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Welcome to the fortieth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I can't believe I've finally reached part 40. Though I found her unfinished series far after she left, I'd like to dedicate this part to xxdarkxx, the writer who renewed my interest in writing and who never got to release her own 40th part. Thank you, xxdarkxx, for being the first to bring the widely-accepted romance story quiz format to GTQ and for being such an inspiration to me.

Recap: You go to find Jack to set up a meeting Luna had requested. On the way, you bumped into Justin, carrying team necklaces that Lacey had retrieved from Blake's party. Though you both find Kris and Jack in the lab, Justin is dragged off by Stella soon after on Luna's orders. When Jack and Kris start to use the powers in their necklaces to inform the rest of the teams about the meeting, the Spirit Necklace begins to glow, letting out a glowing angel figure made of light particles who ominously starts to approach Jack.

Created by: xxblutixx of From the Notes of xxblutixx
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  1. Lightning fast, the figure turns to look at you. Because of the ever-shifting light particles, you can't really make out the expression on its perfect, androgynous, amorphic face, and it's almost like you're looking at a blurry photograph. Both Jack and Kris start, opening their eyes to look at you. "_______... what's wrong?" Jack asks, looking perplexed. His eyes are focused on your face as if he's paying no attention to the figure right in front of him. "Get away from him," you shout at the figure, and it turns its full body around outstretching its arms.
  2. You feel the heat as both the Spirit Necklace and your own necklace glow, white and purple light mixed. Their combined lights shine on the figure, and it seems to dissolve in a confused cloud of stars almost at once. You realize too late that you're running too fast to stop in time and brace yourself as you collide with the cloud of light. White, purple, and gold drown out your senses as you somehow feel your conciousness being pulled away from you. It's the last thing you're aware of before you're engulfed in an empty white.
  3. White.You can see white. You taste white. You feel white, you smell white. You even hear the senseless white emptiness around you. You feel saturated with the color, as if it were seeping into your very core. It's pure, blinding, empty, and there's whispers. Little voices tickle your ear, undulating in volume. And now, all of a sudden, you're aware of your surroundings. It's actually not all white. There's a gray mist over the land, obscuring what looks like the dark stalks of a forgotten forest. Forlorn, black, and empty.
  4. The longer you look, the more you see. Wispy spirits flit from tree to tree, reminding you vaguely of a dream you had a couple weeks ago, sometime around when the guys saved you from Logan's dungeon, but the details are so foggy. Your memory seems to work conversely to your vision; the more you try to remember, the more you forget. Was that Cory carrying you up? Kris, why could you not picture his face clearly? And who was that, bleeding, torn on the ground.
  5. It's fairly vexing to you because you have this feeling inside that you should remember, that you need to remember, but the details keep sliding away from you, and the voices are so hard to ignore, messing with your train of thought. What IS it that they're saying that's so important? You strain to listen, but all you catch are jarbled strings of phrases, "Milia"... "souls and spirits"... "time... now"... "Off... never". Occasionally, the noises spike with the sound of a splash of water and a high tinkling voice, speaking just as indistinguishable as the others, or other times it's the howl of a wolf and a gruff, low voice.
  6. "You'll be rather insane, if you are not already, gawking like that," a high, distinctly female voice chimes behind you. The sound of her voice seems to linger on in the air with its sweet notes like the tinkling of a crystal bell. The person adds, "It really does not matter to me, but others would prefer you together with your mind, so gather your wits and let's go." Allowing no time for recovery, whoever this girl is grabs you delicately, yet firmly, by the arm, and you feel yourself rising, currents of air brushing your face. You try to look up at whoever is holding you, but all you can see is white, so you just keep your head trained down... you've had enough of white.
  7. Only the air rushing down past your face tells you that you're rising. Other than that, you could just be standing still for all you can tell visually. Down below is gray mist that neither shrinks nor grows in proportion to your perspective, and all around you is just white. There are no clouds; there seems to be no sun, though, looking upwards burns like you're looking straight into a light. Without visual aids, you can't tell where you're going, how fast you're traveling, or how long you've been traveling. It feels like a neverending quandry... you move to stay still.
  8. After some time, you finally touch ground. Looking around, all you see is a completely blank expanse of white. You try to look at the girl again and find that she either has become less radiant or that your eyes have adjusted. Her face is heart-shaped, an oval at the top narrowing down to a small, delicate, pointed chin. Her pale purple eyes, framed with delicate white lashes, somehow manage to convey both startling innocence and expericenced wisdom. Locks of dazzling platinum blond hair, unrestrained, tumble down to her waist and hang, carelessly, upon the frame of her large, light gray wings. What you're surprised to see, however, is the state of her wings. In several places it looks like the feathers were burned, and the wing itself seems to be rather scarce in feathers. In fact, as you observe the girl, feathers are continuously dropping off of her wings.
