tall, but you can tell he's still strong. Emilia skips up to the door.
  15. "Owen, Oliver," she adresses them and puts on a tragic face, "Am I really late? Is Blake mad?" "Mad at you? Come on, how could he?" the centaur you don't know says. His name seems to be Oliver. Meanwhile Owen sighs, "Aw, Emmy, you blew our cover, how could you guess?" "Well it's not like you two are the only centaurs or anything," Emilia says innocently, sticking her tongue out at them. "Now that gesture could be taken as unmiming our authority and prevent your entrance, don't you think, Owen?" Oliver asks. Owen doesn't reply, preferring to stay an observer. "Well, then, I guess I'll have to pay my way through," Emilia says loftily. Before you know what her plan is, she turns to Owen and kisses him full on the mouth, leaving him slightly stunned. "You're forgetting someone over here," Oliver reminds her, and she kisses him once on the cheek. He raises an eyebrow, "If you're bringing these three in, they need to be paid for as well since my orders are to only let the higher ranking people in before 8."
  16. "Oh, you're greedy," Emilia says, accompanied by a high, fake-sounding giggle. She leans into him and kisses him 3 more times, but just as she pulls away, he pulls her back and kisses her on the mouth. "Now, you can enter," he grins. As you follow Emilia through the door, you notice the annoyed expression on Owen's face. The first room you enter is a large, open foyer. The ceiling goes up to the second floor and two curving staircases hug the left and right walls. The floor is tiled and forms a pattern in the middle of the room of a big medallion where a pedestal stands. A giant crystal chandelier hangs directly above it, illuminating everything, and your steps echo as you walk across the floor. "Hm, that wasn't there before," Emilia comments, touching the pedestal, "Must be where the necklace is going." "I'll tell Kris," Stella says, closing her eyes for a minute to send the message.
  17. After Stella's done, Emilia leads the 3 of you straight between the two staircases into a hallway lined with doors and little alcoves cut into the walls. She takes the first right and enters into a huge room: the ballroom. The ceiling, like the foyer, goes all the way up to the second story and looks studded with all sorts of lights which is probably to make up for the lack of sunlight especially since there are no windows in this room. At the far end of the room, there looks to be a large stage, and, in the middle, is a large bar in the shape of a large rectangle with space in the middle for the bartenders. Right now, there's only one there; a tall guy wearing a red and gold jester's costume and mask. Besides the door you just entered through, there is a door on either side of the stage, and two metal swing doors to the right of the room which you suspect lead to the kitchen. By those doors on the right are several round tables set up with white tableclothes, and 4 long rectangle tables, which you assume will be for food.
  18. There's a scattering of people dressed in either black and white butler suits and white masks or black and white french maid outfits with black masks moving around and setting things up. Other than that, the only other people are standing on or by the stage, which is where Emilia leads you. It seems to take an eternity just to walk over to the stage, and the whole time, you're paranoid that people know who you are and are watching you. The building anxiety makes you want to take some action or scream, but, since you know you shouldn't, you take a deep settling breath and think of your happy place.
  19. The first people you encounter by the stage are Logan and his werewolves, which you can distinguish by their wild appearance, slightly ready-to-pounce posture, and the feral look in their eyes since that seems to be a recurring characteristic when werewolves are between their wolf and human forms. All of them, except for Logan, no matter male or female, are wearing black suits and black masks, making them look like they were the United States Secret Service or something. Logan's outfit is similar except he is wearing a white shirt under his black suit jacket and has a red poppy, which reflects his hair color, sticking out of his breast pocket. "Emilia," he greets her, staring her down. Seeing him and hearing his voice again sends shivers up your spine and makes you wish you were miles away from here. A couple of the werewolves look at you, as if sensing your fear. "Logan, mister, running security detail? Fancy," Emilia comments back lightly as she ascends the steps to the stage.
  20. The nearest person on the stage, a guy around Jack's age with black hair, olive green eyes, a white blousey shirt with poet sleeves, and black pants, sees Emilia and calls out to the others, "Look out, the princess is here." Almost everyone turns to look her way. There's 4 other guys on the stage and 5 girls. Out of the girls, you reconize only one. Petra. She's lounging on a wall, wearing a strapless pink gown so tight that it looks painted on her skin and the neckline is so low that she's almost falling out. The dress is long too, and you wonder how she walks in it. Out of the other 4 girls, only one is radically different from the others since she has dark brown hair with blond highlight while the other 3 have long black hair. Their outfits and their eyes: one green with red accents, one purple, and one gray with purple accents, are how you can tell the three apart. One of those triplet-looking girls, the one with the green eyes and long, strapless simple red dress, is leaning backwards onto one of the guys who you recognize right away as Quincy. No one else has such colorless eyes or hair in a ponytail. He's supporting the girl's weight, but seems indifferent to her otherwise, instead staring at your group as if he's assessing each of you.
