The Chosen One (Part 3)

Hello welcome to The Chosen One (Part 3)!!! Recap of how the guys look like: Conner, Golden eyes with a flawless face. Black wings with a tattoo on his neck. A bit muscular. And his hair is dark brown almost black that spikes up in the front. Jason, Greenish-brown eyes with a flawless face. His left ear is pierced and he has a tattoo on his right hand. He is lean and a bit muscular. His hair is light brown that curls at the tips. Rick, Light blue eyes with a flawless skin. Very muscular body and a tattoo on his left upper arm. His hair is dark blonde that that sometimes falls into his eyes. He is also tan. Professor, A professor look and glasses. Tattoo on his right upper arm that you havent seen yet. His hair is dark grey at his roots but brown on the tips. They all have perfect teeth and they do age but not as fast as mortals.

Recap on the story: Jason and Conner just told you about their pasts and hopes that you are The Mystic too. And now the Proffesor just told you that there is a problem. To find out the problem and the guys powers read on!

Created by: Xenia
  1. You follow Jason into the Proffesor's lab. Conner and Rick were looking out the window. The lab has many computers on the wall that are all nicely arranged, there is a experimenting table with some chemicals on it. Also there is a big white sofa with a small coffee table in front of the computers. As you walk in a remote control suddenly rises from the coffee table and floats over to the proffesor.
  2. Jason chuckles, " thats the Proffesor's power, Telekineis." The Proffesor over hears Jason "Didn't Rick tell you of our powers?" he asks. You look over to Rick who is smiling at you, you narrow your eyes and glare at him. "Well than I will tell you" says the Proffesor. "Conner has the ability to fly and his senses are much more better than any mortal. Rick has strengh," Out of the corner of your eye Rick is showing off his muscles.
  3. "And Jason has speed and the ability to read minds. " Your jaws drops open and you stare at Jason. You catch his Greenish brown eyes "Trust me I havent heard anything personal" He tells you. "Guys quiet." says Conner as he looks out the window. Everyone stays quiet expect for thr tick-tick-ticking of a clock down the hall. Conner slowly turns around. "Proffesor it looks like we are going to be under-attack." "Attacked by what"you almost scream. The Proffesor clicks a few buttons on the remote control. The tv *whizzes and turns on. The monitors show the surronds of the house, slowly the camaras zoom into the opening of the woods. ................"Do you see them?" asked the Proffesor. "See what." you ask as you search the computer screen trying to find something. All you see is grass a bit of fog and dead trees, is there more you ask yourself. Jason hears what you say, "The deamons are goning to attack us because they want you." he tells you as he reads Conner's mind. "Well why do they want me? Im not special. " you tell them. "We dont know why, but we do know that if we dont fight them we can die as well." Conner answers your question. "_____, you should change into something warmer because its preety cold outside." Says the Proffesor. Rick leads you to your room in silence, no teasing or bragging. "You best stay with the proffesor when we're outside." he tells you than leaves to get himself ready. You quick chabge into black skinny jeans and a hoodie and throw the other clothes back into the box. As you walk out of your room you almost faint from the sight that you see. Conner is standing next to the Proffesor with no shirt on. His magnificant black wings spread out behind him. His Golden eyes catches yours and he gives you his crooked smile. Rick is standing in between Conner and Jason. He also has no shirt on and showing off his muscles (again) but you spot a tatto on his left arm. Jason is also standing with no shirt on but an opened jacket. His right tatto hand is holding a long thin black sword with a single red streak down the middle.
  4. Why does everyone have a tattoo you think to yourself. Jason probably heard you because he comes up to you and whispers in your ear "we are born with tattoos to mark us as the Mystic ones to proctect The Chosen One. " You look into his Greenish Brown eyes and he quickly kisses you sweetly on your cheek as everyone leaves to go outside.
  5. Outside the gigantic mansion everyone gets into position on the field as if they were getting ready to play football. Conner taking the lrft side, Jason the Middle and Rick the right side. While the Proffesor takes the back with you behind him. There is silence, white thick fog swirls around your legs and dead tree stumps making its way over the grass. Time drags on while you stand there waiting for the invisable enemies. Suddenly the white fog spreads out as you hear little creatures coming onto the battle field with their nosiey weapons and hushs. Then out of nowhere little high pitched squecky voices start yelling as they charge through the fog making streaks in the fog. Jason and Rick run up too flawlessly Rick picks up insviable foes and sends them flying into our insviable foes. Jason fights them with his sword leaving no blood in the scars of the sword. You can bearly see Jason as his ability of speed kicks into the fight of blurness. The Professor uses his telekineis to pick up the creatures and send them flying everywhere. Conner flawlessly flew up into the sky and started fighting with other creafures that also flew.
  6. "_____! Grab the stick behind you and hit the creature at 10 o'clock!" yelled the Proffesor. You do as you're told and grab the dead oak stick and aim for 10 o'clock. "Oww who in the world hits things with sticks!" yelled a creature in a annoying rough voice. "It can talk!" you exclame! "Of course they can!" said the Proffesor as he grabs the creature and throws it towards Jason, who swings his sword at it.
  7. To be honest if you cant hear all the painful screams annoying voices of the creatures you would think that either we are just playing around or that something is wrong with us. But no that wont be right because tiny voices with differance pitchs and words come flying at you like a fan on high speed. "Oww that was my leg whats wrong with you?" yelled a creature with a southren accent. Other creatures talk different languages and it doesnt sound like they are saying good things.
  8. Suddenly you feel an akward sensation of light-headness and start to wabble side to side. You fall down and your eyes cloud over as you start to blink rapidly. Suddenly everyother blink allows you to see the werid creatures. Conner is fighting birds, Rick is putting down bear and lions, while Jason takes down dogs and cats and some small bears.
  9. You take a look towards where the creatures came from and see a monkey holding some kind of dagger run towards Jason. Jason is to busy fighting aggresive animals to notice the monkey. The monkey quickly climbs onto the blur (which is Jason) and sabs the dagger into his chest. JASON!!!!!!!!! you scream time slows down as your voices echoes through the still forest and its surrondings. The creatures all squeal and run away from your frightning voice. You get up and run with all your might towards Jason as he collaspes onto the grass sending the fov away and the breathe from his body out. Your feet flatten the grass as you run towards him time moves soo slowly that you notice every detail of the things happening like a slow motion film. You bend your knees as you rush over to him and slide across the grass leaving green stain in your jeans. Conner swoops down slowly like a black piegon outstreaching his wings to cover both you and Jason. Suddenly all the time rushs in so fast it almost knock you down. "Jason can you hear me?" you yell at him through sobs of tears. "Jason?". You lean over him and feel his hurt in you. You slowly put your hands over him. He picks up this head and smiles at you "I-I lov-..." his head drops to the ground and he exhales his last breathe. "____, you have to let him go." orders the Proffesor. "No I cant" you yell through tears "Jason?!" you put your hands on his chest next to the wound and start crying. Suddenly you heard a voice that sounds like yours screaming "JASON!!" followed by a white bright light coming from your chest.
  10. Sorry about the cliffhanger for those of you who dont like them. Well i think thats the best cliffhanger ive ever had. Its kindof hard to put all of this into words when i wish i can shiw you what im thinking. Oh well stay tuned for part 4 wow!!! ( part 4 already?)

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