  9. The girl plucks a feather out of her hair and seems to glare at it disdainfully, her small lower lip slightly puckering out in a mix between a scowl and a pout. Other than that, she seems unfazed by the utter blankness of the place where she's landed. You look away from the girl, in case she notices you staring at her, and are amazed to find that the scene has transformed. There actually seems to be dimension now, and you can tell that you're in a narrow, white room. Above, the ceiling actually seems to be more of a sky, a liquid mixture of shimmer blue-black clouds that looks very familiar. You look down from the ceiling, and, sure enough, there he is. Dominic. Just like before.
  10. "You wasted time, Lillith. She was too long in there. The Whispering Woods is no place for someone like her," Dominic critisizes the girl next to you. He approaches you, lightly feeling your cheek with the back of two elegant fingers, "Take a glance at her pallor... she rather looks like a ghost," Lillith's angelic face twists into an expression of disgust, her pale lavender eyes lighting up to violet, and exclaims scornfully, "She looks like you! Another vampire bride for the disgraced Dominic.... Was it not you who was ever so overly concerned for her safety?"
  11. Dominic raises his chin defiantly, "You are being most uncourteous to our guest. As you very well are familiar with, she is our warden, and you would do well not to insult her with your idle speech. You would also do well to remember the Council's words." "Then you ought to do the same and keep away from her," Lillith remarks with a tone of finality, throwing herself into an armchair to your left that you hadn't noticed before.
  12. "Lillith, behave yourself," a deeper male's voice thrums with the same sort of music that pervades Lillith's voice, yet his is more akin to the low singing of water chimes. Looking for the source of this third person's voice, you notice two plain, white beds you hadn't seen before. Lounging and taking up nearly all the length of one of the beds is a guy wearing white pants and a silky gray shirt, buttoned only halfway up his well-toned chest.
  13. Long, long hair of an indescribable color literally cascades softly around his body. The closest color you could compare it to would be white, but it seems like an injustice to rely on such a common word to describe such a dynamic impression. It reminds you of rainbows for some reason, but then, that word implies too much of a garish mix of colors. You suppose that the most accurate way you could describe it is "true white". Something like true white light that's made up of every possible conceivable wavelength of color.
  14. "I apologize for the rude interruption, Milia. As it happens, it is all on me," the guy explains. As your eyes meet his, you notice that his eyes are as complex as his hair. They seem to have a base color of light gray, but also flecks, like little gem shards, of any and every color, so that, when he looks at you, the effect is purely dazzling. His perfect, delicate face looks familiar to you... with a jolt, you realize that this is the face of the angel you saw approaching Jack. Well... you're pretty sure it is, but he doesn't seem to have wings at all. You're struck dumb by the overall overwhelming presence this guy controls and all you can do is gape, hardly even aware of the scoffing noise Lillith makes on the side. "Though, you did interrupt my feeding time, so, it is, in a way, primarily your fault," the guy accuses you coolly. "FEEDING? You were going to feed on Jack? What are you?" you exclaim, aghast at the implication, and finally pulled out of your gaping.
  15. "I needn't explain myself to mortals; your time on this earth is limited to begin with without me taking up your time any further. I no longer have anything to do with that," the guy says, sliding down farther on the bed to lie down completely and look up at the shifting liquid sky rather than you, effectively ending the conversation. His avoidance of the question intrigues you, but it only adds to the pile of mounding questions you have burdening your brain.
  16. "Come, _______, sit awhile. You rather do look pale as death," Dominic leads you, still feeling more than a little misplaced, to one of the beds and sits you down. You spring up almost immeadiately after he sits you down as you demand, "All right, enough with everything, what is going on?" Dominic smiles as if that's what he expected to hear, "Sit, _______, and we'll begin."
  17. As soon as you sit, you blurt out, "What was with that attack on Jack?" "It wasn't an attack. Cain, here, as a fallen angel was just drawn in by the spike of energy we felt. Now that you exist, we've regained some of our vitality, and can sense the outside world." A fallen angel? You look back at the reclined figure behind you. For a fallen angel, he's rather... bright. You would've expected more darkness and black or at least some kind of evil aura surrounding him.
