Don't leave me hanging part 20

Welcome to the twentieth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Ahh I can't believe I reached part 20! Thanks a ton to all you readers who've stayed and read every part; it means a lot to me :3

Remember detailed descriptions of the guys are in part 19 (the last questions as well as in the comments section) Recap: You fell asleep on Cory and had a strange dream where a mysterious voice talked to you, saying it would give you a hint to it's identity. You found out you're on house arrest and have to train with Marisa.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. A light buzzes on in the middle of the room and more follow as Cory flips switches. The room is enormous; it looks like a gym, which it probably is. "Looks like we're a little earlier than Marisa," Cory comments, "So, you ready to unleash your wild side, _______? I know I'm ready to see it." Cory winks at you.
  2. "Won't you be too busy training yourself? Actually, what are you doing while she trains me? You're not watching the whole time, are you?" you ask, getting a nervous that you might have to train with an audience. Cory opens his mouth to answer, but Marisa's voice says, "He'll be going through his obstacle course." You turn around to see her standing at the doorway. She takes off her stilleto shoes, probably not to damage the floor, and walks over to and Cory. "Since you both aren't part of my pack, we've got only a couple hours to train before dawn, so Cory get going on that obstacle course."
  3. Cory seems to sigh as he transforms into his black wolf form and trots to the far side of the gym, which you see there is a very complicated-looking course set up. Cory pushes some trigger with his paw, and the course begins to move, complete with swinging axes, flying knives, burning hoops, moving platforms, and many other obstacles. He looks back at you, as if saying "Do you see how easy you get it?" then jumps into it, dodging the items quicker and more skillfully than you thought he was capable of. "_______, I want you to start by doing 10 laps around the gym, 3 walking and 7 running," Marisa distracts you from watching Cory.
  4. After your laps, Marisa has you do some stretches, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and a few more laps. "Great, now that you're warmed up, we can start training,' she announces, "Catch." She throws you a small object, which you catch. It looks like a small metal box on a chain necklace. "That's where you're going to keep your clothes while you're in wolf form, _______, with a little help from magic. It's an extra, so I've already fixed it up with the needed magic, all you need to do is remember to think about putting your clothes in it while you transform and the necklace will do the rest. Remember to take them out when you change back too." You put the necklace around your neck.
  5. "Anyway, to change into a werewolf, it's easiest at night with a full moon. Tonight is pretty close to the full moon, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you. All you have to do is think of some pure, passionate emotion, let it run wild within you, and concentrate so that you can turn that energy into transforming you into a wolf. Got it? Good. Go," Marisa instructs you, rather abruptly. You can see why she and Greg would've gotten well together; they're both down to business people. You close your eyes so that you can concentrate more and think of a strong feeling that you think you might be able to get lost in:
  6. Minutes tick by, and you don't feel any different. You can hear Marisa sigh impatiently, "This is not going to work. _______, anger tends to be a good one, so open your eyes for a second?" You do as she says and see her right in front of you. "You're a complete failure, _______!" she screams at you, glaring, and slaps you across the face. Your cheek burns where she hit you. You touch your cheek, a little confused and surprised, but before you can gather yourself, she's getting in your face and pushing you. She continues getting in your face, screaming insults at you, and you can feel anger rising within you. Without meaning to, you bare your teeth and growl, feeling feral. You let the feeling take over you, with your last rational thought concentrating on the box around your neck.
  7. It's exhilarating, but frightening when you let go and give into the anger. You feel the sting again, of her hand on your cheek, and you growl again, the sound seems to echo across the gym. You pounce on her, feeling something change within you, and land on top of her on four paws. Everything seems strangely sharp, as it did when you were in your other magical form, as you look down at her to attack her. You find you're not on top of a person, but a reddish brown wolf. Before you can react, you're thrown backwards, kicked by its hind legs.
  8. You hear another growl, but it's not from you. It's from Cory as he comes over, baring his teeth at the reddish wolf, who you realize is Marisa. He nudges your head with his nose and looks at you straight in your eyes with his, as if questioning if you are okay. "Good job, _______," you hear Marisa's voice in your head, "Did I tell you my power is mind communication? It only works one way though, I can't hear your thoughts. Oh, and disregard what I said before? I needed to get a reaction out of you somehow. Now tell Cory you're all right, so we can get back to training."
