Silver Sunlight part 1

A daring story of Vampires vs. Werewolves, and you're on the werewolves side. Will you remain under the seductive Shayla's spell? Or will you stay on your side?

A daring story of Vampires vs. Werewolves, and you're on the werewolves side. Will you remain under the seductive Shayla's spell? Will you betray your friends?

Created by: silverrain
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  1. You are stalking through the night, brandishing your gun, freshly loaded with wooden stakes. As you walk, you hear a sound. "Hello, ," says a voice. You turn to see a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes and a long silver knife. Shayla!! You step away slowly, and she steps forward quickly. She has an amazing figure. "Why do you want to hurt your friend?" she says, touching your gun and pushing it down. "Come on, , put it away and come play with Shayla girl." Slowly, you lower your gun, forgetting about the knife in her hand. She is gorgeous and she looks even better in the moonlight. She leans in to your neck, fangs bared. "You are so great," she whispers in your ear, taking your hand. You get a glazed look in your eyes and sigh, leaning into her. She leans closer, about to bite...
  2. ...A wooden stake flies out of nowhere and into her arm. Shayla shrieks, and you wake up from your spell. Hermione is standing there, gun in hand. "YOU IDIOT!!" she yells, smacking you. "You should've known better!" "I'm awake!!" you yell. Shayla has pulled the stake out of her arm, and is coming toward you with a knife. You raise your gun as you walk backwards, then remember that she can charm speak you. You take out your headphones and shove them on, blaring out Cold Play. Shayla scowls and begins to run. Vampires are fast, and she is holding her knife above her, ready to strike.
  3. You kick her and jump up. Riley is there, and so is Hermione and Derek. They surround her. Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song is now playing, and you have an urge to destroy this vampire.
  4. Riley jumps on her, and you step back. Riley is dangerous in his rage. Shayla turns her head to look at you, and laughs. She's laughing! Angered, Riley holds up his stake, ready to stab. And Shayla vanishes.
  5. You hear Shayla's laughing over the music, and your team of werewolves turns to see Shayla holding a small box. "Shadow clones!!" Yells Riley. Shayla runs, and you know that even in wolf form you won't catch her. She's too fast. Her partner, Eric, materializes beside her and picks her up. You remember that Eric can teleport. They vanish.
  6. Hermione screams and throws down her stake. "YOU STUPID WOLF!!" Then she goes to wolf form and runs off. "Ignore her." says Riley. "She just hates it when they get away." You nod. It's kind of obvious. You all go to wolf form and retreat into the woods. When you get back to camp, Hermione is waiting, oooking up some deer over the fire.
  7. You eat your fill and then go for a walk in the woods. You notice someone following you, and turn to see Derek. He is hiding in a nearby tree. Anyone else would've been baffled, but you played hide and seek with him as a pup. You know where he likes to hide.
  8. He realizes he's been spotted and heads back to the camp. You are walking along and you see a familiar blonde. Shayla followed you. "I just love the moonlight." she says without turning around. "It's like sunlight, but it doesn't kill me. Silver sunlight." You begin to warn the others, but then you feel a cold hand over your mouth. Eric!!
  9. You struggle, but Shayla comes over and strokes your hair. "I would kill you now, but I think you deserve a much more merciless fate than that. Take him/her back to the den." Eric lifts you up and grabs her hand, and as you materialize you black out. They have kidnapped you.
  10. OH SNAP!! Cliffhanger! Pick one.

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