what should be your mass effect class

to all those who have mass effect and think it's an amazing game. i salute you and all the others who agree with me, but what ever class you get you should try it and see if you really like it. if you do then i did a deed well done, but if you don't like it then just try another thats you think would be good

for the solders who get picked, woray to you and our fellow solder bretherns. if you are chosen as an engineer you are a proud squad of high technical warriors who would like nothing better than mess with the enemy. the adapts who are chosen have proven the smarter of the group who lead before you, with your biotics you can help with the victory of the allience

Created by: pimpdaddypayne
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is peronality
  2. do you yell alot when not on the feild of battle
  3. which race would you want to sleep with
  4. confused, what do you think of the elcor
  5. what do you want to be?
  6. what level are you
  7. what race do you want to be
  8. what is your favorite ride
  9. do you like the game
  10. r u good or evil
  11. what are the reapers
  12. if you don't have mass effect are you thinking of buying it now

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Quiz topic: What should be my mass effect class