Apollo's Curse (part 17)

One of my dogs jumped up on my bed and licked my face until I woke up. She does that almost every day. At least 4 times a week. And she's just sooooo cute cause then when she's done licking my face, she will either stare at me and try to lick my face again, or she'll just lie down next to me.

Anywho, this is obviously part 17. Recap: Megan was taken to China and the guys were trying to find her when another guy shot her with a memory loss gun. Okay, enjoy :).

Created by: DaughterOfApollo
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  1. I opened my eyes and I had no idea who I was or where I am. I looked around and noticed that I was in a forest. I saw rustling in a bush next to me and some guy with light brown hair and deep blue eyes stepped out. When he saw me he smiled and called out, "Hey guys! I found her!"  I never saw the other guys because I quickly ran through the forest, away from them. I could hear one guy sprinting after me, slowly shrinking the distance between us.  "Megan! Stop running!" He called at me.  I ignored him and kept on running until I reached the edge of the woods. I had to come to a halt because there was a cliff and a river below it.
  2. "Megan, what are you doing? Don't you know who I am?" He asked me.  "Who's Megan?" I said. "You are." He told me and took a step forward.  I took a step back until I was right on the edge of the cliff. I didn't know who he was but I didn't want him near me. So I made a quick decision and jumped off the cliff, into the icy cold rushing water. I held my breath as long as I could as I swam with the current. When I came up for air, I turned around and saw four dots on top of the cliff and one jumped down into the water. I grabbed my hair to pull it out of my eyes when I realized that I wasn't wet. I dove back into the water and swam with the current again, getting further and further away from them. 
  3. I saw an underwater cave and swam into it. I came up to the surface and saw a lot of rocks, big and small, and I started pushing them towards the opening to block it off. When I was done with that, I decided to walk around and explore. I saw an opening at the far side of the cage wall and walked towards it. When I walked through it, it lead to a forest. I looked up and the sky and I saw that the sun was setting. I walked back into the cave and I tried to go to sleep. 
  4. In my dream I saw those four guys and they were talking.  "Did you see her, Percy?" A guy with blonde hair and sky blue eyes asked the guy with black hair and sea green eyes.  "No, Jason. It's like she just disappeared." Percy said.  "What did she say to you, Dylan?" Jason asked the guy who ran after me.  "She asked me who Megan was. Jake, you've known her the longest, do you think she could be joking?" Dylan asked the guy with brown hair and brown eyes.  "No. Megan wouldn't have jumped off a cliff and disappear." Jake told them.  "I think I know what happened." Jason said and then ran into the woods.  "What's he doing?" Percy asked to no one in particular. Both Dylan and Jake shrugged.  After a while, Jason returned holding some sort of gun. "We ran past this." He explained and then handed it to Dylan.  "It's some sort of memory loss gun." Dylan said after examining it.  "So she just lost her memory." Percy said, "Is there anyway to make her remember who we are?"  "Yep. There's a reverse button." Dylan said.  "Huh. How convenient." Jason said.  "So, we just have to shoot her with this?" Jake asked.  "Looks like it." Dylan said and then he flipped a switch on it.  "Well, we have to find her first." Percy said.  "Yep so we should start looking." Dylan said and then started walking downstream.
  5. I woke up and was debating with myself if I should go towards them or flee. I decided to flee and then I walked out towards the forest.  About an hour later, I realized that I walked towards the guys instead of away because I saw them walking towards me. I don't think they saw me though because they didn't speed up their pace. I quickly climbed a tree before they reached the spot where I was standing.  My hand went up to my chest and hit something. I was instantly holding a golden bow and arrow. The arrow had a long string attached to the back of it. I shot it to a tree deeper in the woods and swung over to it. I did that until I reached a city. 
  6. It was completely crowded with people and cars. I walked into the big mass of people and was eventually shoved into some sort of store.  "Can I help you?" Some lady asked me when I walked in. I shook my head and turned around to go back outside when I saw the guys on the other side of the street. I quickly opened up the door and slid behind some guy, keeping my head down. I was slowly pushed into an alley.  "Well, well. What do we have here?" Some guy said. I turned around and saw five guys staring at me. They looked about 16 and 18. 
  7. "Some girl, Rusty." Another guy said.  "You lost?" Rusty asked me in a sweet tone.  "No." I lied and then I was about to make my way out into the crowd when someone's ruff hands grabbed arm.  "Where do you think your going?" The guy holding my hand asked me.  "Let go of my arm." I told him.  "Woah, we got a feisty one, Darrel." Rusty said.  Darrel didn't let go of my arm.  "Let go of my arm." I told him again.
  8. "Who's gonna make me. You?" He said and then they all started to laugh which made me mad. So I punched him with my other arm and blood started to pour out of his nose. He dropped my arm.  "Get her!" Rusty commanded as I quickly left alley in a sprint.  I ran across the street, barely missing the cars, with the gang right on my heals. The gang was slowly gaining on me so I put on a spurt in a last attempt to get away from them. I heard a gunshot behind me and then pain exploded in my left shoulder, but I didn't even stumble.  I saw four people in front of me and I realized that it was those guys. Their backs were turned to us so they wouldn't see us coming until we passed them.  "Ugh, where could she be?" The guy named Dylan said as I got closer to them.  "She has to be somewhere in this city." Percy replied.  "Hurry up and shoot her!" Rusty called from behind me, making the guys turn around in surprise.  "Coming through." I said as I ran right in the middle of their group. 
  9. I heard another gunshot and this time, the pain exploded in my right leg, making me start hopping. I remembered how I got to this city and I hit the bow and arrow on my necklace. It appeared in my hands and I shot the arrow up on top of a tall building. It pulled me up on the roof and I just laid there, resting.  I decided to look down and see what was happening. I saw the gang looking confused as to where I went and then three guys standing on the side of the building that I was on.  'Where's the fourth?' I thought and then I heard a thud next to me. I turned around and saw Jason next to me, holding the gun in one hand.  "Megan, are you alright? We saw you get shot at." Jason asked me with concern in his voice.  "I'm fine." I snapped at him, "Now, are you gonna shoot me with that thing so I can remember, or should I?"  "How do you know what this does?" He asked me, completely surprised.  "I had a vision." I told him, "Now are you going to shoot me with that?"  "Wait, if you had a vision then why did you run away from us?" He asked me.  "Because I wasn't sure if I could trust you or not." I explained to him.  "Okay. This might hurt a little." Jason said as he raised the gun and shot it at me and I got knocked out.
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