Silver Woods Love(part 1)

Hey guys! This is my quizzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! I worked really hard on it and I hope you like it, so many people do these kind of quizzes, and I love writing stories,

so I wanted to do one like it, I think I did a good job and i hope you think so too. I love tacos by the way. Remember that squirrels are people too, people with buck teeth and bushy tails! dont judge!

Created by: twibrite
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  1. You are in your room looking out of your window at the woods of sliver trees stretching around your house. All of the sudden you here a loud bang and you start to rush downstairs, but you run straight into a guy with strong arms, black hair and jade colored eyes. He holds you in an iron grip and whispers"Don't be afraid, it'll be alright." and then you feel a slight pinch and black out.
  2. When you wake up you are lying in a soft bed in a beautiful gold room. A figure is sitting beside your bed, and you reckognize it as the guy you ran into. You sit up and look at him. He looks up, smiles a to-die for smile and says, "Hell Kyra. I'm Caleb." You open your mouth but then the door opens and two more guys walk in. One is tall and muscular with dark brown hair and golden eyes. and the other has long bleach blonde hair with shy blue eyes, he quickly looks down. Caleb says, "The shy one is Tanner and the other one is David, be careful, he flirts alot!" David looked shocked, but then turned and winked at you.
  3. "Where am I?" you asked. Caleb smiled and said, "You're at our house of course, the Refram were getting close to finding you." You look puzzeled and then David said, "Caleb, remember, she doesn't know who she is." and then smiles at you warmly.
  4. Caleb, "Oh yeah. Well, supper is in thirty minutes, we'll explain then." and then he leaves. Tanner follows after him really fast. David lingers and looks at you intensely. then smiles cockily and walks out, you notice a purple pattern tatoo on his back.
  5. You are going to change for dinner, what do you put on?
  6. You go downstairs and walk through the doors into a beautiful dining room with ivory walls and a cherry wood table. You sit down next to....
  7. You sit by David and he smiles at you, melting your heart, and your face apparently because Tanner starts to laugh quietly. You blush, then look up and say, "So, what the heck is going on?" Caleb looks at you and says, "We had to take you beacuse you were in a lot of danger, the Refram are half wolf, and half bear, but they are possesed with evil spirets, and they want to hurt only one thing, you."
  8. You say, "What, why?" Caleb says, "Becaus you are not who you think you are. We have been assigned to protect you. We will explain more tomorrow, when we start to train you to use your Aura. David can take you back to your room." before you can say anything, David grabs your arm and walks you out gently whispering, "Dont try to argue with Caleb, you won't win."
  9. David walks you back to your room and goes in with you, he looks at you, and you notice he still hasn't let go of your arm. He says, "Im sorry all of your questions wern't answered, but I will train you tommorow, your questions will be answered", and then, without warning he pulls you close to him and kisses you with all fire and passion. It lasts only a few heartbeats, but when he pulls away you still feel hot. He smiles and says, "Goodnight Kyra, tomorrow is the beginning of many things, and could be the begging of more, if you want it too." and then leaves.
  10. Cliffhanger! come back for part two?
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