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  • "Sorry, Derek and Eric are backwards, I know. Pretend that Derek is the vampire, and Eric is the Vampire instead of Derek. If you got Derek,…"

  • "The vow: Again I want blue eyes and black hair. My characters name is Emily and she loves to act and is great at sports but she is…"

  • "Scooby Doo mystery incorporated. I want black hair and blue eyes and my name is Emily and I love to act and I'm good at sports but I'm…"

  • "For your next one you should make one about their kids, Christopher and Charles. You could have like 4 ladies begging for their hands, and…"

  • "Ha Ha, you used the example paragraphs for the first two and the parting words. That's genius. I thought of it before, but never actually…"

  • "This was really great, I got Violet which is awesome because I really want to be an author that illustrates my own books. You did great,…"