How Boston Are You?

Massachusetts topics, Boston topics, Red Sox topics, History topics, Legend topics? Know where places are ont he map? And learn to go back to school all in one place!

You think you're smart? You think you know Massachusettes? The Red Sox? Important History? Questions about the Greatest of the Greats? How do you pronounce things? That's makes this Country not just New England

Created by: Michele
  1. How do you say "Over Here?"
  2. On Beacon Street in Boston, what was the inspiration for the hit TV series, Cheers.
  3. Are there Wolves in New England?
  4. What is "Old Ironsides" in Charlestown?
  5. Where is Plymouth Rock?
  6. What is the most "Italian neighborhood in the country"
  7. What is John F. Kennedy Birthplace?
  8. How do you say the word "Horrible"
  9. What is the "T"?
  10. What is the well-marked, three-mile walking tour of Boston that links 16 sites of historical interest.
  11. Bunker Hill is........?
  12. Can you drive to Nantucket?
  13. Is it legal to "double park" in Boston?
  14. What is the Orignal name of the Red Sox?
  15. What color is the Boston Red Sox uniforms when they're home?
  16. Who in the Baseball Hall of Fame is the only person to ever and will ever wear the #9 Number?
  17. Pronounce Worcester...

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Quiz topic: How Boston am I?