A Scene Love Story

Well, it's not like people actually read this paragraph, but if you do, umm, welcome? Hope you like the quiz! It's pretty awesome! (I rock! A lot!) bye

Just in case your wondering, everyone but Jack is based on a person I know, and Jack is based on a real person. So you could say this quiz is "based on a true story!"

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  1. So let's just say, I'm Kaysee, a random scene girl. Ok? Ok.
  2. Oh.My.Gosh. people can be such butts! I mean, seriously, this annoying dude, Matt, has been doing such annoying stuff recently! Like, every 6 seconds he'll scream something about football or whatever. (I don't pay attention, why would I?) Ugh, will he stop? Ever? I just wanna superglue his mouth shut!
  3. But Matt's not even the worst! Like there's this girl named Brianna who has designer toilet paper and stuff and she won't even shut up about it! And there are these dumb dudes who do all this roleplaying and talk in pig latin! So basically, my life sucks!
  4. And you might think that just leaving school and going home could help, but it doesn't. Cuz my stepmom steals my dad's money so she can buy Starbucks and crap, and she always gives all my stuff to the dog or her little 3 year old nephew. Like literally, I had 2 concert tickets for MCR, and while I was at school, she gave one to the dog and the other to her 'dear little Johnny.' ugh, my life sucks.
  5. Pretty much, only 2 people in my life don't annoy me: my best friend Brooklyn, and this new dude at school whose name is Jake or something. And I'm still not sure about the Jake dude, cuz he pretty much transferred to my school today and 1st period isn't even over and he's not in my 1st period class. But sadly, Matt is, and so are 2 of the role-play nerds. Life sux
  6. Time for 2nd period, and as I walk into the classroom, I see the Jake dude. And for some strange and odd reason 2nd period always seems the longest. (boo algebra!) So at least I can see if he's annoying or not.
  7. "Alright class!" shouted our annoying teacher, who always spends waaayyy too much time explaining stuff "We have a new student here today. His name is Jack and he moved here from Illinois." I looked up at the dude from my desk. Let's just say he was EXTREMLEY hot. (well, at least in my opinion) He had black and blond hair, snakebites piercings, and was wearing a black hoodie, dark wash jeans, and black vans. So yeah, pretty awesome. "Are there any empty desks for him?" yelled my teacher, interrupting my thoughts. After looking around for about 60 million years, she found one, which just so happened to be next to mine. He shuffled to his new desk, glanced at me for a moment, and then sat down. My teacher began giving a speech about ratios and whatnot.
  8. While our teacher droned on about boring math, and I pretend to listen, I felt a piece of paper being pelted at me. "Probably one of Brianna's minion's hate mail" I thought, but I uncrumpled it slowly. Hoping the teacher wouldn't notice, I opened it and vegan to read it. I never knew just one word would make me do a happy dance inside, epecially during a boring math lecture. It said in scrawly handwriting "hey -jack" I immediately scribbled a "hi, wassup" back and threw it at his desk, a perfect shot. He unfolded it, looked at me, smiled, and scribbled a note back.
  9. Cliffhanger! Bye! I'll make the sequel soon!
  10. Cya

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