  9. You get back up and give Cory a look, so he backs up. "Great, _______, now you and Cory are going to practice fighting," Marisa tells you. Apparently Cory doesn't like that idea so much because he growls again at Marisa, but after a moment, he starts circling you. You start circling him too, keeping most of the pressure off of your right forepaw since it's injured, and waiting for him to make the first move, since that's what you've always heard you should do. However, he doesn't make any moves to attack you and you can tell Marisa is getting impatient, so you lunge towards him, managing to pin him to the ground.
  10. You get off him to allow him to get up, and you two start circling again. The same thing keeps happening; you make the first move, Cory doesn't do much to prevent you, and you win. Eventually Marisa growls and says in your head, "All right stop! If I want anything done, obviously I'll have to fight you." Cory stops circling you and sits off to the side, and Marisa begins circling you instead.
  11. You leap at her, but she knocks you aside so that you fall to the ground. In a second, Marisa's teeth are around your throat. "Too easy, ________. You don't try to jump... it's very inaccurate, especially as your first move. Try again," Marisa comments. You and Marisa keep fighting, with her winning everytime, until Cory stands between you two, in human form. Marisa switches back too. "Good training session, ______. Come again tonight at midnight, both of you," she says, putting her shoes back on and leaving the room.
  12. "If you want to change back, _______, just do the same as you did with your other magical form, clear your mind," Cory tells you. You follow his advice, making sure to remember about your clothes, and soon you're back to your normal. "So, what'd you think of training, _______?" Cory asks you. You answer, "I wasn't really expecting anything different from Marisa, though, Cory, you should've fought me." He shrugs, "I didn't want to hurt you, that wouldn't be good for either of us." You roll your eyes, "I'm not made of glass; I would've been fine." "What Marisa did to get you to morph was very unnecessary," Cory comments. "Like I said, I'm fine," you tell him. "Sure, sure," he says, and changes the topic, "You should see yourself in wolf form, _______, you're just as beautiful as a wolf as a person. You have white fur; it's different... good different, like you."
  13. You're taken aback by both the topic change and the sincerity in Cory's voice; it's so different than what you're used to that you struggle to come up with something intelligible to say. Instead, you mumble out an embarrassed thanks, say that you need to take a shower after all this training, and rush out of the gym to your room. Stella isn't there anymore, so you suspect she snuck off to go check on her brother again. You take a quick shower and then, tired from the training, collapse on the bed, falling asleep immeadiately.
  14. You're walking outside, past bare trees. A bit of a chilly wind blows, grabbing at your hair and leaving its cold touch on your cheek. You huddle farther into the warmth of your coat as you continue along your way. In front of you, the wind catches leaves and throws them into the air. You're transfixed by the array of colors, brown, scarlet, gold, orange, all twisting, swirling in the air, making a collage of autumn colors. "It's so beautiful," you whisper. "Yet not as beautiful as you, _______," a voice whispers quietly, "The reds cannot compare to your lips. The golds, the oranges, the browns, are no match for perfection of your skin." Whoever is whispering is so close, their breath tickles your ear. It's that voice. That same voice from your dream. The one with the light.
  15. As you come to the realization that you know this voice, the colors, the coolness, the person's presence dissapears, replaced by the feeling of warmth, under the cotton sheets of your bed, and you open your eyes to see your room and the purple glow of your necklace, realizing it was all just a dream... again. You sigh in frustration; why can't you remember whose voice it is? You get up, brush your teeth, comb through your hair, and decide to go visit Kris and Jack to see how they're doing.
  16. Since Kris is closer, you decide to visit him first. Max is sitting in front of Kris's door when you get there. "Can I go in to see Kris?" you ask, but he doesn't budge. "Hello?" you question, but he doesn't respond. You're about to turn around and give up when Max shifts, allowing you in the room. "Um, thanks," you say as you pass him, but he remains as silent as ever.
