A Scene Love Story 6

I'm tired and my foot itches. Oh well, enjoy my quiz it is good. Oh yeah, and my arm and leg hurt. Well, I guess I shall say my dramatic goodbye...

GOODBYE!!!!!! (that was my dramatic goodbye, and there's background music for it too! :D) Well, just always remember that PEANUT BUTTER NINJAS ATE WAFFLES!

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  1. We got at a random table, and began writing down "fun facts" about this random dude. Then, I accidentally dropped my stupid pencil, and me and Jack both tried to get it. While we were stupidly on the floor, I took pretty much my first glance ever directly in his eyes, and realized that he had the wonderfullest colored eyes ever: blueish greenish with flecks of silver in them. But then I remembered the pencil, quickly grabbed it, and we both sat back in our seats and continued our project. Then the bell rang, and we were on to lunch.
  2. Jack and I both bought chips and soda like we did yesterday, and sat at the same table, where Brooklyn wasn't sitting. Then I noticed her familiar blue and blond hair at another table with some other girls that are kinda annoying at times. I told Jack I'd be back, and went to go talk to her. As soon as I arrived, she began "Why'd you ditch me during gym?" "I didn't! I was having problems and skipping class!" I answered "Yeah, ok," she said, and said something else that was inaudible because one of the girls at her table yelled "Purple ninja squirrels eating pickle cupcake pie!" I shrugged, and went back with Jack.
  3. Me and Jack pretty much enjoyed ourselves during lunch, first we had a "sophisticated" conversation about why pineapples and sardines are packed in cans, and then we began pelting each other with Fritos. Yeah, I know, we're being very immature, but YOLO, so make it good. And then lunchtime was over, onto boring old Chemistry
  4. Basically, the only good thing about chemistry is that one of the greatest bands (MCR) mentions Chemical in the name. But other than that, Chemistry sucks.
  5. But today in chemistry, our teacher announced that we'd have a new project thingy and we'd be assigned new partners. I went to the back of the room, where the paper listing our partners was hung. And for some strange and odd reason, another teacher has paired me up with Jack! So yeah, me and Jack spazfully complete our assignment, and the rest of the day flows on.
  6. School was finally out for the weekend, and I walked home as always. I open the door, expecting my stepmom, but am surprised to see my dad standing there. I ask him where my stepmom is, and it turns out she's taking her nephew and her dig and some relatives on a cruise for a few weeks (but using my dads money) So then I ask my dad if I could have a "friend" over. "Who?" he asks, and I answer "Oh, just a friend from school. He's new" My dad agrees, and I rush up to my room, and call Jack, letting him know.
  7. So yeah, I eagerly await Jack's arrival, then he comes and rings the doorbell
  8. Well, I guess this is the end, for now
  9. Cya soon
  10. Look for Volume 7!

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