The Chosen One ( Part 1)

Welcome to "The Chosen One (part 1)" im new hear and i really like the twisted twilight so i decided to write my own story im sorry if its a little like another story. I hope you enjoy it. Im sorry about the results because i changed the story while i was writimg it but i promise that the next part will have the right results.

So you live on earth where there are no animals just humans. You meet three cute guys with their own story. You will help three guys escape from their evil past and help the earth from dying compleatly. I hope you like it.

Created by: Xenia
  1. Earth itself use to be so beautiful with all the birds chirping in the early morning or the fish in the streams. But now Earth is just a big rock floating in space with just one species of living things left. Thats right just humans. You wake up from your dreams of what earth use to be like and lay in bed waiting of a rooster to crock as the sun slowly risesfrom the horizon turning the sky into purples and oranges, but the call never comes. You get out of bed and walk out into the morning dew on the green grass. You feel your stomach growl and climb up an apple tree. As you sit in the tree eating your apple you hear a twig snap behind you in the woods.
  2. As you look towards the sound you see a gorgeous 17 year old guy walks out of the woods. He has dark brown hair that spikes up in the front. His face is flawless.his eyes are golden. He is wearing a black leather jacket that is slightly to big for him, with black jeans. As you look at him you spot a tattoo at the back of his neck. You try to get a coleser look but you misplace your holding and fall. As he hears you fall he turns around and looks at you.
  3. " Conner! What was that nosie?" said a huskey vioce behind him. The voice belonged to another gorgeous guy. He has blonde hair that covers his eyes. With a piercing through his lip. He is wearing a jean vest that shows his muscles and his chest. "Oh." He says. "Do you live here yourself?" he asks you. You....
  4. "Well than your coming with us. " he holds his hand out gesturing you to take it but then another guy comes out. He is not musclur or skinny he is tall and lean. He has light brown hair that curls at the ends. He has his left ear pierced and a tattoo on his right hand. His eyes are a greenish brown. As soon as he sees you he freezes and stares at you like just seen a ghost. All of a sudden he turns around and runs away.
  5. The blond guy chuckles and grabs your hand and pulls you up. "Hello my name is Rick, this is Conner." he points to the gorgoeus guy looking toward the woods where the other guy disappered through. "and that was Jason" Rick says " he's a bit shy. " " I see" you say. "Well you better come with us" Rick says in his huskey vioce. " Why" you ask. "Its not safe here, you're better off with us" said another vioce more gentle and silky but strong. You look towards Conner, hes looking back at you and gestures to follow them. As you walk in the woods with the two handsome guys, Rick starts flirting with you. "You know you have the most beautiful eyes i have landed eyes on."
  6. " i have a few questions" you tell Rick. " Shoot." he says. " Well where are we going?" you ask. " to our house of course" he says as he smiles sweetly at you. " my other question, .... What am i in danger of?" " well you see ____. There are these creatur-" you cut him off, " how do you know my name?" you stop in shock and look Rick dead in the eye as your're trying to burn a hole through his face. "Well um..." "Stop." you turn towards the voice and see Conner holding his hand up like a stop sign. "I can hear it" " hear what?" you whisper. "Shhh." Conner hisses. You try hard to listen to the thing but you dont hear a thing. It seems as if the earth had stopped for a few seconds to also listen. All of a sudden Conner runs up a dead tall oak tree and grabs an invisable enemy. It slips through his hand. Conner races up the tree to the very top abd jumps off.
  7. You hear Rick yell " Theres another one, look out ___!" all of a sudden you feel something bite your leg. You scream in pain as the thing holds on with its tiny needles injecting something into you. You try to pry it off you feel a googy head. You are about to faint from the poison but you happen to see Conner's jacket making a huge lump on his back, he grabs hold of his jacket and rips it off, the leather jacket was covering to black furry lumps. But as Conner goes through the air and grabs the creature the two black lumps speard out into two big black beautiful wings. As you are about to pass out you scream at the top of your lungs..... As the pain is to much and you feel that you just want to die your voice echoess through the forest. You see Conner standing over you shirtless with two beautiful black wings against his pale skin with agony in his eyes. You whisper