  17. In the room is another wolf, who looks like Marisa, but when it shifts, you see it's Eva. "Hello, _______," she greets you politely. You can hear her exit the room and close the door as you walk over to the bed where Kris is sleeping. When you sit down in the chair by his bedside, he opens his gray eyes. "Hey, _______," he says, looking sleepy and slightly surprised, "Why are you here?"
  18. "To visit you of course," you giggle a little because his expression looks so confused. "Oh," his eyes light up as if a lightbulb just went off in his head, "Thanks. " He pushes himself up into a sitting position and runs his hand through his hair. "How have you been doing, Kris," you ask. "I've been well enough, but Stella won't let me out of this room. Been sleeping mostly. What about you, _______? How are you?" he says. "Oh I'm fine. I talked to Luna earlier and trained with Marisa," you answer. "Marisa? She took over your training?" Kris asks, looking concerned. Seeing his expression, you shift in your seat, accidentally bumping your right arm into the wood. A spike of pain shoots up your arm, and you flinch, biting your lip to prevent yourself from shouting out.
  19. "_______!" Kris exclaims, reaching out to you, "What happened?" "My arm, I forgot to rewrap it," you explain, looking down at your arm for the first time you've been back. Your arm is covered in jagged, red lines where the glass cut you and deeper-looking gashes where the glass shards had been embedded into your skin and removed. The skin surrounding each cut is slightly puckered and looks somehow paler than your normal skin color. "Let me see that," Kris says and gently takes your arm into his hands. He closes his eyes and where his hands touch your skin seems to glow white. You watch as the injuries on your arm seem to shrink more and more until they disappear, turning into unbroken skin. It tickles a little, but you get the feeling that you shouldn't move. After all the marks are gone, the glow from Kris's hands dissipates, and he opens his eyes slowly as if waking up all over again.
  20. "Wow... Thank you, Kris, you didn't have to," you say to him. He smiles tiredly at you, "But I wanted to, besides, you need to be well to train." You look at him in concern, "Are you okay, Kris? You look a little worn out." "Nothing serious, as Stella would say, I just need to regain my strength," Kris rolls his eyes. "Oh, well, I'll let you get back to resting, then, I wanted to check up on Jack too," you say. "Oh, okay," he says, sounding a bit sad, and you feel a bit bad for leaving him stuck in his room alone. "I'll visit as soon as possible," you promise. He smiles, pulling you into a hug and kissing your cheek, "I'll see you soon then, _______."
  21. You exit the room and almost trip over the two wolves snuggling in front of the door. Max and Eva. They do a little nose nuzzle and Eva re-enters Kris's room while Max resumes his guard duty in front of the door. You head down to the lab, knocking on the fake wall, hoping that someone is in there to let you in. The wall disappears, revealing Stella behind it. "I've been with him all afternoon," she says sadly, "Nothing's changed, but you can still visit him I guess."
  22. Stella floats off to one of the various other rooms attached to the lab while you go to the one where Jack is. Like Stella told you, nothing has changed. You sit down next to his bedside. Without knowing why, you start talking to him, just telling about your day and talking about random things. As you talk, tears build up in your eyes, while you think about how ridiculous, desperate, and hopeless this must seem, but you don't care. You continue talking until your throat is dry, and you can't think of anything else to say. You wipe your eyes and leave the room, going back to your room and losing yourself in the Fallen book until it's time to train with Marisa again.
  23. Your days follow the same pattern. You train from midnight to dawn with Marisa and Cory, then go take a shower and sleep. In the evening, you eat and visit both Kris and Jack. In your spare time, you talk to Justin, read a book, or watch some TV. From your training with Marisa, you learn to better control your werewolf form, how to sense magic, and how to fight, both alone and paired up with Cory. Kris is let out of room arrest with much complaining to Stella on the 3th day, and he immeadiately goes to see if he can do anything for Jack. However, his healing power has no effect on whatever is keeping Jack in a coma. Kris is spending a lot of time with Luna, taking on Jack's responsibilities, so you haven't see him around much. The mysterious voice from your dreams hasn't returned, but a few times you dream of a glow in the distance where everytime you try to get closer, it seems to move farther away.
