Medieval Love Story, part 2

Part Two of the Medieval Love Story, with the daring escape from the green eyed man in black. Don't miss this, because it ends with a decision...Bomb!!

Part Two of the Medieval Love Story, with the daring escape from the green eyed man in black. Don't miss this, because it ends with a decision, and that will never do as an ending...

Created by: silverrain
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  1. Who did you get last time?
  2. You wake up in a shaggy hut. You can hear from the sounds of birds and beasts, and the lack of the sound of horses and carriages, that you are in the forest. Your kidnapper stands to the side, chewing a piece of beef jerky.
  3. "I'm Kale," says your kidnapper. He tosses you a spoon and sets a bowl of gruel down in front of you. You taste it. It's cold. "Let me go!" You yell, "I'm a lady!" "Not until your lover pays $100 million." You gasp. You're being held for ransom!
  4. "So who is your lover?" he asks. You shrug. You haven't decided yet. He scowls at you. "Who!!"
  5. You shrug. "I have 4 suitors, but I haven't chosen yet."
  6. Kale scowls and storms out, probably to blow off steam. As soon as he leaves, you hear a tap on the window.
  7. In comes a man you've never seen before. He is wearing a crest over his heart, so you know he's a soldier. He begins to untie you. "King Kindness sent me." he whispers. "Hurry."
  8. You run out silently, and as you escape you are met by a blonde man on a white horse.
  9. Sir Hottie has come as well! The soldier hoists you up onto his horse. Sir Hottie nods a thanks at him, and the soldier runs off. He rides you back into the town, and drops you off. "But aren't you staying?" You ask. "I don't know my way from here." He shakes his head. "Someone else will come soon."
  10. Sure enough, about two minutes after he rides away, up comes Lord Sensitive on his midnight stallion. You jump gratefully on, and you ride through the forest. At the most over grown part at the path, he stops. "Why did you stop?" you ask. "My horse can't carry an extra person any farther." He says. "You will have to get off." Reluctantly, you hop off, and he looks regretfully at you. "I'm sorry," he says, "Help will be along soon."
  11. After he rides away, you walk along the overgrown path for 15 minutes before you here the clopping of hooves. You turn to see Sir Laugh-a-lot. Without a word, though he does laugh, he lifts you up onto his gray mare and you ride all the way back to the stadium. There your 4 suitors wait.
  12. "You were in this together!" You say. They nod. Lord Sensitive steps forward. "I'm sorry I abandoned you in the forest. I had to give Sir Laugh-a-Lot a chance to step in." You laugh, and King Kindness looks at you with his big green eyes. "Will you choose now?" he says. "Who do you choose?" says Sir Hottie.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Oh snap!! Based on their collaboratory attempts to save you(and their looks, naturally) Who do you choose?

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