  21. Another guy on the stage seems to have even whiter hair than Quincy, something you thought impossible. He seems a little younger than the rest and has bright green eyes, which you notice have no accents. This must be the guy Emilia and Jack were talking about before about not having a magical form, Remy. The guy to his right catches your attention next. He has dark black hair and bright blue eyes that look kind of familiar to you, but you can't place it. Finally, the last guy, the one walking towards your group, is impossible not to recognize. Blake.
  22. He's wearing a black Victorian-style suit with a white vertical half mask that covers the right side of his face. You've never seen him in his immortal form before. His grayish blue eyes have accents of different shades of blue, and they beckon to you, even more so than they normally do. Large gray wings, so dark that they're almost black, are folded behind his back, and when he smiles to greet Emilia, you notice he has 2 upper fangs. "So you finally made it to the party," he says. From many nights of hearing his voice in your dreams, it seems so unreal to hear it in person to you. That smooth voice, you don't know how you didn't recognize it earlier. "I believe in the term 'fashionably late'," she replies. "Well you are looking quite fashionable," Blake comments with a slow wink. He turns to face you, Stella, and Lacey, "I'm dying to know who you beautiful dames are, but... I know the point of my little party here is to spend the night unrecognized. It's a shame, but maybe you can visit me after tonight and reintroduce yourselves."
  23. At his statement, you notice Stella clenching her fist, quivering on the edge of some emotion whether it be fear or anger. However, you admire that she's able to speak for all of you, even if she sounds a lot more formal than usual, "We might take you up on that offer. A visit would be quite pleasurable I'm sure." As for yourself, your tongue is frozen with the fear that someone will recognize you, and Lacey seems to have transformed into shyness. You're surprised at Stella, as since Blake's her cousin, it would be likely he might recognize her voice. However, he seems not to be affected by the sound of her voice and replies, "Quite. You ladies can do whatever you want as long as you're back here by 8; we're just having a small meeting here regarding some team matters."
  24. You take that as a dismissal and exit off of the stage, followed by Stella, Lacey, and 2 of the black-haired girls, green eyes and purple eyes. You're hardly a few yards away when you hear raised voices from the stage and turn to see a sulky Petra storming off of the stage, literally, as whoever gets in her way gets soaked by the thundercloud floating in front of her. She's half waddling and half sashshaying because of the restrictment of her dress, which would be funny except for the murderous expression on her face. "She's got a temper," Lacey mutters. "99% of them do," Stella says. "Great," you say sarcastically, "We get to stay in a building full of bad-tempered people for at least 5 hours. This is going to be a long night."
  25. You, Stella, and Lacey split up to investigate the building, even though the locations you need are quite simple. After all, the necklace was going to be put in the front foyer which was right next to a door. Still, it's always good to have a back-up plan. At 7:50, you find your way back to the ballroom and meet back up with Stella and Lacey, and all of you quickly exchange information about the layout of the building. Turns out, the whole thing is like a hotel as the hallways are lined with doors, most leading to bedrooms. Here in the ballroom, the situation has changed a lot since an hour ago. The bartenders, security, and waiters are here in full force, and the room is full of dressed up people, all masked and all unknown. There has to be at least 300 people. On the stage, there's a very long, almost like the high table at a wedding, especially because there's a row of people sitting there with fancier seats for the two in the middle. Those two are Blake, expectedly, and a smug-looking Emilia.
  26. As you watch, Blake hops over the table, using his wings to aid him in clearing the tabletop. "Attention, everyone," you can barely hear him call out. You, Lacey, and Stella make your way up a little closer to the stage. "Everyone, shut up," Emilia yells, her voice, crystal clear because it's so loud. However, only half the people seem to obey her order. One of the black-haired girls, the one with gray eyes and an iridescent purple gown, is seated a little farther down the table, and she stands up. "Quiet, please," she says in an even-toned voice which isn't even that loud, but conveys a hint of authority, "The... boss, would like to speak." She takes her seat again, and a hush falls over the ballroom, even over Petra, who you noticed was obnoxiously talking about Emilia insultingly before.
