will silver date you

are you and silver conpatible? (btw exuse my spelling) you and silver are on a date what do you do? there are results that will explain it all. silver is my friends favrite hedgehog so i made this quiz.

can YOU and silver be arch enemys or just perfect soulmates? ahh well at least I had fun with this. what are you waiting for? have at my quiz! 0-o 0-o 0-o 0-o why are you still reading this you are freaking me out!

Created by: mariah
  1. ok are you silver crazy?
  2. silver has a facebook acount (pretend) if he posted a goofy picture what would you say?
  3. silver text you and says you are his type and asked you out what do you do?
  4. ok if you said no to dating to bad because you on the date at a beautiful spot. silver said some thing about you future do you listen?
  5. you and silver are looking at the horizon, what do you do?
  6. silver has decided to kiss you (again if you already did) he show some sighns to give you a clue, do you go for it?
  7. silver remembers blaze you can tell by his looks of uncomfert. what do you do?
  8. what do you smell like?
  9. you go home while silver goes to his house, what do you think of your date?
  10. what was your favrite part about this quiz (just not the end)? this won`t go to the results.^"¢^

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