A love story part 1

This is a love story, well it has three guys. This has not happened to me, but you never know. Well, have fun taking it. i spent time and brain power on it.

Please comment and rate. All of that will sway my decision on if i am going to continue this. Thank you for taking this, and, as always, have a good day!

Created by: awesomeness444

  1. Okay, this is just for the girls, so leave now men/boys
  2. Here it is.....
  3. You are in high school, and school is out. You are walking in the part one summer day. You decide to sit on a bench. As you sit, you notice a blonde haired, seafoam green eyed boy sitting on the grass next to the bench. As you look at him, you realize that you never met him before. You decide to
  4. You go and sit next to the boy. "hey, i am ____, what is your name?" you say "Darrian, have we met?" he says in a voice as rich as chocolate "no, no, nothing like that," you blurt, you feel bad, so then you say, "um, i say you over here, and i, um, just, wanted to say hi, and was hoping that you wanted some company." your cheeks turn red and you feel like a fool, but then you look at him, and you forget all those feelings, and you only feel like you are up in the sky.
  5. "Well," Darrian begins, "thanks. I have to go, but we can talk later. Here is my number, call me." He flashes a white smile at you then he gets up and leaves. You are in awe.
  6. You are walking home, when you run into a tall, brown haired, piercing blue eyed boy. "oh, i am so sorry!" you feel awful. "no,no that is fine. I was not looking, my mind was wandering. Sorry again. My name is Zach. Here is my number, by!" he practically runs away.
  7. When you are home, you decide to call both the boys. When you call Darrian, you end up setting up a date for the next day. When you go to look at Zach's number, you have trouble looking at the chicken sratch that is his writing. You do the best, but when you call, you end up with the wrong number, you called someone named Joe.
  8. Joe was nice on the phone, you fins that he lives across the street, and that he wants to meet you the next day, at anytime.
  9. After you hang up, you dial the right number for Zach. He is distant, but he seems to like you, so you agree to hang out with him soon, in fact, right before he hangs up, he tells you to come to the park around noon the next day, for a date. After the phone is hung up, you realize that you are going to have to juggle all those things. You decide to meet Joe in the morning, then Zach in the afternoon, and Darrian in the evening. What can go wrong?
  10. You have the a great time with Joe. You are at his house and you just do fun games, like monopoly, and have loads of fun. It ends with a kiss, and you leaving feeling dizzy.
  11. You meet with Zach. He turns out to be cool. You have fun at the park, and when you are done, you kiss him. You feel a spark when you leave
  12. You go to dinner and a movie with Darrian. He is the nicest person you have ever met, and you feel like a queen when he is with you. The might ends with an awesome kiss, this one is the best one of all.
  13. cliff hanger! comment and rate, i will take amy and all help. Thanks.

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