The chosen part 15

This is the final part of my series so I hope you enjoy this one alot. The boys aren't all in this one but they are still possible answers to this. I hope you like it and here you go.

This, by all means, should have stopped ages ago. To all of those peoplewho have commented and rated and enjoyed it, thanks and sorry. So, here's the quiz and I hope you like it.

Created by: Dayna
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  1. You are in a room all alone. Hands tied behind the back of the chair and feet tied together. You see tree things - a knife, a gun and a bottle of??? what do you use?
  2. You use the knife, you pull it towards you and make it cut your hands free. The knife drops. You untie the rope at your feet and stand up. You run to the door. It's locked from the outside. You run to the window, that's locked too. You scream, who for?
  3. You are in this flat, so you walk around. These people were nice to lock you in a flat with running water. You wait and wait until you hear creaking from the stairs. Where to hide?
  4. You don't move, you hear the lock click and a man in a black suit walkes in. "Hello Alaurena, oh how you've grown!" He smiles and steps towards you, you take steps back. "Alaurena? My name is _____!"
  5. "____? They called you ____? They must not have told you the original agreement we had." The man smiled. "Agreement? What agreement?" "They told me they'd keep Theresa dead and to keep you out of harms way, he swore on his life!"
  6. "He?" you ask. "Yes, Mr Scott. You lived with him, remember?"
  7. "I'm sorry, but I have no idea who Mr Scott is." You say calmly. "Really now, He'll be here soon." The man laughed and the door flew open.
  8. Blake burts in angrily. "Mr Scott, how nice to see you." The man laughs. "____, are you ok?" Blake asks. "Yeah, I'm fine." You look to the open door and you think of running.
  9. You stay, you wouldn't leave Blake like this. You go upto Blake and say, "Leave Blake." He shakes his head. "No, not now ____, well...Alaurena." He sighs.
  10. "Mr scott, that is quite enough!" The man in the suit yells and it echos. "Why should I stop? Why should I leave ____ like this! Why?" he yells.
  11. The man knocks blake unconciess, and does the same to you. He tie you to a chair. Who do you want right now?
  12. You wake, Blake is still out cold. The man stands over you, He points a gun at you and Blake wakes up...
  13. He pulls the trigger...

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