  18. "So he WAS going to feed on Jack's energy!" you return to your previous aghast attitude. "I cannot presume to say what he thinks, but _______, did you not want to know more about something?" Dominic steers the conversation away from Cain. Realizing that this is a rare chance for you to learn something, you scramble to push aside your horrified reaction for the moment and rack your brain for the most important thing you can ask. You remember what Dominic kept hinting that he'd tell you before, "What is the full history of the Spirit Medallion?"
  19. "That. Is a tangled matter," Dominic says guardedly. Frustrated by the lack of knowledge you have on the subject, you glare at him, and, forgetting for the moment that he's a potentially lethal vampire, burst out, "I thought you called me her to give me explanations, not to hide them from me! YOU were the one who told me I needed to know more about my history." "And so you do. Yet recognize I don't tell it willingly," Dominic declares in a sudden passion, baring his fangs for the briefest of moments. "Tah!" Lillith laughs derisively -you almost forgot there were other people in the room- , "And so, the puffed-up vampire will now be forced to admit his fallicies to one of the same of the very human he fell to."
  20. At her remark, Dominic closes his eyes, offering no opposition. Actually, you think, it's almost as if he's unwillingly accepting the truth of her statement. It makes you wonder, how deep does this conflict go? He looks so... sad at the moment that you're rethinking pushing him so hard for answers. Awkwardly, you sit silently until Dominic reopens his eyes because, to be honest, you're intimidated both by the antagonistic nature of Lillith and the cold, guarded attitude of Cain.
  21. "The last Milia was a man by the name of Theodoric," Dominic begins, "He did as he should've and filled the role that was demanded of him - that he keep the balance between the immortals and mortals. He was, however, deeply wary of the immortals and tried to impose more restrictions on us, restrictions that he could not hold up to and therefore bought him much scorn with the immortals, which, in turn, only increased the antagonism. He had enough one day... when his wife, a vampire, left him... for another."
  22. Dominic closes his eyes again and lets out a deep breath as if composing himself before continuing, "In his fury, he called upon great powers to create a whole new world, anchoring it in the heart of a charmed medallion. He turned against our side and set out to imprison us all. Though his fiery determination elevated his powers to the level of immortal royalty, his life burned away quicker each time he imprisoned an immortal. Realizing that he would not survive to accomplish his mission, he siphoned off power from the medallion into 4 necklaces and gave these to his followers, who passed them on through the generations until everyone one of us was caught. Though we immortals possess immense strength, we don't work well together unlike the humans who rose as one to defeat our 'evil'."
  23. You take a moment to soak all the information in. So that's how the immortals see it. From their point of view, you do have to wonder why the past Milia was so opposed to the immortals from the start, and, if he hated immortals even beforehand, why did he marry a vampire? Something doesn't make sense, but maybe it's because your brain is still fuddled up from that first area with the whispers. "So you were betrayed, and you're still bitter about it," you summarize, "But then aren't you or isn't anyone else bitter enough to take revenge? Why would I let you go if you were just going to kill the whole world?"
  24. "Are you SERIOUSLY asking that right now?" Lillith incredulously shouts, standing up and seems to bristle with irritation, the feathers of her wings shaking in their spots, "You come into this world, where we're trapped in empty nothingness because of the little feelings some old geezer of a Milia couldn't deal with, and you don't see anything wrong with that? You, who have everything we yearn for, come here and dangle the freedom in our faces then tell us that you don't think we deserve to be free like you?"
  25. "No, I didn't mean anything like that," you defend yourself, shocked at the sudden venom of her reaction, but it's as if she didn't even hear you as she continues, her voice becoming shriller as she goes on, "Why is it so hard for you humans to comprehend? Why do you mistrust us immediately? Why can't you get that through your head? WHY." A wind seems to pick up from nowhere, accelerating from a breeze to a gust in a mere second. "CAN'T." You notice her eyes are fully black. "I." Her wings suddenly burst in an explosion of feathers to reveal a shining white wingspan at least three times as wide as she is tall. "LIVE?!" The wind increases to gale speeds blowing in every which way, and Lillith is floating above the ground. Light bursts out from her in a eye-piercing emission, reflecting on the white walls, and you shut your eyes tightly. However, it makes no difference, and the light feels like it's searing right through your flesh until it suddenly gets darker, cooler, and almost bearable.
