How Massachusettes are you?

Many people dont like Mass people. and thats ok, because if you're from Mass, you dont even let it bother you. People from Mass stand up for themselves and tell people off when necessary, or even when its not necessary !! They're tough, mean, and sometimes b**chy!! but they are also fun and know how to act.

Are you a Mass person? are you little and puny and let everything bother you and dont even stick up for yourself? cause if so, than you are SO not Mass at all.

Created by: Ashlyn
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  1. You like Dunkin Donuts better than Starbucks.
  2. You like to hear police sirens more than the silence of your neighborhood.
  3. You hate people wearing the "Yankees" shirts and hats and could go up to one of them anytime and smack them in the face.
  4. You say "Wicked" in a lot of your sentences and you dont mean "evil"
  5. You've heard the saying,"Wicked Pissa".
  6. Many people often ask you if you are from Boston.
  7. Many people make fun of the way you say things, like the word "peanit" instead of "peanut".
  8. as a kid, you made friends with every kid in the neighborhood.
  9. As a kid, you and you're friends lived so close together, and you yelled to your mom that you were goin to a friends house, even if it was across the street outside.
  10. You dont pronouce your "r's" and you dont even realize it.

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Quiz topic: How Massachusettes am I?