  8. You wake up with a numbed leg. And you try to rember what happened in the woods. You try to open your eyes but you find that you couldnt. So you lay there try to make out what the voices were saying. "Whats wrong with you? You didnt stop it she could have die" whispered an anger but silky vioce. " What? I told her to look out! At least I was fighting them not showing off what i could do!" said a husky vioce even louder this time. "Excuse me did you see i was trying to fight the big one. You had puny ones and dont you realise that morals cant see them" said Conner a little quieter this time. " How do you know if she's not the chosen one?" Said another voice that you havent heard before. It was a voice like at the back of your head but it was male. "Slience you three she is stilling resting, give it a break" order another voice that was older but smooth at the same time. You start to open your eyes and see Rick smiling a sweet smile at you, while Conner is smiling a crocked smile at you.
  9. "____! I'm so happy you are awake. " said an older man. He looks like he is around 40 years old. He has Dark grey roots but his hair is mostly brown. You look up at him into his warm gray eyes. "well ___, it looks like you have a few questions" you nod. "Very well, the thing that has bit you is called a deamon, it is actually an animal that has a evil human soul in it. "
  10. Out of his belly came a heartful laugh. " well aren't you the curious one. Anyway it has a disabled head as you call it gooegy. When a human soul turns evil for we dont know why it's soul rushs out of the body and finds a dead animal. The soul rushs into the head so it will be able to control the dead body. Only the mystic and the chosen one can see it.
  11. "We are the mystic. But the chosen one, ...." " The Chosen one is a human being who has a pure heart." Jason continues. " they can be fould by mark or by extraodinary powers." " What kind of powers?" you ask. Everyone looks at eachother than looks at you. "We don't know." says Conner.
  12. "Well It"s getting late, how does your leg feel?" asks the professor. "It's fine" "Good!now we will show you to your room. "
  13. "Jason! Show ___, to her room" says the proffesor. Jason gets off the couch on the other side of the room and gestures you to follow him. You look toward Conner and Rick. 'See you in a few' mouths Rick. And leaves. Conner wink and shoots you a dreamy smile that should have made you faint again.
  14. Jason leads you through a maze of hallwaysb and rooms. He stops at a big oak door that is craved with animals and a huge waterfall. He pull the golden door handle and it onpens to a huge master bed with a king size bed and a windowseat with beautiful decorations. As sit down on the soft bed , Jason sits next to you an stares at the floor. As the slience digs into your ears he cuts it off "I know your thinking that im mad at you or something, but im not really im not. " he lifts his head to look at you. His greenish brown eyes met yours. "I'm really sorry for this." "for wat you ask?" he doesn't answer but slowly comes close to you and strocks your cheek with your cold hand and slowly presses his icy cold lips against yours. Than slowly he stops brushes your hair out of your face, he blushes which turns his cheeks into a rosey red. "Im sorry" he says again and runs out of your room.
  15. Shocked you still sit on the bed frozen. Rick comes in " Goodnight beautiful" He says and he gives you a nugey. You say goodnight to him and turn of the light. Rick winks at you before he closes the door. You start thinking why did Jason kiss you? You can still feel the tingle in your lips. Your about to fall asleep when you feel someone kiss you on the head you open your eyes to see Conner. " Hey sorry to wake you, but sorry about what happened with Jason." " He told you?" you ask. " Yeah well the thing is he just is remebeeing his past and his girlfriend looked kind of like you." "Well that makes sence""Yea just wanted to make sure your alright." Conner says as he gets up to leave. " Wait Conner? Can i ask you something personally?" " Go ahead" he says. " Well i was just wondering, ..... What are you?" you hear a muffled chuckle in the dark as he blows out the candle, which drops of the floor making a muffled *thunk* "Conner?" you ask to no one but darkness itself than you see a pale figure outstreching its pitch black wings. He smiles slowly his white teeth like a flashlighr as the moon reflects off of it. "I'm .............. a..... Death Angel.
  16. Sorry about the cliffhanger i hope you like it and come back to find out way conner was acting so werid and more about jason and rick.
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