Goodbye...part 10

BIG SURPRISE in this one!! Your going to love it but then I leave you hanging. This one is a little boring, but the end makes up for it!! So I hope you like it

BIG SURPRISE in this one!! Your going to love it but then I leave you hanging. This one is a little boring, but the end makes up for it!! So I hope you like it.

Created by: singin234
  1. {Dream} I watched the sunset, I was beside Dreak. Cuddling him, I was freezing cold. "Dreak I am so..." I trailed off, Dreak was smiling at me. I must be six, "I'll miss you" He whispered. I nodded and put my hands on his knees. I looked up into his eyes and smiled "Dont worry I'll be back" I told him. We glance at the sunset one more time, then I saw something shiny near the ocean. I ran up to see two rings, both sliver but one had 'Chris' on it. While the other had 'Rosella' I pick it up. I turned to look at Dreak who was gone. Like he faded away. {Awake} I can feel myself waking up, as I opened my eyes I looked for the sun. Found none, I quickly sat up. This is not my room. I am in a strangers room, what happened yesterday. Everything seems unclear. I remember Chris coming then he left but then why happened next? The smell in the room smells like Chris, so I must be in his room. What little panic I had was gone but replaced with fear. "Ashley," I mumbled, everything came back. "She is...not human. She almost killed me" I said louder. I don't talk to myself but something just isn't right. The only way I knew that I wasn't dreaming is because I know that isn't possible. Or is it? After what gas happened the last few days, it seems possible. It's Firday, I have to get to school. I slowly took the covers off and got out of bed. I was in my PJ's, that I had worn all day yesterday. Okay I need to get out of here. I looked around for a window, none. But I couldn't go home anyway, Ashley would be there. My twin is evil, I was shocked but fear came frist. "Rosella, you wake" Chris asked opening the door. I was caught, staring out the window. I didn't have time to think, everything seemed to go so fast. "Come on. Let's get you some food" Chris said nicely. If thts possiable for him, he read my mind. I nodded sleepily, I was hungry.
  2. I walked down stairs wobbly, so I held onto Chris. He was smirking as I held onto him, I almost tripped over. I was shaken up, "Chris" I whispered weakly. My head ached, he put on a sad face. I had never seen him really look like that. "Come on" He said pulling me down the stairs. I hadn't realized it but I was in a huge house. "Do you live here with someone" I asked looking around. Everything is fancy, the lights and mostly everything. "Yeah, pretty much. Dreak lives here as well, sometimes"
  3. "Oh Dreak" I said remembering him, he is the one that lied to me! "You know him" Chris asked surprised. Didn't he tell Chris, oh it's not the weekend yet. "Yeah once, he offered me a ride home and lied to me about his age. At lest I got home" I told him. In someway I felt like I knew Chris, Dreak and Brad Is that crazy? "You can trust Dreak. He will never hurt you" Chris told me in a soft voice. The way he spoke gave me hope. Then rain stared pouring down outside. "Chris...-" "Come on let's get you food" Chris cut me off and went back to his normal self. "Somethig smells like pancakes" I told Chris, I walked to the smell. Chris walking behind me, we walked to a huge table. Dreak was putting pancakes down. "I told you we will meet again" Dreak told me winking. I felt my fist curl up into a ball. I find it easy to get mad at Dreak. I don't know why, I am usually shy around new people. But then I had dreams about Dreak.
  4. "Here have some pancakes" Dreak told me sitting me down. I stared eating, I dont care of it's poisoned. So hungry, I went though four. "Yummy can I have more" I asked. Dreak laughed "Sure Chris will go make some, right Chris" Dreak asked. Chris mumbled something about Dreak and walked off.
  5. "Dreak" I say nervously. I am going to tell him about my dream. "Yes" he asked sitting next to me. I wanted to hold his hand and let him tell me everything is going to be okay. "I have had dreams about you. Well only two, they are scary but good" I tell him squeezing my own hand. How will he take it. "Go on" He told me, wanting to know more. "Well one was that it was snowing," I told him looking at his face. He was lost in though "Then someone knocked me out. When you left me..." I looked at his face to see surprise. "Go on" He told me again. He wants to know more but I feel so nervously telling him. "Then I had a dream we were at the beach. Watching the sun set," I told him smiling then I stopes smiling "I saw something shiny on the beach. So I ran up to it to see two sliver rings. One said 'Chris' another 'Rosella'. Then I turned around to see you but..." I trailed off, for some reason I was close to tears. Why was I? "I wasn't there, like I had faded away" He told me. I nodded, how did me know? Then a smashing on a plate. I turned to see Chris, I stared blushing. Then Chris strobes out of the room, "What's his problem" I asked Dreak. I looked at the smashed plate on the floor. The pancakes were on the floor too.
  6. "Nothing, don't worry about him," Dreak told me standing up. "I'll take you too your new room" Dreak told me. I held his hand and went up the stairs. What's wrong with Chris, did I do something wrong? When Dreak opened the door to my room I gasped. "It's like my old room" I told him. That was true, everything was the same but the house in is in. Dreak laughed, "yes" He told me. I hugged Dreak, then pulled away. The I hit his teeth, "Sorry-" I cut myself off. Everything came back to me. "Whts wrong" Dreak asked me. I gasped and said
  7. "Your my brother"
  8. That's the end of part 10!
  9. So I hope you liked your surprise. Your Dreak's sister! Don't you feel dumb (if you kind of liked him) Well thank you for those who put comments and thank you for taking this!
  10. Bye

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