  27. "Thank you, Vixla," Blake addresses her before turning the guests below the stage, "Welcome, all of you, to my party. I hope that you will all have an unforgettable night here at this party which is so appropriately planned to celebrate our new acquisition, which you all no doubt saw as you entered the building. Before I get into that though, I should thank those who helped in the recovery of it and those who helped in planning this party. First..." He continues his speech, thanking various people and talking about the necklace, but you tune him out, instead looking around the room to check who made it in.
  28. It's not very hard to find Justin, who's standing in the square of the bar and sticking out because he's the only one of the bartenders who is in a suit; the rest wear full costumes. You laugh in your head to yourself; you and Stella did try to persuade him to buy a full costume. As you look around, you notice that the space directly in front of the stage portion where Blake is standing is full only of girls, mostly ones wearing dresses that should really be shirts. Within the group, you can spot Petra, and the black-haired girl with the purple eyes. On the edge of that group, you also find Cory, already getting his flirt on with a girl, one of the more decent-looking ones. She has long blond hair and blue eyes and is wearing a floorlength shimmery black dress paired with a multicolored glitter mask that has black curled feathers off the corner of it. He turns, catches your eye, grins, and winks briefly before talking to the girl again.
  29. You know that it's pointless to look for Kris and Kalia because, if they're doing their job correctly, they should be out of sight, and it's also unnecessary to look for Jack and Oceana since they aren't due to arrive yet. You continue to look around dicreetly at the other people here as Blake talks. You see tall people, short people, wings, fangs, guys, girls, smiles, frowns, and rainbows of color, dotted only occasionally by the unique, complete black of Logan's security forces. There's so much to look at in this room, but your attention is brought back to Blake's speech when you hear a unanimous groan throughout the floor. "What happened?" you ask Stella and Lacey. Stella answers, "He says that we all have to turn in any team necklaces. That could make things a lot more difficult for us, but I don't think he can really make us. I mean, there's a lot of people here and as you saw, they aren't really the obedient type." Lacey, however, looks less optimistic, "He doesn't have to make us; he can just take it."
  30. As it turns out, she's right. One of the guys down the table, sitting next to that black-haired girl, stands up. You recognize him as that first guy on the stage who announced Emilia's presence. He holds out his hand, and it starts to glow with a bluish-white light. You feel the necklace that you just got today, the one for Jack's team communication, start to vibrate, and it slowly lift itself off of you, joining the throng of necklaces in the air making their way over to the guy.
  31. You try to reach out to grab it, but you have to retract your hand immeadiately with a small yelp of pain because it's scalding hot. All around the room, you hear similar exclamations. Next to you, Stella and Lacey are trying vainly to keep theirs by magic, but they both have to give up because they're not strong enough and lean on you out of exhaustion. When the necklaces reach the guy standing up, they all disappear. "They're in a safe place, don't fret, you can retrieve them when you leave tomorrow," Blake tells everyone.
  32. "Are you two okay?" you ask Stella and Lacey. "Ugh, yeah, we'll be fine," Stella replies. "There's no way he did that himself," Lacey says. "What do you mean?" you ask. "That guy, he can't have had that much power to get all of those AND fight off everyone trying to take them back. People must have been helping him, which means it-" "It must have been planned!" Stella interrupts Lacey with a sudden revelation, "Oh, sorry for stealing your idea, Lacey." "It's fine," Lacey dismisses it, "I just want to know why we didn't know about it if it was planned between several people. Don't you think Emilia should've heard about it?" Stella shrugs, "Emilia is just one person. She might've, but I'm sure that she can't listen to all the rumors and plots lurking about between all these people."
  33. "I believe it's party time, everyone!" your attention is brought back to Blake with this exclamation from him, "Celebrate and drink... irresponsibly!" With that, Blake hops off the front of the stage, immeadiately mobbed by the group of fan girls standing there. The music starts pumping, and clinks of glasses can already be heard by the bar. The lighting dims, and the only strong sources of light are the lights around the bar and some moving colored lights from people on the dancefloor who brought flashing party lights. In particular, your eye is drawn to the girl Cory was talking to before whose "plain" black dress is alit with bright multicolor bars of lights that move with the music (imagine those volume bars on equalizers, etc. that light up more with louder sounds) "I guess it's time to get this party started..." you say to yourself.
  34. And that's a wrap for this part. The party really starts in the next part. Also, if you haven't heard already, I've started a second quiz series called "The Other Side" where the story is told by members of Blake's team. Check it out and tell me what you think! :) As always, last question of every part: Who do you like?

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