  24. You're returning from your seventh day of training with Marisa, stretching out on your bed and falling asleep immeadiately, when the white glow appears again in the darkness of your sleep, but it seems closer than before. You think you can even see the outline of a person, but the light surrounds them is too bright to distinguish who it is. "So, _______, had some time to think over my identity?" the voice asks. "Can't you just tell me?" you think. "Mmm... no..." the voice says thoughtfully, "Did you get my hints?"
  25. "No, I don't know what you'd classify as hints, because you're incapable of a straight answer," you fume, frustrated that the voice still refuses to tell you who it is and what it wants. "Needn't be so hot-tempered with me, _______," the voice responds calmly. "Well you deserve it," you think moodily, but wish you could take it back immeadiately after you think it. The glow seems to dim slightly before shining brighter than before, "Everything is my fault, hm?" The light from the glow grows in intensity until you can't see anything because the excess of light hurts your eyes. Then, as quickly as it came, the light starts to dissipate. The voice seems to come from far away as it whispers, "Do you really think Jack's so much more virtuous than me?"
  26. You wake up, thinking about your latest conversation with that voice. You have a nagging suspicion as to who it is. If it is who you think, you don't know whether to feel happy or scared at their return, but you do know that the guys should know about it, even though you're definitely not looking forward to sharing all about your dreams with the guys, especially that one with the leaves. You make an agreement with yourself, as soon as you're certain about the voice in your dream, you'll let the guys know. It wouldn't do any good to make them alarmed when they have other things to worry about.
  27. You head for the kitchen, hoping that Eva, the best cook in the house, has made dinner. However, at the kitchen, it looks like someone was stopped abruptly in the middle of cooking. There is a pot of uncooked pasta and one of sauce on the stove, half-cooked meatballs in the oven, and a half-cut lettuce head on the counter with the knife still sticking out of it. You stick a finger into the water in the pasta pot, but immeadiately have to withdraw it and run cold water over it. The water is still hot, meaning that whoever was cooking couldn't have been gone all that long.
  28. You hear the door creak open, and you whirl around, grabbing the knife from the lettuce to hold in front of you. You relax as Kris and Luna come into the house. You and Kris both end up asking, "What's wrong?" at the same time. "You didn't hear yet, _______?" Luna asks.
  29. "Jack's up," Luna informs you, "Why do you have a knife?" Everything clicks into place for you: why someone abandoned the kitchen so quickly, why it was so quiet, why Luna seems like she's holding back an urge to dance. "Oh, I didn't know what was going on. It was too quiet and I was nervous," you explain. Luna nods as she walks to the dining room, "Come on, come on, follow along."
  30. You all walk to the lab room where Jack is being held. He's sitting up on the cot and talking to Marisa. Eva and Max stand behind her, Cory and Justin are at the base of the bed near Stella who is in the corner of the room, smiling as tears of happiness roll down her face. Kris joins Cory and Justin, not saying anything, but you can tell he's enormously relieved. Luna runs straight up to Jack, "Jack, honey, oh you're okay, I'm so glad. Don't you ever try to do a stunt like that again. Oh, how are you. Does anything hurt?" Luna continues fussing over him as he assures her he's all right. His eyes connect with yours, and his face lights up with a smile. "_______!"
  31. You can't help but to smile as you make your way to him. He gives you a big hug and tells you, "I'm so happy to see you again, _______." "I was worried you weren't going to come back," you confess. "Like I'd ever leave you," Jack smiles, holding you closer and kissing your forehead. You blush because of all the other people in the room, but it looks like no one else noticed.
  32. Everyone mingles around and chats for a bit more until Marisa's pack decides to leave, taking Cory with them. Stella asks you if she can sleep in your room again, and you allow her. Justin escorts her out of the room, and Kris seems to have performed one of his disappearing acts, leaving you with Jack and Luna. Luna is still fussing and fretting over Jack. She looks around, and it seems like a spark lights in her eye as she gets an idea from the empty room. She gives Jack a hug, mentioning something about having to get back to work. She mouths something to Jack, gesturing to you, and winks not-so-subtlely before exiting the room.
  33. So I think that's enough for this part :P Whose result would you like?

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