  26. Waiting with your eyes closed, you count down for a minute, just in case, before you cautiously peek open your eyes again to see darkness. Your eyelashes brush against someone's hand over your eyes, but as soon as you realize that, whoever it is removes their hand, and you're surrounded by a dazzling pure white. You turn around to see who's behind you, and you're surprised to find that it's Cain. The white you saw was his hair. You open your mouth to thank him, but he silences you with a quirk of his eyebrow. He gets up, his silky hair brushing across your cheek softly as he does so, and strides over to where you see Lillith doubled over on the ground, her wings gone, and her hair splayed out around her. You're not sure if you're imagining things, but you think you can hear soft sobbing. It couldn't be her...
  27. You watch as Cain picks her up effortlessly and hangs her over his shoulder, where you can see her beating on his back to be let down. He ignores this and continues walking saying, before he's gone from your view, "Dominic, the Council heard. Recover for the Milia's sake." Curious, you look around to find Dominic leaning heavily on the wall, but as soon as your eyes meet his, he stands up straight. "Dominic, what just happened?" you ask in a small voice. Dominic rubs his temples like he has a headache as he explains slowly, "Lillith is a Nephilim, Cain's daughter. Nephilim can be quite unstable. I believe you struck a nerve in her. As for me, angelic power, even from disgraced ones, don't mix well with vampires. Regardless, now it's too dangerous for you to be here. I'll send you back." He offers out his hand to you.
  28. "Why is too dangerous," you ask. Nevertheless, you put your hand in his. "It's not yet time for you to face the Council, the representatives of each race of immortals. From Lillith's outburst, they will come to investigate. They would not let you leave unless you answer them, and their techniques are... intense. I know you want to get back. We cannot afford to alienate another Milia, so you shall have my assistance when you require it," Dominic promises with a strange look in his eye, and he puts his other hand on top of yours. The whole world around you starts to dissolve away, and you hear Dominic's receding voice say, "Until next time, _______."
  29. White. It's there again when you open your eyes, and for a moment, you're afraid that Dominic sent you back to some other empty space in his world. That is, until you hear Jack's familiar voice, "_______?" His face floats into view, blue eyes bright with concern. "Jack!" you sit up to greet him, but somehow you knock heads with him, and both of you fall back, laughing, "I'm sorry!"
  30. Managing to sit up for real this time, you wrap your arms around Jack in a warm hug. Seeing Kris waiting attentively behind Jack, you wave him over, and when he gets close enough, you trap him in a group hug. "I take it you're fine then?" Jack laughs, and you nod, giving each guy one more squeeze hug before letting them go. "So what happened? How long have I been gone?" you question. "About half an hour... we were really worried," Kris informs you sincerely, "The way you just collapsed to the ground..."
  31. "Thirty minutes?" you exclaim, "The meeting! Everyone will be there already! It was already supposed to start. We have to go." "Oh no we don't. Not until this is straightened out, _______," Jack says. You get up anyway, "I'm fine, Jack! You guys go ahead, the meeting can't start without its two most important people." "Three," Kris corrects quietly, "It's not any use if we go and you don't." "Let's go then," you declare, grabbing each of the guys' hands and towing them along.
  32. "_______, why are you so eager to get to the meeting? What happened?" Jack questions you. "It was... strange. I'll just tell you all at the meeting, so I don't have to repeat myself," you tell him, and, though he looks unsatisfied with the answer, he doesn't press you further. Once you get outside, you see a couple people milling around in the presence of the just-setting sun. However, there's definitely not enough to account for all the people you knew were in the area. "Luna, they're here!" Justin announces your arrival, and Luna comes sweeping in.
  33. "Since you boys were taking a bit of time, I took the initiative to get everything ready. Time really is short, so I started sending the necessary people out. We just got word ten minutes ago that Logan was gathering a group together. We think that his people who attacked last night returned and will be coming here full force to retrieve the girl we took captive," Luna briefs you, Jack, and Kris rapid-fire. Jack is all business in an instant, "What's the source? Is it reliable?" Luna turns around and beckons. Out from under the trees, a guy shyly emerges. To your shock, it's Owen.
  34. ~I want to take a moment to say that I really do luff you all :3 for the support, the suggestions, the enthusiasm, the encouragements, thank you. You keep me writing and helped me finally get to this point, part 40! My goal. I know I couldn't have done it without you all! In case you didn't know, my contest is all wrapped up and the winners are posted on my website. Also check out my site for a couple special GTQ writers I'd love to give some publicity to :) and that's it for announcements I think, so now - Whose result would you like to see? (if you wanted the "undecided" choice, just skip this question)

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