A Scene Love Story 2

The second volume in the Scene Love Story saga - hope you like, I put effort into this! Well, I kinda have to leave in a millisecond, so I guess, cya soon!

Oh and in case your wondering my "stepmom" in this quiz is based off my friend's stepmom, who steals my friend's dads money for her own crap and steals my friend's stuff and gives it to her children.

Created by: Shut up, u dont need 2 no
  1. Jack pelts his note at me, and it lands down at my feet. I pick it up and read it. It says "isn't math boring?" Well, dur! I begin to scribble a "ikr!!!" note back, but sadly one of Brianna's little rats notices and squeals "Mrs. Clark! Jack and Kaysee are passing notes!" The teacher looks up from her board full of equations and angrily says "Do you two need detention?" We both shake our heads and pretend to pay attention. But, all this math nonsense is really hard to pay attention to, and anyway, how's it gonna help us in life?
  2. Luckily, it was time for 2nd period to be over, and I had 3rd period PE. So, the good news was I got to spend my whole next class running laps and kicking balls. Still, not fun stuff, but I'd rather play soccer than take pop quizzes any day. And even awesomer, Brooklyn was in this class! I decided to tell her about Jack.
  3. "Um, why were you throwing notes at each other's faces?" Brooklyn asked after I finished telling her. "Well, Mrs. Clark only pays attention to math problems, and the only reason she noticed is because of a certain little brat," I explained, glaring at the little Brianna minion who told on us. "Sucks for you!" Brooklyn exclaimed, and then we began our hideous game of soccer.
  4. Soon PE was over too, and I casually strolled over to my locker. I absentmindedly grabbed my history book and binder, and then I noticed something. Standing right next to me, where there usually is an empty locker, was Jack! I mean, literally, that's some good luck. And especially because today my stepmom woke me up at 5 so I could walk her "precious little poochie." In the rain! But maybe today could be ok. Cuz like Jack has the locker next to me and stuff. Hey, maybe if I'm really lucky my stepmom will have a change of heart and replace my concert tickets! But I doubt it. And suddenly our 4 milliseconds for getting things out of our lockers is up, and plus I hear the annoying voice of Matt saying something about how beautiful is face is. (but personally, his face is so hideous and fat, someone could mistake it as a moldy piece of bread stuck to his face) Well, onto history.
  5. I plunked my stuff on my desk for history, and saw Jack in my history class too! But we can't pass notes today. :( cuz 1st our history teacher stares at me practically the entire time, and 2nd Jack's desk is sooo far away from mine! Oh well. But I actually think today could just be my lucky day when our ancient teacher (literally, she's like 70) announces that we'll be working on a group project and she'll tell us our partners. But I wouldn't get my hopes up too high, last time I had Matt. (ugh!) But awesomely, she decided to have a change of heart and pairs me up with Jack! Like seriously, I never get luck with partners. Like I've gotten Matt, Thomas (sci-fi nerd), Isabelle (Brianna minion), and fat old Lucas. So this was pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  6. Our teacher gives us our project, but it's the same as always: find out about old guys from old history. Well, at least on the bright side, I have Jack for a partner, so instead of boring my self to death, I'll only bore myself HALF to death. So, for our project, me and Jack crowd around one of our school's outdated computers and begin googling our assignment "world war 2 heroes" After clicking "search" Jack looks at me and says "You know, ever since I've laid eyes on you, I've kinda had a thing for you" I giggle "Even though that was only 2 hours ago?" Jack chuckles "Yup, pretty much."
  7. Cliffhanger!
  8. Hope you enjoyed my sequel
  9. Look for A Scene Love Story 3!
  10. Byee

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